Katey Sagal thinks Futurama could return once again


Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s cult animated series Futurama came to an end for the third time this past week as Comedy Central broadcast the finale of the show’s seventh (and so far final) season, but according to Katey Sagal, we might not have seen the last of Fry, Leela, Bender and co. just yet.

“Matt promised me at Comic-Con that something would happen,” Sagal tells Assignment X. “Because we love each other, all of us, and we’ve been canceled three times, I think, and we’ve moved from network to network. So this is the first time we actually looked serious – they actually did it. So I have faith that something will rise again – I believe Matt. We have a huge fan base. It really is the fans that got it to continue this long. And there are a billion stories to tell about the future. So I don’t know where you end.”

Originally premiering on Fox back in 1999, Futurama was cancelled for the first time in 2003 before returning in 2005 for a series of four straight-to-DVD films, which were then broken up and packaged into a fifth season before Comedy Central picked up the rights to a sixth and seventh season beginning in 2010. Regardless of whether the show returns, the characters are set for an official crossover with The Simpsons which is scheduled to serve as the finale to either the 25th or 26th season in 2014.

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  • Ignition1


    Though I have found some Season 7 episodes a bit “random”. Bender’s folk song episode for example.

    I prefer the episodes that are a play on the future. Like the eyePhone or Bender’s free will unit etc. I’m sure they can make more like this. Roll on the rest of Season 7 or Season 8!


    only futurama, could i be ok with constant rebirths, its a completely unexplored universe that never gets old.

    it makes me sad that someone would pass on such creativity