Joaquin Phoenix, Emile Hirsch and Adam Devine linked to John Belushi biopic

John Belushi

John Belushi’s career went from one extreme to another. His drug-fueled and alcohol induced life may have lead to his traic early death, but his films were a thing to behold. As a result of this, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty writer Steve Conrad has been attached to both write and direct a feature based on the life of the great comedian. Todd Phillips at one point was attached to direct but it looks like Conrad will direct a script he co-wrote with The Hangover helmer.

Exactly who will star is up in the air but Joaquin Phoenix (The Master), Emile Hirsch (Savages) and Adam Devine (Workaholics) have all been linked to the lead role. The film will not reflect the underwhelming, unapproved biopic Wired which starred Michael Chiklis and will instead focus on “a man that embodied both the glory and the tragedy of the American dream as it focuses on Belushi at the height of his fame.”

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