Comic Book Review – Dinosaurs Attack! #2

Luke Owen looks at Dinosaurs Attack! #2…

The thrilling DINOSAURS ATTACK! saga continues as Washington D.C. is infested by a flock of pteranodons, with disbelieving politicians their terrified victims of choice. Meanwhile, stalwart scientists try to reverse their terrible mistake and send the prehistoric predators back into the Jurassic past, where they belong.  But will an evil force beyond anyone’s control stand in the way of these Earth-saving efforts?

The first issue of Dinosaurs Attack! gave us the plot set-up we needed to bring us to the meat of this little project – dinosaurs wreaking havoc and killing people. And blimey Charlie, it doesn’t hold back.

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about Dinosaurs Attack #2 in terms of going over a plot as there barely is one. And worse still, when the exposition plot and characters do show up, you find yourself asking to go back to the dino action – because that’s so much better. There’s nothing wrong with the human stuff per say, but it’s hardly gripping nor interesting and its characters are just cardboard cut-outs. It just feels like a necessary evil, like the plot line of Shoot ‘Em Up.

Dinosaurs Attack! is based off a painted trading card series from TOPPS back in the late 80s and, much like the most recent Mars Attacks! series, the comic pays homage to it. However Dinosaurs Attack! actually does it a lot better as it reflects the painted style of artwork in its dinosaur attacks (rather than just framing it’s panels like the cards) and then it goes to a more pulpy 60s/70s artstyle for the human parts. It makes the comic feel fresh and the attention to detail in each of the dinosaur scenes is just amazing. The gore levels are high but they always feel comical which helps the comic’s light-hearted tone.

And this really is the selling point of Dinosaurs Attack! #2, the scenes involving the dinosaurs killing, stoping and eating the unsuspecting humans – and each one of them is glorious. The splash page of London being attack in particular is outstanding and you’ll find yourself lingering on each page just to soak in all of the amazing detail.

According to the comic’s notes at the end, Gremlins director Joe Dante has optioned Dinosaurs Attack! for a movie, and if he can pull off the kind of light-hearted violence this comic can we’re in for a treat. For the time being though, it’s hard not to recommend Dinosaurs Attack! #2 if only for the amazing artwork. Everything else is a bit rubbish and boring, but the dinosaur sequences are ace.

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