Bryan Singer teams with SyFy for kaiju series Creature At Bay

SyFy scored a success this year with the utterly ridiculous made-for-TV monster movie Sharknado, and now the network is looking to dip its toes in the kaiju genre by teaming up with X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer and his Bad Hat Harry Prods. for a new drama entitled Creature At Bay.

According to Deadline, “Creature At Bay is set in the wake of the US military taking down a giant, rampant creature – a modern-day ‘Kaiju’ monster – just off the Northern California coast. A middle-management Undersecretary from the California Emergency Management Agency is charged with leading the clean-up efforts as the small town becomes the focus of the entire world.”

Creature At Bay is being developed as a 90-minute pilot script, with Singer executive producing and John Cabrera (H+) writing the script, as well as serving as co-executive producer.

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