Zack Snyder talks Man of Steel

There’s just eight months to go until director Zack Snyder attempts to make us believe that Henry Cavill can fly in Warner Bros.’ hotly-anticipated Superman reboot Man of Steel, and while we can surely expect a promotional blitz in the run up to its release date, so far virtually everyone involved with the project has remained firmly tight-lipped about what’s in store for us come June. However, Synder has taken a moment out of post-production to talk to Hero Complex about the upcoming Super Special Edition Ultimate Extended Director’s Cut of Watchmen, and naturally the conversation soon drifted into Superman territory:

“It’s a more serious version of Superman,” states Snyder on his approach to Man of Steel. “It’s not like a heart attack. We took the mythology seriously. We take [Superman] as a character seriously. I believe the movie would appeal to anyone. I think that you’re going to see a Superman you’ve never seen before. We approached it as though no other films had been made. He’s the king-daddy. Honestly that’s why I wanted to do it. I’m interested in Superman because he’s the father of all superheroes. He’s this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What was it about him that cracked the code that made pop culture embrace this other mythology? What we’ve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It’s been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes. I wanted to be sure the movie treated it respectfully.”

Man of Steel has been written by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) from a story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises), and sees Henry Cavill’s Kal-El joined by Amy Adams (The Fighter) as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) as General Zod, Russell Crowe (Gladiator) as Jor-El, Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) as Perry White and Kevin Costner (Dances with Wolves) and Diane Lane (Unfaithful) as Ma and Pa Kent. The film is due for release on June 14th, 2013.

Be sure to check out the full interview, where Snyder talks in depth about Watchmen, including the challenge of adapting Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel, the film’s lasting appeal and his thoughts on the controversial prequel series Before Watchmen.

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