Resident Evil: Afterlife tops the UK box office chart

UK box office top ten and analysis for the weekend of Friday 10th – Sunday 12th September 2010.

Paul W. S. Anderson’s action-horror sequel Resident Evil: Afterlife takes the title of UK box office champ this past weekend with a debut haul of £1.69m giving it a record opening for the franchise. While the 3D surcharge certainly played a part the fourth instalment of the series managed to pull in over £750k more than predecessor Resident Evil: Extinction and with a $26m debut over in the States a fifth movie has already been confirmed by leading lady Milla Jovovich.

Along with Resident Evil: Afterlife there are three other new faces in the chart this week – in fifth with £615k is comic-strip adaptation Tamara Drewe from director Stephen Frears and starring Gemma Arterton, while the Drew Barrymore / Justin Long rom-com Going the Distance takes seventh and comedy Cyrus follows up in eighth.

It was a good weekend for both Toy Story 3 and Grown Ups, each moving up a spot to second and third respectively. Pixar’s animated hit continues to impress even after eight long weeks and pushes its overall tally to £71m, while at the opposite end of the scale the Paul Rudd / Steve Carell comedy Dinner for Schmucks plummets from second to ninth in just its second weekend. Also on the decline is the low-budget horror The Last Exorcism, which drops to fourth from its first-placed opening last weekend, along with Edgar Wright comic-book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (falling one to sixth) and Sylvester Stallone action epic The Expendables (down three to tenth).

Number one this time last year: District 9

Pos. Film Weekend Gross Week Total UK Gross
1 Resident Evil: Afterlife
£1,690,655 1 £1,690,655
2 Toy Story 3 £756,575 8

3 Grown Ups £742,472 3

4 The Last Exorcism £730,395 2

5 Tamara Drewe
£615,553 1

6 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World £439,143 3 £4,339,230
7 Going the Distance
£436,361 1

8 Cyrus £429,687 1

9 Dinner for Schmucks £401,567 2

10 The Expendables £366,663 4



Perhaps the most interesting of the newcomers this coming Friday is the documentary (or should that be mockumentary?) I’m Still Here (cert. 15), with first-time director Casey Affleck chronicling the bizarre career change of Joaquin Phoenix from actor to oddball rapper. Alternatives include the Will Ferrell / Mark Wahlberg buddy cop comedy The Other Guys (cert. 12A), horror Devil (cert. 15) and thriller Winter’s Bone (cert. 15), along with homegrown efforts F (cert. 18) and The Kid (cert. 15).

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  • Dempsey Sanders

    Im suprised how well this film has done, the 3D format must have definately contributed.

  • flickeringmyth

    I agree, without it the film would probably have cam in around the £1m mark, although that would have still been enough for a number one opening.

  • CrUz

    Ya i do agree with Dempsey,<a href="; rel="nofollow">Resident Evil Afterlife Movie</a> has broke all the busters.So one must watch it as Paul W.S.Anderson has really directed it so well.