Jeremy Renner rumoured to be out as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Over the past week or so there’s been plenty of talk that the major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have expressed some discontent over their contracts with Marvel Studios, stemming from the disparity between their pay packets and that of Robert Downey Jr., who’s set to pocket over $100 million from The Avengers and Iron Man 3 combined (and is apparently looking for another $100 million to return as Tony Stark for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3).

Marvel are of course notorious for playing hard ball, and as we’ve seen in the case of Terrence Howard and Edward Norton, the studio aren’t afraid to recast a role if they feel its appropriate. With that in mind, it’s been said that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could be missing a familiar face or two when the Avengers assemble again for the Joss Whedon-directed sequel, and if a new rumour is to be believed we might have our first Phase Two casualty. And surprisingly, it’s not down to a pay dispute…

According to a report over at ComicBookMovie, an “inside source” is suggesting that Jeremy Renner could be finished with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, owing to some negative comments from the actor about his role as Hawkeye in last year’s mega-blockbuster, where he complained that “for 90% of the movie, I wasn’t the character I signed on to play.” Allegedly, there’s the “tiniest chance” that Renner will be back for The Avengers 2, but it’s more likely that Hawkeye will be recast, and if so, he could also be integrated to the upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a primary character.

While it’s entirely possible that the report is little more speculation, it should be noted that Renner is noticeably absent from Phase Two of the MCU, despite the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. veterans Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill) and Maximiliano Hernandez (Agent Jasper Sitwell) are all set to return alongside Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers in next year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And considering that Whedon plans to introduce at least two new Avengers, it’s hard to imagine Hawkeye will be getting much screen time when 2015 rolls around…

UPDATE: This article was written back in May. The original source has since been disproven. Renner will be back… he’s said so himself.

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  • Villordsutch

    But he played such an important role in Avenge…oh no wait…he didn’t.

    • The Troll Hunter

      Actually, he was responsible for the taking down & destruction of the SHIELD Helicarrier and he was arguably the key part in loki’s plan to try to gain control of the hulk…so, yeah, I disagree with you.

      • Villordsutch

        Yes, but other than being responsible for the taking down & destruction of the SHIELD Helicarrier and he was arguably the key part in loki’s plan to try to gain control of the hulk what did he actually do?

        • Ugh

          …You literally just cast aside the stuff he did to ask what he did.

          • Villordsutch

            I can tell by your comment you’re clearly not a Monty Python fan.

          • Patrick Longworth

            What does Monty Python have to do with a Marvel comics adaptation?

          • Fuyoo

            I think he will do the scene when he cut ironman arm and leg with his sword. hehehehe. or ask hulk to join him riding his invisible horse.

          • Patrick Longworth


          • Patrick Longworth


        • Thomas Carpenter

          At this rate, you may as well just ask what the others did as well.

          • Eamonn Kenny

            Who cares what he did? He’s an awful actor with no depth of presence or vocal skills. If affleck is slated for batman then renner should have a huge petition against him. He’s as wooden as it gets. Slating the kardashians as talentless is comical coming from a person who had zero chemistry around the black widow. That’s what happens when you loose perspective based on starring in one good movie.

          • Thomas Carpenter

            You’re definitely in the minority on all of that. I had to fight the initial urge to slam you for hurting my eyes with that paragraph, but you are forgiven.

          • Patrick Longworth

            Renner isn’t awful – awful is the acting in American Pie and other fourth or fifth tier films…Renner did what he could with a disadvantaged role (due to the incompetent writing and directing).

          • michael kelley

            Which movie? Dahmer? Hurt Locker? Assassination of Jesse James? The Town ( I’m from Boston and think Renner pulled it off better than Affleck, who is from Boston)? Renner is a solid actor who, until recently, has shown promising raw talent

        • Patrick Longworth

          He helped the team win, he helped direct the fight, he helped Iron Man make a good assault on the ships that were trailing him. Hawkeye is about having vision, a battlefield vision (as with Cap) whereas Iron Man arguably is a search and destroy tool with technology informing his decisions. Iron Man is more of a warfare rookie than Hawkeye was.

          • Who cares

            all non main roles should be casted by new comers to A.) give them a chance in the industry and B.) you know they wont bit the hand that feeds them and will stick aroound…… and C.) they are cheaper.

            New comers are just as talented as seasoned pros… and it’s not like anyone goes to the movie to see the supporting cast.

          • Patrick Longworth


    • Patrick Longworth

      He did play a role, not the role that Hawkeye should have played but that is totally Marvel’s and the writers’ and the directors’ fault not Jeremy’s. The director/writers of Avengers arguably should have been reprimanded for messing with a quality character with more dimension than Captain America often has had. In fact, maybe the director should be fired?

    • Steven Simmons

      I don’t think we watched the same movie.

  • Anthony Donovan Stokes

    I have to say as much as I don’t like recasting he really shouldn’t have went public with his compalints he should’ve talked to the press he should’ve talked to Marvel and Joss Wheedon.

    • Julianne

      If you read the original interview and not the cut and pasted highlights, he said nothing that Joss Weedon hasn’t also said. Both were disappointed that they couldn’t do more character development, but both said it was necessary for the overall film. Renner also said that he was grateful that he wasn’t just cut out completely.
      There are good reasons for moving Hawkeye to the TV series and there is no way Renner would do that, so I can see them recasting. However, he did a good job with the tiny amount he had to work with and if they make out that it is about him and not for the good of the Marvel Universe, then they are being grossly unfair. In fact, if they do this it looks to me like they are slapping down one cast member to keep the others in line and that will be the final straw for me and Marvel.

      • Anthony Donovan Stokes

        Okay , regardless as an actor you’re supposed to have a level of proffessionalism with your job. He could’ve worded it differently. Maybe said ” I can’t wait to fully flesh out Hawkeye in Phase II”, but he came off really ungrateful sounding

        • JC

          I remember him saying that he couldn’t wait to explore Hawkeye more in the Avengers 2. But the interview was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the exact words he said.

          • JC

            Or in what interview it was.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            I just think it was a little unprofessional regardless of the context.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            whats professional about how the studios treat there workers?

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Because the studios aren’t making it known to the press. That’s between them and him.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            well why would they they want to screw him over you think companies give a shit about you?

          • Thomas Carpenter

            So public outing is the only factor between professionalism and unprofessionalism? Oh dear… All this time I’ve had all the wrong ideas.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            That’s not what i said so either you’re a hyperbolic troll or somebody with a 2nd grade reading comprehension.

          • Thomas Carpenter

            Awwww somebody got mad and had a temper tantrum. Speaking of reading and grammar, you forgot a comma in your rant. I’ll let you try to figure out where it belongs. Peace.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            I didn’t get mad you responded to me like an ass so i responded accordingly. And I could care less about my grammar in a comment section.

          • Thomas Carpenter

            You took it as an ass comment, which means you’re defensive minded, perhaps a little too much. I decide my intentions sweetheart, not you.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            It was you took something i said and put words in my mouth to try to undercut what i was saying, classic troll move i’m impressed you must do this alot.

          • Thomas Carpenter

            Yeah, it seems your anger level can only move upwards.

          • Patrick Longworth

            And yours doesn’t?

          • Patrick Longworth

            Simmer down; you may know your true intentions but the person you replied to also has their valid opinion of your intentions; if they’re wrong, then you could politely tell them that they are…

          • Patrick Longworth

            No, there is a professional way of public outing; whistle blowers are often being professional in that they are acting in the one final way of activating change in an unacceptable situation such as when there is iron clad control (like the military or perhaps Marvel).

          • Bray1@Jay

            Yes, how unprofessional of them to pay the actors millions of dollars and ask for little more than respect to the studio and gratitude for being involved in one of the biggest movies ever.

          • Patrick Longworth

            Professionalism and respect work both ways; maybe Renner is in the wrong but arguably Marvel is pig-headed and arrogant about how they approach films, how they treat their readers and also their actors too.

        • Patrick Longworth

          Maybe, that’s something that Renner may have to learn from but arguably the fault is more on Marvel’s side and their utter inability to make fully entertaining films with more than one or two aspects; they do better than DC most of the time but just barely.

      • HolyFranchiseBatman!

        Regardless of how he said it, he did say that he was unhappy with how his character was written in the film (which is obvously down to Joss Whedon). I’m not really sure this report is accurate, but Renner is the most expendable of the Avengers cast – his character just isn’t that interesting, certainly not enough to be anything more than a supporting character in someone else’s movie, and I doubt The Avengers 2 will take much of a hit if he’s absent. TV is probably the best place for Hawkeye.

        • Julianne

          I disagree. He was not critical of Joss Whedon in the original interview, he just said, in so many words, that playing mind control Hawkeye wasn’t as interesting as non-mind control Hawkeye – that was the question he was asked. These actors are asked hundreds of questions on these junkets, usually the same ones over and over again. Even if they don’t make any slips their answers are taken and edited so they can be made to fit the headline of choice. As I said before, if they want to put Hawkeye on TV fine – just don’t throw Renner to the Wolves to make a point.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Well, he was critical of the way that Hawkeye was written in the script (“for 90% of the movie I wasn’t the character I signed on to play”), and the script was written by Joss Whedon… so it’s easy to see how that could be construed as criticism of Joss Whedon. Because technically it is. Anyway, its pointless arguing over the semantics of his comments, but I agree with Anthony – he should have kept it private.

          • Ace Stephens

            How is that easy to be construed as criticism? He literally wasn’t the character he signed on to play. Not in a, “Whedon didn’t know how to write properly.” or “Whedon made a mistake in writing Hawkeye.”-type way. In a, “This character was not the character I signed on to play.”-type way (surprise, surprise, that’s what he actually said).

            There’s a vast difference between debating context and completely ripping something out of context in order to make it sound negative when it clearly wasn’t. Hawkeye is brainwashed in the film and does not have his own agency and – therefore – does not have his own motivations as a character. That is a fact of the script. Pointing it out isn’t saying anything critical even remotely resembling this nonsense. Or even “comments he should have kept to himself or only stated in private.”

            Reading comprehension is really going down the drain…

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Thank you for bolding your key points to aid with my reading comprehension.

            Now, to point out the obvious, which you seem to have missed completely: Jeremy Renner signed on to play Hawkeye. For 90% of the film, he wasn’t the character he signed on to play (his words). Who decided that for 90% of the film, Hawkeye wouldn’t be Hawkeye? Loki? He’s a fictional character, in a script that Joss Whedon wrote, for a film that he also directed. Therefore Renner literally wasn’t the character he signed on to play, in a “Joss Whedon made a conscious decision not to write the character as the character I signed on to play”-type way. Easily construed as criticism. If it wasn’t, then no one would have construed it as criticism – which like you say, some people have.

            I hope that makes sense to you.

          • Ace Stephens

            He signed a multi-film contract so, when referring to who he signed on to play, he is referring to what he signed on to overall – and pointing out that it is not the singular individual he appeared as, in characterization, for most of The Avengers. Therefore, it is not a negative comment about how he was utilized in The Avengers – it is an observation of a change of the circumstances for the portrayal within an individual work in relation to his overall deal. You are negating that context. You are also negating the context of the question being responded to and Renner’s phrasing – which was pointing toward the notion that he’s hoping to play the full characterization of Hawkeye moving forward (which doesn’t in itself imply that he greatly disliked Hawkeye’s use in The Avengers – although it’s clear that he wants and perhaps wanted to do more with the actual character).

            If a regular on a sci fi/supernatural show commented that they weren’t playing the character they signed on for in one episode where their character was brainwashed, would you go, “Ooooh, they’re being negative and calling out the makers!”? Would such a person be calling out the writer/director? Or would they simply be stating the circumstances for that individual entry within an overall series? The latter, quite obviously. Even if they “really wanted to play the character they signed on as” – they know they can do that going forward and they understand the dramatic needs of the given entry. Once again, no negativity in there.

            None of this implies that Whedon mishandled the content. In fact, both have talked about how they realized that Hawkeye’s “villain” placement worked best due to reintroducing all of these other larger-than-life characters. Both have also expressed disappointment with that – but are aware that it doesn’t change the dramatic needs of the given work.

            So if they’re on the exact same page, where is the “negative criticism”? Where is the “controversy” or the reasoning, outside of financial concerns, that Renner would be removed from the MCU? There isn’t any. It’s just people making things up (perhaps without realizing it) or running with notions others have made up.

            Just because numerous people are stripping his comments of their context (searching for drama or reading subtext into innocuous comments that don’t have a great deal of it) doesn’t change what the context evidently is.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            That would be his response to the question “In Avengers, you sort of get to play both sides. What was that like?” It is not an observation of a change of the circumstances for the portrayal within an individual work in relation to his overall deal but rather a response to a question about just this one time. Therefore it is a negative comment about The Avengers, quite obviously.

            Don’t lecture me on context when you’re making your own context up.

            Now if you don’t want to take his comments as criticism, that’s fine. Whether his comments were critical or not, they could easily be construed as such. If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Case closed.

          • Ace Stephens

            But you’re still negating the same context. He signed on for a series. There is no invention of context in any form on my part. This is a franchise, a series, etc. and he was questioned about an individual work. He framed it within the context of the deal he signed (which was for the series).

            As for it easily being construed incorrectly, yes – but only if you’re looking for drama or not paying attention to the actual context (which it’s clear is the case for many).

            However, to clarify, for those behaving rationally (and, as a result, not reading into things, not misinterpreting the context due to various unrelated or self-imposed factors, etc.), it can not be construed as a negative criticism.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            I think you must be mind-controlling Jeremy Renner yourself, because you really have a fascinating insight into his thinking. Or rather, your interpretation of his thinking, which is no more right, or wrong, than mine or that of anyone else, except Renner himself. There is an invention of context on your behalf, because you’re assuming he was referring to his multi-picture deal with his answer, when it actuality he’s only asked – and only makes reference to – The Avengers.

            Bottom line, Renner should have chose his words more carefully, in case all of the irrational people like myself misunderstood exactly what he meant. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because even if he does end up in The Avengers 2, he’s going to get about 5 minutes of screen time, if he’s lucky. Then he can moan that “for 97% of the movie, I wasn’t even in it” and you can come back on here and defend him again.

          • Ace Stephens

            I am absolutely not assuming he was referring to his multi-picture deal. He said it’s not what he “signed on” for. He “signed on” for a series of films. Not a lone, individual film. Or do you not know about the subject you’re commenting on?

            You surely understand that, when referring to what he “signed on” for, he’s referring to his multi-picture deal. There is no invention of context, no “special insight.” It is what is stated (“signed on”) and what is well-known (multi-picture deal). He is asked about the given film and refers to it within the context of the muiti-picture deal he signed. When aware that he signed a multi-picture deal to begin with, this is obvious, stated, and clear. This context is that which anyone could expect someone remotely interested in or aware of the behind-the-scenes workings of the MCU to have.

            Everything regarding any negativity within these comments is, at its absolute best, conjecture. But, far more likely, assumption, misreading, misconstruing or other things of that sort. Inferring negativity from such factual comments is irrational.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Actually, I wrote the article I’m commenting on, I have more than a remote interest in the behind-the-scenes workings of the MCU seeing as I’ve written probably 1000 articles on the subject, and I still stand by everything I said.

            Taking his comments your way, he’s saying “The version of my character in The Avengers isn’t what I signed on for when I signed a multi-picture deal”. So he’s still referring to The Avengers, it’s still easy for his comments to be construed as criticism for The Avengers, and you’ve spent four comments proving my original point.

            Now, if you’re really desperate for the last word, feel free…

          • Ace Stephens

            I’m not interested in the last word. I’m interested in either having the validity of what I’m saying accepted or having someone establishing for me why it is incorrect.

            All of his comments add up factually. At what point do facts become something worthy of being read into negatively? For instance, you construed factual statements as something that Renner “complained.”

            This doesn’t make sense to me. So I’m attempting to either clarify to you how it doesn’t make sense or looking for you to tell me what it is that I’m not understanding.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            You’ve answered your own question. Several times. I don’t know how I can make it any simpler for you to understand.

            Even in the context of his multi-picture deal, Renner is talking specifically about The Avengers. He says for 90% of The Avengers, he wasn’t the character he signed on to play. He then went on to say – in the very same interview – “To take away who that character is and just have him be this robot, essentially, and have him be this minion for evil that Loki uses… I was limited, you know what I mean? I was a terminator in a way. Fun stunts. But is there any sort of emotional content or thought process? No…”

            Now to me, those comments COULD be read as him expressing disappointment over the characterisation of Hawkeye in The Avengers – that in The Avengers he didn’t have much to sink his teeth in to, and that he wasn’t playing Hawkeye, when he wanted to play Hawkeye. Now, as Joss Whedon wrote and directed The Avengers, and could have decided to have him as Hawkeye for 100% of the movie, it COULD be construed as criticism of Whedon’s handling of the character. I’m not saying that was Renner’s intention, but it COULD be taken that way.

            At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you or I think, or how we perceive his comments. The only thing that matters is how Marvel perceived his comments. By all accounts, the source of this “news” story (which is two months old) has been discredited, but we shall see if and when Renner is announced as part of The Avengers 2.

          • Ace Stephens

            Once again, while it “could” be read as Renner expressing disappointment in a manner critical of Whedon, it can’t be read as that rationally. What he states clearly isn’t actual criticism (at least not in any negative way) as it’s factual and exactly what Whedon said (without irony/self-deprecation). So how is this news? How does it make any sense to report as something someone “complained” when it’s objective fact?

            Additionally, it wouldn’t necessarily matter if Renner wasn’t announced for Avengers 2 – regarding giving any validity to the absurd premise of this article – as there could be many unrelated reasons for that. So this story is essentially yet another non-story where people suggest controversy or conflict where there’s absolutely no evidence of such a thing.

            Are you suggesting that the other main “decision-maker” for Marvel, Kevin Feige, was so upset that Renner said something Whedon had already said…that he’s forcing Whedon to omit Renner (but isn’t doing anything to Whedon)? I know these things can be complicated but how does that make sense?

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            You’ve obviously not bothered to read the article correctly. I guess you’ve missed the part where I state…

            “According to a report over at ComicBookMovie, an “inside source” is suggesting that Jeremy Renner could be finished with the Marvel Cinematic Universe”

            And the part where I state…

            “It’s entirely possible that the report is little more speculation…”

            So if you’ve got a problem with it, I suggest you take it up with the original source, as they are the ones suggesting that Marvel is upset with Renner, not me.

            God, reading comprehension really is going down the drain – finally, something we can agree on.

          • Ace Stephens

            I read and understood. But why was it reported or embraced as carrying even a remote amount of truth rather than dismissed like every other piece of ridiculous supposed “news” that has absolutely no foundation? Do you just report anything and even make things up if you don’t have enough news that day (as this article still provides no rational basis for the perspective presented)?

            If someone says Hugh Jackman’s cheating on his wife and the imminent divorce and caring for children will cause problems for a certain film, do you just report it or do you look for some sort of confirmation? If their “evidence” is that Jackman was spotted having dinner with another woman, do you run with that (of course, citing the other website as reporting it so you can claim to have no responsibility for fanning the flames of needless controversy) when that’s actually no indication of infidelity? Or do you look at the situation and go, “There’s nowhere near enough information and it would be irresponsible journalism, at best, to report this as though it’s somehow news. Even reporting that someone else reported it would be construing the situation as though it might have validity when there’s nothing here to go on.”?

            At what point do you (and others) stop passing the buck for your misinterpretation (or running with someone else’s as though it has enough validity to even be repeated) and, instead, take responsibility for expressing or repeating inaccurate/misleading views? Look at the comments – “He should have kept these things to himself.” – as though they feel he has “complained” and caused problems with the studio. It’s borderline libelous (to suggest that an actor does not take the clauses in his contract – those stating that he can’t make negative claims against a work during its promotion and for a time following – seriously). And all because someone else reported something without any actual evidence. You’re misleading people just as you’ve apparently been misled – enough to think this has any basis or qualifies as news or that repeating it was remotely responsible journalism/reporting/etc.

            And now everyone who takes this article at face value is left with a negative impression of Renner due to how his comments have been misconstrued by the source, by you via association (even if you yourself “don’t know” about any accuracy to the rumor – you still reported his “issue-causing” comments as something he “complained”), etc.

            (((REPLY TO THE BELOW COMMENT – since I’m not allowed to post any more replies due to voicing an opinion which differs from that of the editor of this website while also refusing to accept shoddy journalism going unaddressed: You ask if I can not see that you have embraced nothing as truth in the original post yet you said Renner “complained.” So you embraced the notion that Renner spoke out against or criticized (negatively) The Avengers and/or Whedon.

            You say I’ve accused you of making up news stories on a daily basis (Did I say anything about a daily basis or did I, in fact, with a question rather than an accusation, suggest the possibility of you making something up if there’s not enough news that day? As in, in the instance of one day – rather than as a consistent practice at all times.)…when that’s not the case. You’ve said I suggested that you post gossip stories (you did above) about celebrities potentially cheating on their partners…but, once again, you ignore the context in which it’s presented (as influencing the production of a film.)

            The hypothetical example was related to what might delay a film – in the case of Jackman, likely an X-Men film. Is that not the type of thing you report – those things influencing superhero, genre, blockbuster, etc. movies? Apparently I’ve been visiting the wrong website and your username and article are ironic as you apparently lack interest in such things (such as how an actor’s behavior would impact a major superhero franchise)?

            Did you actually read what I wrote – that this hypothetical rumored circumstance would cause problems for a film – or did you just decide to ignore the evident context in order to produce some sort of response just as you seemingly did with the original article?)))

            ((UPDATE: 11/19/2013 – Following a reply from four months later inquiring about if I can find any made up stories from the website —

            To think that what you’ve just said (seemingly meaning making up an entire story) has any relevance (to the notion that you would purposefully misconstrue things, even if knowing someone else did so first, if it seems you can in order to run a story that has no defined evidence as though it did – which some would argue is basically the same as making things up yourself since you’re repeating unfounded information as though it might have any veracity even as “grounded” speculation) means you’ve completely missed the point of everything I said – that’s all. And petty responses such as the above don’t help your credibility.

            Deliberately misconstruing or repeating things which you (or at least anyone who gives it due consideration would) know have been misconstrued as a form of “reporting” is shoddy journalism, at absolute best. And it can easily contribute to all sorts of misunderstandings, causing negative perceptions of various involved parties, etc.

            But who cares? Somebody said that somebody said something about this one person who said this one thing and, even though I know exactly what they said and that it factually doesn’t mean what it could have been misconstrued as meaning, I’m going to report what it could be misconstrued as being if one ignores the clear context and how that contributes to this random rumor which has no known validity otherwise. And, in doing so, I will willingly lead others to believe negative things about the parties in question, further contributing to needless confusion, negativity and guessing games.

            Does that sound anything like responsible journalism to you?


          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Listen fella, if you’re looking to criticise sites who report every single bit of minor news and speculation, you’ll find a lot better places to start than here. Why don’t you go direct to the sources themselves? You know, the sites that make stories up for hits and links. The sites that post daily “exclusive scoops” that go absolutely nowhere, but get their made up stories linked by all the major sites. You’ll not find a single made up story on this site anywhere.. We occasionally report on speculation, when it interests us. We don’t create fake news, but there are plenty of sites that do. Go and take your concerns up with them.

            I’m entitled to write about what I want to write about, and I write what I find interesting, and what I think our readers will find interesting. Read the original article – it clearly states several times that I’m writing about speculation, and I also make several references to the chances of it being off the mark. I haven’t been misled at all, and I haven’t misled anyone who took the time to read my article clearly. The title of the article even states that he’s RUMOURED to be out – that is FACTUAL – as it was rumoured. I have embraced nothing as truth in the original post. Can you really not see that???

            If you don’t like it here, there’s a simple solution. Don’t come here. Although I suspect this article was your first visit anyway seeing as you’ve just accused us of making up news stories on a daily basis and suggesting we post gossip stories about actors and celebrities potentially cheating on their partners. In fact, I’d go as far as to say you’re just trolling.

          • Matt

            But your allegation of Jeremy’s words being a complaint is Not factual

          • mydogrupert

            Because you repeat and link to these so called “rumored” stories, you are no better than the ones that make the stuff up. Lazy work at best. If you are going to repeat made up stories why don’t you just make them up yourself? That way you will always have an exclusive. All you have to say is you were told by an anonymous source.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            I disagree. It’s clearly stated in the title that this is a rumour. The article title is entirely fact – it was rumoured. And the post clearly states “it’s entirely possible that this report is pure speculation.”

            And yes, we could easily make stories up and call them exclusives, but there are enough sites that do that already. We’re not conning our readers in any way like those sites are – if we think a report is anything but factual, we’ll state that it could be rubbish and that the source is unreliable. We’ve taken flak from said sites for doing so.

            And how do you know there isn’t truth to this? No one has confirmed Renner for Avengers 2 yet, only Hawkeye, and where is he in Phase Two? For the record though, I do believe he will be back and that this story was likely speculation passed off as fact. But not by us.

          • Matt

            Damn! You are good buddy. Agreed, and I’m glad someone articulate is standing up to SHlTTY journalism

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Find me one story we’ve made up. Ever. Oh that’s right, you can’t. Because we never once have.

          • Patrick Longworth

            Personally, I think Wedon screwed up even though the Avengers is a good effort over all – it’s one of the only Marvel films I’ve decided to keep and watch more than once.

            Arguably, for me, it is more about Renner as Hawkeye, and the other characters than the film story line or who directed it.

            Personally, I bet Pee Wee Herman could have directed just as good or better a version of The Avengers (yes, I am being sarcastic but my point is – that Wedon had less to do with the success of this film than everyone seems to think or assume).

          • Leo McNeil

            I don’t think he is being critical of Joss. He could be being critical of his signing agent for all we know. Actors hardly ever know what they’re getting into when they sign on to a movie. Which is why we see a bunch of good actors making shoddy movies. I think he is just expressing his opinion and it wasn’t unprofessional or uncalled for. You’re just taking it the way you want to.

          • Patrick Longworth

            Yes, it is criticism but valid criticism; essentially it could be argued that Josh was in breach of contract if he didn’t write the character as agreed on. I do realize that probably changes were made after the agreement and Jeremy continued to play the role rather than make his point and bow out of the film (perhaps he should have done that and then Avengers would never have occurred?).

            Sometimes the less powerful decide to bend to the will of the more powerful – a mistake, yes, but have you ever been in this man’s shoes?

          • lucascott

            Something tells me that Joss is a big enough boy that he doesn’t need everyone that works with him to kiss his butt and sing his praises 24/7. That he can take some criticism. Even from actors that didn’t like the final copy but in keeping with contracts etc did it anyway rather than go full diva and yell and throw fits etc

          • Joe

            Agreed as well, Hawkeye has criminal ties in the comic too, it wasn’t that big of a stretch, he should have done his homework. As for Marvel, I think they felt it was easier to work with characters that didn’t complain.

          • Joe

            However, I do feel he did a great job as Hawkeye nor do i feel he did anything so unforgivable he should be dropped from the roster. If anything he should be rein-visioned or suited with gear that brings his resemblance close to his roots. Being that he appeared in Thor and now Avengers, they have time invested in this guy, and as I said, he sold the character, give him a break.

          • Patrick Longworth

            I agree! Renner arguably did his best with the limited screen time and character development. It took years and better writers but Hawkeye became one of my favorites of the Marvel Universe because of his being a complex but believable character. He was more 3 dimensional over time than many of Marvel’s more famous characters.

        • Patrick Longworth

          Hawkeye is more important than you seem to realize; done well by competent writers and directors (missing on Avengers?) he is a far more interesting character than Captain America (he was regarded as being old fashioned whereas Hawkeye knew more about the realities of the world and of heroism that anyone could aspire to).

          Hawkeye arguably did more concrete and longer lasting good through his Thunderbolts initiative then Cap and the Avengers ever did though ultimately it got over turned by Marvel’s “evil” loving writers and others who failed to grasp what he was really doing.

          Captain America was a simple man lost out of his own time (which was more complex than he realized) whereas Hawkeye knew the world of the down on their luck, he knew about hucksters and the seamy side of life. Avengers failed Hawkeye (as they did in the comics), Hawkeye didn’t fail the Avengers despite being taken over by Thor’s demi-god stepbrother. Hawkeye needed Widow’s help to come back but only because any human would have needed that help.

          Captain America would have succumbed to the spell, so would Black Widow, perhaps the Hulk too; Iron Man likely might have been protected by his suit but probably not.

      • lucascott

        “There are good reasons for moving Hawkeye to the TV series and there is no way Renner would do that,”

        Disagree. Renner would very likely do it. The days of being a TV or movie actor are long gone. You go where the stories that interest you are.

        But I don’t think Renner could because of prior commitments. His contract with Marvel likely doesn’t include any clauses about TV projects taking precedence etc and he’s likely committed to several things already.

        Then again appearing doesn’t have to mean starring.

        • Haily

          Just to point out I would actually start watching SHIELD if they had Hawkeye (and especially Renner, but I can live with a replacement). Never understood the logic of having a Marvel TV series with a bunch of characters who aren’t from the comics. Hawkeye wasn’t the “least” Avenger, that would be Coulson, whose popularity I also never understood…

    • Rivethead

      Learn to use punctuation, please.

      … and what makes you think he didn’t discuss his issues with the crew and execs?

      • Anthony Donovan Stokes

        maybe he did but that should have been his primary and only course of action.

      • Anthony Donovan Stokes

        That’s okay you got what I meant and he should’ve discussed his issues with crew and execs EXCLUSIVELY , and maybe reworded it to put it in a more positive light.

    • Micah 李 文 Jung

      why not marvel wants to make money and pay there workers very low amounts of money! If you read up on how studios cut costs you will see how they try to save money and how actors are screwed

      • Anthony Donovan Stokes

        Another matter that should be between him and the studio

        • Micah 李 文 Jung

          well the studio needs to realize people are human and not just a number like they do often since they have a limitless supply of human fodder

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Uhh no in any business there should be a level of proffessionalism I see where you’re coming from but if Marvel fired him I’d understand because I understand how the world works

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Yes but in that type of biz its not always professional or the lines are blurred. Its not like regular work. Who wants to work with people who are ass holes? If you understand how the world works then why are you saying Renner is wrong? If you were him you would be happy? He got screwed

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            He got paid . Me I would’ve just kept my mouth shut and talked to wheedon. He’s not wrong but neither is marvel

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Its not just getting paid. Its treating your workers fairly. Sometimes the higher ups dont want to talk. Marvel wants one thing money. Think about how many times they sold Marvel and DC?

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            They don’t have to treat him fairly how many jobs have you worked at where you could say whatever you want about it? It’s called the real world not this idealistic fairy land you call hollywood.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Yeah and thats why tons of actors leave and never work with those ever again.

          • Matthew crosby

            How much did he get paid for the movie? Something tells me he didn’t get screwed. This is Hollywood, not a sweat shop. The hourly rate differs somewhat. Some might even say lead actors are overpaid.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            I dont know and you do have a point but if your not on top tyen its human fodder why would they give tons of money to character actors and actors that are never seen again

          • Haily

            Exactly. I understand that it’s frustrating that RDJ is getting paid a lot more than the others… but they’re all making millions. It’s not like they are poor. This has elevated ALL of their careers. Just do your 3 movies and move on, you signed the contract so it must have been worth it right?

            RDJ frankly carried 4 movies on his acting alone. Hawkeye is (and I love Renner, he is a great actor) NOT carrying anything. I would not expect those two to be paid anywhere near the same.

    • Patrick Longworth

      Is this a democracy? Marvel should have the strength of character to be able to have actors disagree – publicly or otherwise. Maybe Renner went public because the suits at Marvel don’t know characters from a hole in the ground? Marvel characters are often one dimensional and only get interesting, really interesting, with two or more differing takes on the character. Hawkeye was one or two dimensional in the Avengers; in his own mini-series he began to take on more lifelike qualities.

      Marvel knows how to entertain superficially but not in a 3 dimensional and multi-quality way.

      • Anthony Donovan Stokes

        It’s a business and if he didn’t like it he doesn’t have to come back. You’re using this to take a jab at Marvel for some reason i completely disagree about just about everything you’re saying

        • Patrick Longworth


  • Luke Graham

    Eh I’m not overly fussed. As a fan of old-school, purple suit and silly mask Hawkeye rather than dark’n’gritty Ultimate Hawkeye (which the movie version was more closely modelled on), I don’t mind seeing him go. The part was underwritten and Renner didn’t do much with it, or at least was unable to do more.
    If Green Arrow can have a successful tv show, It would be just as cool to see Hawkeye be the star of the SHIELD tv show, where he could be much more prominent instead of being overshadowed.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      I’m curious do you perfer the new outfit? I have a hard time taking anybody in purple seriously , hence me being glad Galactus was a cloud in Fantastic Four 2

      • Fara Wiles


      • Braam Saget

        Then answer one question. How the hell does a cloud create a Silver Surfer?

        • Anthony Donovan Stokes

          I don’t even care better then a giant in a bright ass purple suit. Ever heard the term “translates to screen”. And do you hear yourself? You’re questioning logistics about what created something called the silver surfer. Anything could happen

          • Braam Saget

            There is “translates to screen”and still keeping the character the same and completely changing a characters origin and design. That was not Galactus that was a tentacle cloud monster that belongs in a Hentai and Hell they could of used Galactus from the Ultimate Universe which essentially was a giant sentient robot.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Well they didn’t not as if it would’ve made the movie better AND still wouldn’t have worked should’ve just called him something different

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            How do you know!

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            On the bright side, at least we never had to sit through Galactacloud in Fantastic Four 3

          • Braam Saget

            Cloudactus should never be seen again and hopefully Jessica Alba never tries to play a superhero again.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            yeah now Susan and Franklin and Johnny are going to be BLACK! But we cant have a white Falcon Luke Cage Misty Knight or Nightshade!

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            You don’t see why it’s worse to change a black character white then a white character black. White characters race aren’t specific because when they were created every character was white. But Black characters race is an important part of their character. Hence Black Panther’s name and him being African.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Why is that important? Some white people live in the ghetto. Just becuase a person lives in the projects doesnt mean his black. I think its worse when they replace a black character to white. If Marvel wanted diversity then I as Marvel would make more black chinese mixed etc etc and show them to the fans. Instead of making a white character into a black character

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            So you automatically associate a black character as living in the ghetto? pretty ignorant statement i’d start back pedealing if I was you

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            No I am saying whites can live there too! pretty ignorant about only blacks can live there and no whites can be there. would you want a white cyborg? I think not so why do they have to make white characters into black characters.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            but you’re the one who brought up the ghetto. I never even implied that. Which goes back to you automatically associating a black character with the ghetto. I’m not aware of Cyborg’s origin story so I’m not sure. But Black Panther shouldn’t be changed to white for a number of real obvious reasons

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Oh why? Kingpin of Crime has and its obvious his white. I brought up the ghetto to say not all people living there are black/

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Well then you shot yourself in the foot by bringing it up. That wasn’t even part of the discussion I’m black I’m very well aware of diversity of the “ghetto”. once again don’t know king pin’s origins. I will say that If they do change the race sometimes it’d be nice to make it a different character. Such as Jon Stewart as opposed to Hal Jordan

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            are you? You said black Panther has to be black and there are white people in Africa. So your saying origins Black Panther has to be black. OH WHY there are some white people in Africa. Well if you dont know anything of the comic books why are you on this forum? Oh why would you want that? again if they turned Luke Cage into a white guy you wouldnt be up in arms? Well Jon Stewart could surprise us you dont know until we see it. Even Micheal Clarke Duncan said Kingpin is WHITE not black

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            A. His name is black panther while not a literal title there’s some significance B. I’m fully aware there are white people in africa are there white tribes in Africa? C. It’s a movie/tv/comic book/video game site so i’m knowledgable of 3 of the 4 and I don’t read a lot of origin stories mostly mini series that don’t delve into the characters you mentioned. If they changed Luke Cage white yes I’d be confused because once his creator went out of their way to make him a black character so that’s obviously important unlike other characters who from what i can tell are white because that’s the status quo. And yeah i don’t see the significance of getting a white guy for kingpin. I mean I’D keep him white but i don’t think it’s significant if he was written well nobodied give a shit

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            A. a black Panther is not a literal black person! B. YEP or there black people who look white. C. Well dont you think the statue quo needs to change with some white people living in the projects? Since your one of them its all black on black there are some others too that are not black. Well why again do people give a shit if Luke Cage was played by Jason Statham? Queens New York is not solid black anymore. Its very diverse. When I was there there was more indian and Mexican people in Queens so it would be out of place for Luke Cage to be black he could be white. In american television at least the tv shows and movies only show black and white characters there are no chinese Indian gay characters or tv shows. So how do you show diversity there.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            A. Almost exactly what I just said B. Didn’t answer my question C. No white people have always lived in the projects. Like I said the characters identity to me is apart of being black and i’m sure it’s like that for most people. I think Michael Clarke Duncan was a good choice for Kingpin he’s a big mothafucka that can act his ass off. That’s my interpretation. Shit and I mean diversity for EVERY race women, indians, etc it’s not exclusive to blacks.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            A. which was what again? B. what was it again? C. Again why cant that change? Hell Kitchen isnt that way anymore now its called Clinton. In New York. Kingpin is BIG which Micheal had but he didnt have the gangster style. Who are the real orgainzed Crime figures? Mexican Mafia, Latin American Cartels, Italian La Cosa Nostra, Yakuza and the Chinese Triads not a black gangster. The blacks jews and Irish were never that powerful and that like Kingpin. Oh how is it not? where are the shows that show chinese Japanese families? Versus black and white families?

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            ” His name while not a literal title it is still significant” B. Are there any white tribes traditonally in Africa. C. Had Michael Clarke duncan been given a script that was good he would’ve been fine for Kingpin he’s big imposing and he’s threatening. Diversifing should not be exclusive to just adding blacks it should be adding every race and every way of life.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            well its not diverse for everyone just white and black. its black and white. Kingpin is more then just imposing and threating. He has to be sauve like I said and look like he can be a pussy cat too! Only with sharp claws when you get on his bad side

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            well it needs to be everyone and once again that’s the script not Michael Clarke Duncan

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            No that was the director who wanted a black Kingpin and now everyone thinks Kingpin is black in the comic books.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            no. his characteristics that he’s lacking are because of the director. And I don’t see the issue honestly you have a good day.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Doesnt make a difference his WHITE! like I said its like making the Black Panther into a white guy! I know you dont see the issue. you have a good day too

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            well why are they following Ultimate which sucks! they need to go back to the orginal Galactus!

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            OH why cant Galactus be purple but make it more like the Fantastic Four suits they wore in the first two movies? Yeah anything can happen but remember there are certain rules even in the Marvel universe

      • Micah 李 文 Jung

        OH WHY!?!??!?! Galactus was a cloud how is a cloud meancing? Its the goblet of fire they had the bushes which were now meancing come ON! No I love the old outfit

  • Shep

    i hope he gets re-cast, so renner can go to DC and be Flash

    • Romelle Bradford

      Him as Flash would be nice! I also could have seen Chris Evans playing Flash as well. I will say this, with his limited “Hawkeye” time in the climatic screen time in Avengers I feel he stole the show. I remember everyone in the theater cheering with every arrow he shot. I honestly think outside of Iron Man, Capt, Loki that he had the strongest performance.

      • Fara Wiles

        I agree. I loved him as Hawkeye. A recast would be a serious disappointment.

    • Morgan

      NO NO NO Renner can’t be the flash he will always be Hawkeye and besides DC comics suck except for batman

  • kardiflash

    I really hope, they won’t recast J.R. or somebody else. The same character but a different face –> in the same film series?! That sucks! When they do this, I’m out!

    • sommik

      We were four who went together to see Avengers, all female between 30 and 37, and Hawkeye, Coulson and Loki were hands down the most popular characters of them all. I really hope they don’t recast Jeremy Renner as jusr reading this news seriously made feel less interested in the next one.

  • swag swag and swag

    They just got to get him more involved, its looking as if Iron man won’t be a sure thing in the next avengers film so you never know, if they drop him then they will have more room for other guys to pop in. They also need to make the next film longer, about as long as the hobbit even. That way they just have more time to get each character his due time. Lastly we don’t know how much the two new guys will be in the avengers 2 all we know is they are in it, I don’t see much character development because they havn’t even popped up in anything yet besides avengers 2.

    • Haily

      If they are adding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, dropping Hawkeye would make sense. At the same time personally I’d find it disappointing because, if you haven’t read the comics, Hawkeye, Cap and those 2 were the second ever Avengers team (they were the Avengers who assembled after the originals, minus Cap, left). Their personalities were pretty funny together so it would have been cool to see that in a movie, but then Movie Hawkeye is very different from Comic Hawkeye anyway…

      But there’s a lot of characters and I feel like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would do better than Hawkeye. You can have a Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch movie. Their personalities and powers are distinct and interesting. Movie-Hawkeye is just a guy who shoots arrows. I love Renner but he’s not going to be a breakout in that role.

  • Dave Kay

    I think its ridiculous that they get paid so much and disappointed that RDJ and so many other celebs keep demanding more and more money.
    Its a sad reflection of our society.

    • Mark

      RDJ should ask for as much as he wants as should the rest of the cast. It’s up to the studio to manage the financials and decide how much they think each cast member is worth. You don’t take a job and say I should get paid less because my co-workers are getting paid less.

  • Dustie

    Sometimes you have to pay your dues. Robert would not be getting the paychecks he is getting now if he hadn’t done a good job with the first Iron Man (and if the odds hadn’t been on his side while trying to get the part). Why not stick around, do your best in spite of the financial odds, and wait for your chance to shine? If I was him I wouldn’t just let this role fall through because I wasn’t being offered millions, it’s still a major action movie gig for him. Use it to climb further up!

    • Philip James

      Exactly! Look at Chris Evans, who jumped from the Human Torch (where one would’ve thought he’d peaked in the superhero movies) to Cap (now he’s a headliner)!

  • Dave Mittner

    If RDJ wants a lot of money for the Iron Man movies, that’s okay. But when you’re doing ensemble work (and one could argue the Marvel Universe is a cross-movie ensemble project), you have to recognize you’re only part of the whole and should not be demanding the kind of money you’d make as a lead.

    Anyway, I’d hate to see Renner go. His role as Hawkeye might not have the screen time and luster of Iron Man and Thor, but the character is in one of those important “filler” positions that help make things feel complete. And that’s important. And I like Renner, so enjoy seeing him involved.

    Plus I hate recasts. I still haven’t gotten over the Norton recasting.

  • jmdanmar

    I think that’s too bad because I like Jeremy Renner in everything he’s done. He has a coolness factor not many actors have and that’s important in films like those from Marvel. I also thought that Ruffalo was the best Hulk so far this century.

  • JB Sapienza

    I enjoyed Hawkeye in Avengers, but they missed a giant opportunity by immediately making him a super agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. I would have liked to see him appear in a small role as a villain until he eventually joins up in Avengers 2 or whatever. Now we don’t get to see Cap try and train him in hand to hand.

  • ObamaFail

    Renner sucked anyway. An emotionless Hawkeye who we’re supposed to like? Give me a break. Hawkeye is supposed to be a smartass, constantly butting heads with Cap. Instead, we get Grumpy Cat if he were turned into a person.

    • NoResolution

      haha That’s because of what he said. He spent most of the time in some haze from Lokie. He sicked because Joss Whedon wrote him that way. Note Jeremy’s fault. Its Joss’

      • Haily

        It’s not even that he was mind-controlled, his personality when he’s NOT mind-controlled is also way different from the comics. Then again with Stark and Banner, one more smartass in the room would have caused the movie to degenerate into one long sass-fest.

  • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

    He didn’t bring a lot to the part anyway. Was it him or the writer’s?? Either way, I’m not unwilling to see a new actor’s take on the material he’s given.

  • axlisgod

    AGREED 100% !! where was he even FIVE years ago??!! shoppin at marshalls and food for less like many of us!!..few years later he is in the THIRD biggest movie of ALL F’ING TIME and he whines: “”my role isn’t what i signed on for…so i’m gonna go on SNL and mock it. whaaaa poor me!!”” WTF??!! FIRST comes the TENURE…THEEEEN the request for the “key to the teachers v.i.p. toilet””!! i don’t recall zoolander’s friend BILLY ZANE biaaatchin about his role in Titanic when his career went the way of ‘SPINAL TAPS JAZZ ODYSSEY CHAPTER’ !!””” no sir!! zoolander’s friend Billy Zane even starred in “THAT” comic book movie ‘The Phantom’…and…well….(cue image of Titanic’s FATE as ironic metaphor). — anyway back to “sir jeremy”…if the gross returns on that recent BOURNE reboot Renner was in is any indication of his foreseeable future he better start puckering up to “apolooooogiiiiiissse!!”” OR he may be askin zoolanders friend Billy Zane to make some room on that piece of floating driftwood!!! then again maybe Renner knows somethin we don’t, like maybe Hollywood is “”RUNNING LOW”” on caucasian-male-american-actors and he can make these comments safely to the press cuz like…’who else are they gonna call at the end of the day anyway??’…. NOT!* (* yes early 90’s slang was APT! lol) …BE GRATEFUL AND HUMBLE all you successful greenhorns!! many people would love to be in your positions and not concerned where their RENT $$ is comin from next month!…i.e.:try not to be such cliche’s! ;) ……dear god almighty…did i really just type all that when it will just be probably ONLY myself and some old film school classmate that reads it??!!..all while they’re probably MOCKING my graememmr ??…i could have started my “re-read” of Huck Finn !! i’ve been meanin to do…

    • henry

      Well said!

  • Fara Wiles

    As a fan of Renner and the Avengers, I will loath seeing Hawkeye recast. I enjoy watching these movies with my son who has gotten into Marvel cartoons, thanks to Netflix. He already recognizes Renner as Hawkeye and I greatly enjoy Renner as Hawkeye. Not only do I hope they keep him on, I hope he gets MUCH more screen time!

    Fans of the Avengers aren’t there just to see Tony Stark nor are they all male. Renner is the best eye-candy they have on that screen. Sorry, RDJr.

  • dunnitt

    Hawkeye has just never been that interesting a character in the Marvel Universe and there’s little that Whedon or anyone else can do about it without going way off-book. Renner is a good actor, but not a leading man (as shown by his Bourne movie).

  • misterfrost

    They should discard Hawkeye..maybe introduce Ms.Marvel..after all she has Kree tech in her suit or something..

    • CitizenOfAsgard

      Not Kree tech in her suit……….. It’s actually in HER!

      • misterfrost

        Oh really? I seemed to recall her early appearances and could have sworn the Kree tech was in her suit..before her encounter with Rogue possibly?

        • A. Arcade

          It’s because she saved Captain Marvel at the time that embued her with the powers of the Kree. It was only until later that Rogue stole those powers almost permanently that gave Rogue her permanent abilities to flight and super strength.

          • Jay Dunckley

            Then she went to space and became Binary.She’s kind of super-bad-ass and would be awesome in an Avengers movie.

    • Jay Dunckley

      Please don’t mention heroes if you don’t know their powers/origins.

    • Haily

      They’re already introducing Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch. One has super-speed the other is “bad luck” powers or chaos magic or something like that.

      Ms Marvel would have been cool but there’s not enough space in this cast.

  • Dizzle

    Just watch they’ll have killed him off and mention it in captain America 2

  • Dolly

    It would be a real pity to see Renner dropped for the sequel; rather than recast or drop Hawkeye I’d prefer to see them give Renner a little more to work with. There’s no point complaining about his ‘performance’ in Avengers because he simply didn’t get enough screen time or material to make a fair judgement. Renner is a talent that ought to be utilised, and his chemistry with Scarlett Johansson in his brief appearances in Avengers is, to me, evidence that if utilised correctly he can become central and well-received in the Marvel universe.

  • Dante

    Charlie Hunnam

  • Micah 李 文 Jung

    Oh Nick Fury is WHITE

  • $4335957

    Marvel has already re-cast Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, Fandral and Howard Stark, and none of these re-castings seem to have hurt their franchise, so they can probably afford loosing Renner if he should be too “greedy”.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      They didn’t recast Howard Stark it was young howard stark and old howard stark

      • $4335957

        You are right that there has been a young Howard (played by Dominic Cooper) and an old Howard (in the Captain American-franchise and the Iron Man-franchise, respectively). I was, however, referring to the (elder) Howards of Iron Man (Gerard Sanders) and Iron Man 2 (John Slattery).

      • A. Arcade

        They recast the older Howard in the old telefilms Tony viewed.

  • A. Arcade

    Hawkeye is great, he needs more talk time. He’s a bigger mouth than Stark is in the books, and I would have loved to have seen that show up in the films, because he’s the one always butting heads with Captain America yet secretly wants to be like him. And also cause he’s Ronin (sometimes)

    • Haily

      Half of the Avengers was Stark and Banner being smart-asses. They can’t handle any more sass or the plot will never progress, they will just stay in one room and talk until someone pokes Banner too much and Hulk kills them all.

      Comic Hawkeye is awesome but there’s no room in the movie for him, imo…

  • $32167227

    This is complete BS. Renner will be back.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      You’re commenting on an article that’s 5 months old. At the time it was rumoured, now it seems pretty clear he will be back. But saying that, he’s not confirmed yet.

      • $32167227

        Who cares how old the article is? I just read it yesterday Mr. Punctuality Police.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          The point is, things change. Would you go onto an article from 2004 about Christian Bale being the next Batman and say, “no he’s not, Ben Affleck is.”

  • OKR


  • Cemetarygirl

    What a shame I really liked him and yes I did wish that he had more screen time

  • teebone13

    After seeing Hawkeye in Thor and then in The Avengers, I was like “I can’t wait to see Hawkeye, and maybe Black Widow in their own movies !” And Hawkeye IS Jeremy Renner. Marvel….stop re-casting ! It DETRACTS.

  • Jay Dunckley

    Can you blame Renner?I waited for 90% for the real Hawkeye to show up too.Hey Joss Whedon,do you homework next time,Hawkeye is the funniest Avenger,EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS!!!

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      that’s one of the things that were bound to happen when balancing so many charactrs from so many different franchises. he got 10 percent of time he’ll make it up in the next one.

      • Promontorium

        By firing him?

        • Anthony Donovan Stokes

          By giving him more to do or firing him and getting somebody else. Renner isn’t a big enough star to shit talk a critically acclaimed 1.5 billion dollar movie. He should’ve kept his mouth shut and talked to Joss Wheedon or we-worded what he was saying

  • Andrew Wiid

    It would be very sad to see this happen. I hope they can resolve things amicably because by changing the actor, the audience loses what they have understood about the character.

  • bugger_butt

    big deal…so they recast hawkeye. Renner was great, but he’s not irreplaceable.

  • TheRealCUJO

    Great he didn’t like that he had a bit part, he hates guns in real life so he shot himself in the foot. Anyone that talks smack about their movies and their audience should be kicked out. Oh and right after he cried about guns he played a Jason born guy. Dude is a loser go to broadway and sing!

  • KeepingItReal

    I truly hope they DO replace him!! Renner sucks with his robotic performances. As far as I’m concerned, they can also replace Scarlett too! She is WAAAY overrated in Hollywood. And is anyone else concerned with the astronomical amount of money we pay our actors/actresses? Please, they play make-believe for a living!!!!

    • Promontorium

      Take a course in economics.

    • Len

      Compared to all the others that work with them, yes, the comparison of the salary is appalling. The People animating the Suit worked probably longer than RDJ, not to mention the extreme gap between him and his co-workers. I think it was Tom Hiddleston who earned the least of them.

  • Oz

    If payment is such an issue that you’ll leave a project, then you’re probably not all that attached to the character. Especially with the very public knowledge that Marvel WILL recast you if play a character as re-cast-able as Hawkeye and complain in some way. I also saw this news a few months ago and set about finding out why Renner complained. I have so far seen no evidence. Whedon rather ingeniously managed to fit all of the Avengers into the film with almost equal screen-time. This would have not been possible if Hawkeye had not gone ‘bad’, and would also not have been incentive for Black Widow to show off her fangs. Basically, Hawkeye is an expert archer etc and Renner was lucky he had the screen time he did have and should read further scripts before thinking of leaving. Whedon know’s what he’s doing, and won’t leave a man behind by pushing the character to the back of the stage. As a writer I know it is difficult to manage character’s ‘screen-time’ to keep them on equal ground, but it was done adn done well. Renner played an archer, the character was an archer. He was given incentive to fight, good screen-time, he wasn’t hated in the part and he was paid for it. What else can you ask for, get it together Renner.

  • Mike

    How much money did he really expect to get when the majority of his role in the film was him spending a few hours in front of green screen pretending to shoot arrows at something and letting the production people cut out what they wanted to keep.

  • Demode

    The reason that Marvel has a successful “Marvel Movie Universe” is because of Robert Downey Jr. He deserves every penny he gets. The rest of the actors should be eternaly grateful for his success, as most of these Marvel superhero movies wouldn’t have even been made if he hadn’t paved the way as Iron Man.

    • Grayden

      Eh, his ego is beginning to show though. He went to Whedon and told him that Avengers had to be centered around Iron Man/Stark, be told from his perspective. Whedon et all tried it and it didn’t work, so they wen’t we Capt. America. Now, I don’t think the Avengers is centered around anyone specifically, but Downey’s success is only as relevant as he is as the character. He’s great, no denying it, but Marvel’s success isn’t laid solely at his feet.

  • Demode

    Oh, and for the love of God, give Hawkeye a helmet to wear! Stop making him look like a regular Shield agent. If Captain America can wear a helmet, so can Hawkeye.

  • unsean

    If I were a betting man, I would say that is is little more than a rumor because Joss Whedon said that he was giving Hawkeye more screen time with Avengers 2, which would probably make such a reaction by Renner a bit moot.

  • Jeff Hicks Anderson

    After that “Anti-Violence in Films” bullshit, I’d be happy to see the hypocrite get dumped.

  • fonfonfon888

    Who was the Avenger that shot down Loki’s fligh, so hulk could nunchuku Loki?

  • Laqudis

    I hate the way they recasted in Iron Man and now in the Avengers….Sort of takes away from the continuity of a franchise when your changing faces all the time because Marvel doesn’t want to pay their actors.

  • Michael Bourque

    Keep Jeremy Renner and use him in a small part because he is always hiding. And add Edward Norton and Terrance Howard. And keep the rest of tge gang too.

  • Michael Bourque

    Keep Jeremy Renner and use him in a snall part because he is always hiding. Add Edward Nirton and Terrance Howard in some way . And keep the whole crew together.

  • Michael Bourque

    Keep Jeremy Renner and use him in a small role because he is always hiding. And add Edward Norton and Terrance Howard in some way. And keep the whole gang together.

  • Michael Bourque

    Keep Jeremy Renner and hide him more like he is hiding like usual.Add Edward Norton and Terrance Howard in some way. And keep the whole gang together.

  • Gareth Von Kallenbach

    He did an interview yesterday for American Hustle and he said he would be in Avengers 2 when asked.

    • OrangeCrap

      I hope they kill him off.

  • Rehab

    Jeremy Renner is too good of an actor to be stuck in a meaningless part. Was poor casting in the first place to give a small role to such an up and comer.

  • Morgan

    Honestly I feel he should stop complaining about his part because I feel it was pretty freaking awesome in fact it was MY favorite beside Captain America and Iron Man of course.

  • GhostShadow

    I’m sorry but your complaining after banking a salary after bonuses of 2-4 MILLION for 12.44 minutes of screen time?? Hulk, Thor, Captain America got paid the same range and they had more minutes of screen time and I’m sure had to be on set more often. Wish I had that privilege of making so much from doing so little and actually considering not doing a role again because I didn’t need that couple million for a few hours/days work. Must be nice.

  • sisdog

    He was a bad casting from the beginning.

  • Aris

    Your outdated re-post are laughable at best.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      No, what is laughable is you commenting on a post dated May 2013 and calling it outdated… “well, no shit”.

  • Frost

    Jeremy was one of the reasons I loved this movie – by casting him, it showed the producers and the studio were completely serious about this character. I must say though, I agree with Jeremy about being frustrated with his role. I wanted to see him as “Hawkeye” – smart ass, pain in Cap’s butt, former lover of the Widow – THAT Hawkeye. As much as I love Joss, I was disappointed in both in his screen time and his role. I was counting on Marvel on correcting this problem…but not by recasting the role! Why do studios always blame actors…take a look at the writers and editors and Joss (I’m waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike me down) …I don’t think Marvel should change the actor. I’d be very disappointed.

  • Scott Konkel

    Hawkeye is such a Great character.

  • Hypnotoda

    Just phase the character out of the next movie and move it into Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. Leave the door open for the character to return to the third installment of the movie.

  • Patrick Longworth

    If The Avengers recast the role of Hawkeye, even given that I questioned Renner being given the role, then I may boycott the film out of respect for the actor (whom I barely know) because Marvel is being cheap and ignorant and they always rip off their customers so why is anyone surprised they would rip off their actors? Marvel sucks? Might just be the truth.

  • Steven Simmons

    lol, Coming into this just to make fun of everyone who thought this crappy report was real.

  • Hugh Jass

    For a film with unbelievable characters, Hawkeye had to be the worst. That flimsy bow couldn’t shoot an arrow more than 10 feet, let alone have special arrow tips that can hack computers. stupid character.

    • colbster

      I don’t know, that was a badass bow and he could aim like a mo’fo. Look at how bad ass the crossbow guy is in Walking Dead! It’s a good weapon, silent, and the bolts are often reusable.

  • Moonstar

    They can’t, I’m tired of seeing one person in a great movie then when the second part comes out it’s someone different, it’s annoying and most often just doesn’t fit right, which cause the movie to not live up to how great it should be.

  • colbster

    Don Cheadle was weird as Rhodes, until the next movie then he fit in. I really wish RDJ would accept his role as part of an ensemble and not try and take all the money and screw his costars over.

  • verveparty .

    Unreal…….actors are a joke these days.if you make 1 million $ a film….your spoiled. …i guess some or most great actors just don’t give a shit about any movie there in…biff from back to the future…is one actor who gets a award ….for giving a’s called the GIVE A SHIT AWARD….

  • jinkyjoy

    He is so beautiful…please keep him

    • chien_clean

      He’s ugly as well.

  • chien_clean

    So have they recasted yet? Please get someone better looking. Either Josh Holloway or Tom Jane or that guy from Drive.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      No, he has since been confirmed as returning.

  • R0807

    They should have had him in Captain America,he was already in Hulk before Avengers. Why can’t he he get a solo movie maybe bring in more Avengers?

  • oppyu

    Now why are there ads linking to this several months old, completely disproven article? Excuse me, I need to go configure my AdBlock.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      You need to take that up with Zergnet. We never asked them to link to this article, and we certainly didn’t pay them to.

  • ock mock lock

    They should take this shit down if it has been disproven.

  • Kyle Masterson

    LOVE the character, but am not a fan of Renner. I find him incredibly blandm so I HOPE they do recast.

  • hjw

    marvel…please LOSE joss whedon and LOSE the hulk. worst comic book character ever! only good version was bixby and ferrigno. whedon RUINED the avengers and he has ruined agents of shield. he sucks. period!

  • vincent

    even if this old report is already debunked, i just wanna say, at least he has something cool like a bow. but theres the SHIELD ppl who i dun rly care about for obvious reasons that i guess are “vital” to the whole Avengers thingy.


    Alexander Skysgard for Hawkeye….

  • Gordon G. Gordon

    This is silly speculation. Yeah he didn’t get a big role that he wanted, but I think he knows he will have a bigger role in the next Film.