Joss Whedon expanding Hawkeye and Black Widow’s roles in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Since he officially unveiled the title of The Avengers 2 – sorry, Avengers: Age of Ultron – last Saturday, Joss Whedon has been doing plenty of talking about the eagerly-anticipated sequel to last year’s box office smash. We’ve already heard him confirming that Hank Pym is absent from the script, which he describes as an original story rather than an adaptation of the recent Marvel Comics limited series [see here] and just yesterday we brought you some comments about his plans to change up Scarlet Witch’s traditional costume [see here]. Now we have a few more quotes from Whedon, who has confirmed that he plans to dedicate more screen time to the two non-superpowered members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Black Widow and Hawkeye.

“Natasha is a huge part of the sequel because you do want to concentrate on the people who don’t have their own franchises,” Whedon tells MTV News with regards to the S.H.I.E.L.D. super spy played by Scarlett Johannson. “Although she’s in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] and she’s great. She was the most fun for me because she’s not a hero, you know, and it’s something that I read—and I feel bad that I can’t remember who wrote the book—but it’s in one of the books explaining, ‘These guys are heroes, you are a spy. It’s a different thing—it’s a different skill set—and you don’t have their moral high ground or any of that good stuff.’ And that just makes her so interesting to me. So yeah, the stuff I’ve got going on with her in the second one is killer.”

And as for Hawkeye, Whedon has seemingly laid to rest the rumours about Jeremy Renner falling out of grace with Marvel Studios, telling the press at Comic-Con that, “[Age of Ultron] is very much a global Avengers film. A lot of the movie has to do with their place not just in America, but the world. Part of the fun for me, definitely this time around, is writing Hawkeye. He did get possessed pretty early by a bad guy and had to walk around all scowly for most of the movie so now it’s nice to actually have the character there and see him interact with the other guys.”

So, with Ultron’s origin and entire ‘Age’ to cover, not to mention the introduction of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and expanded roles for Hawkeye and Black Widow, the question is, just how long is this movie going to be??

Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for release on May 1st 2015, with Robert Downey Jr. confirmed to return as Tony Stark and Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill) all expected to reprise their roles.

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  • Shubhalaxmi Singh

    maybe now we’ll finally find out what the actual fuck happened in budapest

  • Bino

    I wouldn’t mind if this was a 3 to 3 1/2 hr movie I would enjoy every second. And with this many characters it would be nice if it was I just don’t want this movie to feel rushed. The avengers was great but very rushed I think, the action was great but I would of liked more story and get deeper into the characters. I wish avengers 2 (age of ultron) will do this and deliver great action as well. Finialy I hope ultron isn’t just a push over villian like whiplash was lol

    • Ash Simp

      I think Ultron is the perfect antagonist to give you everything you’ve asked for. And the fact Whedon wants to make it more global, will probably help the scale of it. It can become the size of LotR easily.