Comic Book Review – Judge Dredd #10

Andy Naylor reviews Judge Dredd #10…

“Judge Dredd, along with his multi-eyed precog mutie companion Dannn, fight venture through the Cursed Earth in pursuit of the renegade droids who stole the only thing that can save Mega-City One. Horrific obstacles stand in their way… but none more horrific than the worst backwoods criminal posse ever to set foot on irradiated soil: the Angel Gang! When these longtime fan-favorite villains make their U.S. debut, you’d better make sure your dial is set to ‘brutal’…”

Judge Dredd #10 continues into the Judge Dredd: Into the Cursed story arc, which from my previous review is not something I am enjoying immensely. However, the last issue ended on a very intriguing idea which I liked a lot. So, I was quite excited to see how it played out. Unfortunately, I have been left disappointed and unsatisfied by the Mirrored Madhouse. It continued so well too. A well thought through mutant meets Dredd as he wandered through his bizarre prison, a mutant with several different eyes, each one can see a different possible future.

I love the idea of this mutant but I found his ability to be under-utilised. He seemed to be there more for comic relief rather than that integral to the plot. The Mirror Madhouse was equally underused. I know with comics the writer is general short on space for explanations, but I would’ve loved to know how the Madhouse worked, even just a little bit. I would’ve equally loved some real clarification on how Dredd and his temporary sidekick escaped it. I felt as satisfied as I did during the conclusion of Lost with how it all played out.

The art in the comic is still nowhere near the top of my favourite Dredd work. The characters and their actions still read too much like a cartoon. I also don’t find Judge Dredd to be imposing enough. I want him to look bigger, meaner and harder. But that is simply just my personal preference on how I like the lawman to look.

There is one thing I do truly love about this comic though, and this particularly applies to the hardcopy version. Page 2 features one the best Dredd posters I have ever seen. Simple, amazing and I want it. I want a big version of it. Whoever is responsible for it I want you to know that it is excellent. Please do more!

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