Movie Review – Few Words (2012)

Few Words, 2012.

Directed by Matt Pain.
Starring Candide Thovex.


A fresh insight into the illustrious career (and personality) of French Ski Legend Candide Thovex, from his triple gold X Games success to a major back injury and resulting World Freeride Championship glory.

It’s been a long time coming. Two years, to be precise. Two years and over a thousand hours of footage come together to create the much anticipated feature documentary spanning ski legend Candide Thovex’s life and career thus far – Few Words. Winner of three X Games Gold medals, and World Freeride champion in 2010 (despite breaking his back in 2007), Thovex was finally granted his own movie courtesy of long time sponsor – Quiksilver.

There has been a certain anticipation building up to the release of Few Words. Six months previously a teaser trailer swarmed the Internet. The soundtrack was sober, the footage was unreal and the cinematography was stunning. This was the skier’s ‘Art of Flight’.

From the offset Few Words certainly looks the part. The vast mountainous forests of British Colombia roll on as a camera pans the snow-laden landscape with breathtakingly stunning views. Director Matt Pain combines thought provoking cinematography and a penchant for slow motion action to add to the ‘wow’ factor.

With aesthetic success, it is in the action however where Few Words stutters in delivery. As an exhilarating opening sequence calms into generics of documentary filmmaking, skiing sequences become too few and far between. Though what action we get is ‘epic’ in its own right: jumping ‘Chad’s Gap’, extreme big mountain skiing, slicing off a snowman’s head with the edge of a ski whilst in the air to name but a few eye widening scenes; the sombre use of a soundtrack along with a consistent ‘sandwiching’ of interviews and archive footage fails to pack a punch. There is too much talking, too much describing, too little momentum and not enough avalanches. From the powerhouse of a trailer, Few Words just doesn’t seem to step up to the mark. It becomes quickly apparent that this is quite simply not The Art of Flight.

With a world tour of premieres spanning from Europe to Canada, Thovex is hitting his audiences hard. Such a false advertisement in the trailer however may leave viewers disconcerted, as well as feeling a little cheated. To consider Few Words as a documentary, I can only congratulate. The viewer is taken on an intriguing journey tale of a legend that most ski enthusiasts would feel privileged to be a part of. It is however quite important to state that this is not a ‘Ski Movie’.

Flickering Myth Rating – Film: ★ ★ / Movie: ★ 

Sara Bentley

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  • Liam

    you don't know fuck-all if you didn't like this movie

  • Jamie

    Terrible review of an epic movie, comments like "too little momentum and not enough avalanches" show me that you have no understanding of Candide's approach to skiing. The film/documentary really tells the story well of the ups and downs through Candide's career with a combination of old and new footage. If you want to see how modern skiing came to be then watch this film, if

  • 1 of the long interviewees

    thats why FEW WORDS and candide just picked up 4 powder mag awards… guess it wasnt that good!

  • Or lack of competition?

  • Jamie

    So you didn't see Sunny, Superheroes of Stoke or We A collection of individuals then. All epic ski movies from this year.

  • whothehellisflickeringmyth

    I agree terrible review this movie is awesome… that is all

  • Seb

    The point of the article here has been missed. The writer isn’t questioning Candide as a skier or the film’s merits as the documentary. She just points out that what was promised from the trailer – big cinematography etc etc – wasn’t delivered. I loved it, but agree that after watching the trailer I was expecting almost some sort of ‘Hollywood’ element that didn’t really come through.