The Flickering Myth Reaction to the Anchorman 2 trailer

The Flickering Myth writing team give their views on the trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues….

“You stay classy San Diego”

Who would have thought that Anchorman would become one of the cult classics of the 21st Century? After years and years of rumours, it was finally announced that the news team would assemble once again for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (sadly not Anchorman of Steel as suggested by Martin Deer) and yesterday the first official trailer (with movie footage) dropped.

But what did the Flickering Myth writing staff think of it?

Martin Deer: It tastes good. Drink. It. In.

Scott J Davis: Great Odin’s Raven!

As a “tease” of sorts, it looks hilarious. The dinner scenes at the end of the trailer looks a riot, as does the Carell/Wiig stuff, so it’s very promising. It does look like, a la Bond, that Burgundy and Corningstone separate at some point in the film.

Overall, out of sight my man!

Martin Deer: I dislike Wiig, but that line was brilliant. As was Brick’s facial expression. I think this has a chance to live up to the first.

Chris Cooper: I’m in a glass case of emotion!

Really not sure. The first film caught lightning in a bottle. There are some amusing moments, and I hope they are keeping a lot back. But will they end up trying too hard?

Wiig is generally bad. So fingers crossed this cast makes her raise her game.

Oliver Davis: The mock-racist stuff at the end seems a little tired, but I suppose the first film was focused around mock-sexism, so it’s a natural progression. Maybe progression isn’t the right word. I’m digging a hole here.

Personally, I love Kristen Wiig. Her and Carrell might steal the film. But my biggest ‘lol’ came from Ron’s angry reaction to those flippin’ dolphins. Pun intended.

Andrew Naylor: “meh” as the kids say.

Tom Jolliffe: This looks okay. I’ll be honest, it’s not the best trailer. It doesn’t particularly sell it as the sort of comedy brilliance that the first film was, and doesn’t give much time for Brian or Champ in it. There’s still good moments. I like the additions to the cast though. Wiig playing a female version of Brick could be great. We’ve yet to see other cast like Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson etc, which promises a lot of laughs. I love lamp.

Ozzy Armstrong: I don’t often laugh out loud at movies even if I find them to be very funny and trailers tend to annoy me so to not only find this funny but to actually laugh at a this was a unique and refreshing change for me.

I wasn’t sure until viewing the tease but I think it could be a return to form for Farrell after several uninteresting flops.

Anthony Stokes: Whole lot of mildly entertaining improv from the cast but overall not interested . But I cant begrudge any for being excited.

Ferrell is real talented and I wish he’d break out and do something new again instead of getting his friends together without a script and just babbling until they find something that works, I found the teaser especially lazy and unfunny

Luke Owen: I’ve always felt that Anchorman isn’t funny when you’re watching it, but hilarious when quoting it with friends. A lot like Napoleon Dynamite. Only not that good.

This trailer didn’t make me laugh until the end stinger but I wasn’t expecting it too. I was one of the few people who thought Brick was beyond the worst thing in the first movie because his comedy is too simple (granted, Champ isn’t funny either) and I don’t expect Kristin Wiig and her brand of unfunny humour to help matters. Seriously, Bridesmaids was really overrated.

However, I’m sure when I’m down the pub one year after this movie is out, I’ll be quoting it endlessly with my friends and it will suddenly be the funniest movie ever made.

Chris Cooper: Very good point Luke. The amount of times the first film has been quoted amongst my friends is ridiculous. I’ve only seen the film a few times, but bust out quotes left, right and centre.

Bridesmaids was just terrible.

Tom Jolliffe: Good point Luke. It probably is a funnier film when quoted among friends than actually watching it. The same could be said with a lot of Ferrell’s other works. I’m always in Step Brothers quote offs with friends. That said, Anchorman is still hilarious.

Luke Owen: I actually think Step Brothers is the best comedy Farrell has made. Everything about it works so well and it’s just as funny watching it as it is quoting it.

Anthony Stokes: Thank Zod somebody else didn’t enjoy Bridesmaids I thought I was the only one.

Kirsty Capes: I agree with Tom here. I feel like the Anchorman was such a classic that Ferrell & co. are going to have to work really hard to make Anchorman 2 live up to fans’ expectations, which are all the more higher off the back of the success of the original. Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t look promising in that respect. I’m looking forward to Will Ferrell and Steve Carell, but to to be honest, beyond that, I’m not expecting the same level of quality from this sequel.

Which is a massive shame, because the first one was fantastic. I think Anchorman 2 is going to have its success and popularity measured primarily on how quotable it is. At the moment, it’s not doing great.

Villordsutch: It all looks embarrassing. I wasn’t laughing, not even a smirk passed across my face. Lord knows why Will & Co. said yes to this as they are making far more funnier films over at Funny or Die. Perhaps I need to be amazingly drunk, like when I watched the first film. Apologies for the tiny rant but the trailer bothered me.

Helen Murdoch: I’ll definitely go and see Anchorman 2 and I did laugh during the trailer. My only worry is that they won’t be able to recapture the magic of the original.

The trailer itself started well but the mock racism at the end felt a little tired. Glad to see they haven’t messed with Brick though and I think the addition of Wiig is a good call. I definitely want to see more of Brian and Champ (‘I miss your musk’).

I’m going to be quietly excited rather than being in a glass case of emotion.

Anghus Houvouras: Anchorman is the greatest comedy of our generation. Let me pause for a moment while I let that sink in. A film that improves with subsequent viewings, birthed from the most wonderfully ridiculous places. The most quotable film of the last twenty years. I remember seeing Anchorman in the theatre and thinking it was good. It was on DVD after watching it another ten times where it ascended into the pantheon of comedy classics.

To dislike Anchorman is to dislike the laughter of children, or to hate the feeling one gets when putting on a nice pair of slacks. I would consider Anchorman a litmus test for the kind of people I would want to know. Those who like it would be invited to have a drink at my table. Those who love it could call themselves my friend. Those who hate it are the kind of empty, soulless chambers that are little more than a toxic carcinogen slowly poisoning this world of ours.

Martin Deer: When reading that I was reminded of Homer Simpson’s, “Oh I’m making people happy. I’m magical man from happy land with a gum drop house on lollipop lane… Oh by the way I was being sarcastic!”

So there we have it. A very mixed reaction to the trailer, but an overall sense that repeated viewings is what made the first movie funny. Also some very mixed views on Kristin Wiig.

Can Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues capture the lightning in the bottle (as Chris put it) again?

What did you think of the trailer?

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