Edgar Wright says the Ant-Man script is finally ready to go

With The World’s End set to open in UK cinemas next week, bringing down the curtain on his ‘Three Flavours Corneto’ Trilogy alongside Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, British filmmaker Edgar Wright is now finally set to turn his attention to the long-gestating Ant-Man adaptation, kicking off Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in November 2015. Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) have been developing the screenplay for Ant-Man for what seems like an eternity, but now it’s finally complete – and seemingly ready to go.


“The script is all done actually,” Wright tells Digital Spy. “I actually put Ant-Man on the back-burner to make [The World's End] for a number of reasons, some of them quite personal, like we have to do this film now, it’s really important. And so [Marvel] were actually very good in terms of like, ‘okay, we’ll see you in two years’. The thing is that character has been around since 1962, so he’s not going anywhere. And the later we leave it, the better the special effects will be.”

The World’s End opens here in the UK next Friday, July 19th ahead of a North American release on August 23rd [read our ★★★★ review here], while Ant-Man is currently slated to arrive on November 6th, 2015, where it will go head-to-head with Bond 24

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