Comic Book Review – Superman #23.4: Parasite

 Robb Ghag reviews Superman #23.4: Parasite…

Superman #23.4: Parasite

“Parasite: Noun. An organism that lives in or on another organism. Preferably Superman.”

As Villains Month has come to an end, I still find myself catching up on all of the issues and side stories that emerged through a hectic month for comic collectors. As some of you may know industry sales for comics increased more than 25% over the past month and 23% over September 2012. This is what comes when you increase the demand and lower the supply.

Despite the crazed frenzy at every comic book store I went to I was lucky enough to grab 40 of the 52 titles offered by DC in September. Having said that, one of the best titles that came out was Superman #23.4, a.k.a. Parasite #1.

Although never considered one of the top villains in the DC Universe, this book definitely broke apart and stood above the rest. The cover is amazingly done, and actually makes use of the 3D effects, so a big well done to Dan Brown and Aaron Kuder. The artwork again follows form inside the issue, and really outlines the immense hunger of the Parasite.

Despite some of the comedic styling in the writing, this issue really does give the origin of the new 52’s Parasite and his continued obsession with the Man of Steel.

Finally I will say as there are still a handful of books from this past month I am reading, if you have a chance to read these issues from Villains month, stick to the Superman villains as they were (for the majority) well drawn, well written and above all, the more enjoyable of all the DC comics from Villains Month.

Robb Ghag works for an Arts & Entertainment Brokerage in Toronto Canada. An Animation and Film school graduate, he specializes in Risk Management of Animation and VFX studios throughout North America.

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