Girl Meets World to explain what happened to Mr. Turner?

If you grew up watching Boy Meets World like I did then you probably remember Mr. Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn), the lovable, motorcycle-riding teacher who taught Cory, Shawn and Topanga for three seasons. You also probably remember how Mr. Turner seemed to vanish after season 4. After getting in a terrible motorcycle accident he was never seen again and we know his character didn’t die as they referenced him having been on “the other side of the school” during his absence.

Now with the upcoming spin-off Girl Meets World on its way we may get a chance to find out what happened to Mr. Turner. Series creator Michael Jacobs told Entertainment Weekly recently, “If I get my way, you will find out what happened to Mr. Turner, and you will find out what happened to everybody. Quinn was one of the first people who got in touch with me after Girl Meets World was announced. And what it made me realize is not only does the audience, but the people who were on the show have a fondness for the show. So I will not answer your question… because I will answer the question on the series.”
It may take a little time into the new series before we do find out about Mr. Turner but if they are able to pull it off it would make a lot of fans extremely happy. A lot of shows, especially sitcoms, have problems with characters disappearing in the middle of the show’s run but Mr. Turner was an important character for three seasons and didn’t really get a proper ending. Maybe now they can do his character justice by bringing him back for this new series.

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