Review Blood: True Blood Recap 4.10 – “Burning Down the House”

Sean Guard sinks his teeth into the latest episode of the popular U.S. vampire series True Blood – “Burning Down the House”…

Our episode begins with a couple of revelations. Well about two and a half if you really want to be technical. In stopping her new boy-toy, Eric, from introducing her past lover to the true death, she realizes that she still very much loves Bill. As if the rest of us didn’t already know that. Another revelation is that the Antonia half of Marnie/Antonia felt extremely guilty about the killing of many innocent people due to her attack. You can see the doubt as well as regret all over her face. The third is that although Eric now has all of his memories back, he actually stills love Sookie. My only question to this is, although it’s all sorts of sweet of disgustingly romantic, what the hell is going on? Did anyone ever see Eric, a Viking badass, falling in love with a fairy? I know I didn’t. Well I kind of did but was just hoping against hope that it didn’t.

Alcide is shown racing a beaten, broken and very bloody Tommy to the hospital. He explains to the werewolf that his injuries aren’t just from the beat down he received from his pack but do to his shifting into Sam as well. He convinces Alcide to take him to see his brother one last time. Yes, I said one last time as Tommy will not see any more True Blood episodes as he dies holding Sam’s hand. Sam and Alcide then decide to take on his now former pack to avenge the loss of the former’s brother while Debbie wastes no time at all getting rather cozy with the pack leader himself.

Tara and the rest of the Marnie/Antonia followers are still locked away in her shop with no hope of ever leaving. Little do they know that after what happened at the Tolerance Rally, Bill decides to mount an all out offensive on the witch and her crew. He wants to blow up the store and rid himself and the world of Antonia for good. During a moment of alone time between the two, we realize that Antonia is actually the half of them that wants to stop what they are doing. She doesn’t want to cause anymore pain to the innocent. Plus she realizes that freeing the entire Earth of the undead will be a lot more trying than she originally planned. But Marnie wants her to continue. She wants to be used as Antonia’s vessel to do her bidding. Reluctantly Antonia agrees and decides to continue their mission against the vamps.

Jason finds himself feeling awfully guilty after having a very hot session of vampire sex with his best friend’s ex-girl. Jessica tries to convince him that they shouldn’t feel bad about what they had just done but this doesn’t work on Jason. After he, stupidly, asks her to glamour him so he can forget what had just happened, she takes some offense to that and runs off. I guess even vampire chicks get mad if you f**k them and try to kick them to the curb. After this exchange between the two them, Jason finds himself having to bunk with Hoyt after his heart broken friend shows up at his door wanting out of the home where he and Jessica had made a life for themselves.

Sookie enlists the help of Lafayette, Jesus and Jason to try to free Tara and the others after she cannot convince Bill to stop his plan of destroying the witch shop. Jesus manages to break through Marnie/Antonia’s protection spells surrounding the building by utilizing his demon-half powers, I guess that’s what they are called, and earning the trust of Antonia. Once inside, he too discovers that Marnie is willingly allowing Antonia to inhabit her body to destroy the vampires. He tries to warn Sookie and the others but not before Tara tries to make a break for it and everyone is caught.

Having found some of Andy’s “V”, Terry takes his druggie cousin out to their old fort that they used to play at when they were kids. Some quality time, target practice, family wrestling and one long conversation later, Andy agrees to get better. He promises to toss his “V” habits aside for good and get clean. I guess we’ll see just how long this time lasts.

The entire episode comes to a close with Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica all decked out in some very dangerous looking black get-ups on arriving at the witch shop with some very heavy artillery. Will they succeed in their mission of completely blowing up their nemesis? Especially now that Sookie, the common love of Bill and Eric, is inside without their knowledge. Things continue to get pretty heavy on True Blood. With only two episodes left in the season, can you guess what may happen? If you do, share it with the rest of us. If you need some inspiration in getting ideas, then go forth and do bad things.

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