Comic Book Review – Batman Black and White #5

Robb Ghag reviews Batman Black and White #5…

Comic Book Review - Batman Black and White #5

“The Dark Knight’s adventures continue in this latest issue of BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE, featuring stories by superstar teams including Ivan Brandon and Paolo Rivera, Keith Giffen and Javier Pulido, Blair Butler and Chris Weston, Len Wein and Victor Ibanez, and Jimmy Palmiotti and Andrew Robinson! “

If you’re an avid comic reader, especially a reader of Batman, you must have at one point or another wondered, hasn’t every Batman story been told?  I mean some of the world’s best comic creators have taken the Dark Knight on some lengthy and devastating storylines.  To the point where I am sure we all wonder “What’s left for Batman”?

If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind (or if you just cannot commit to a lengthy cross over multi issue storyline) Batman Black and White is the answer.

The stories continue to delve deeper and deeper into the history, mentality and psyche of the Caped Crusader.  Not only that, but it allows some of the greatest comic creators (in this case, Len Wein) to throw their best shots at Batman.  And Batman Black and White readers benefit from it.

Ivan Brandon, Keith Giffen, Blair Butler and Jimmy Palmiotti all script great stories for Batman, and are accompanied by some of the best artists in the biz.  Not to give anything away, but the roster for next month’s book seems to get even better (if that’s possible).

In this 75th year of Batman, how can they keep coming up with amazing storylines, interesting characters and still keep the content original and intriguing?  I have no idea, but they’re doing it, and they’re doing it in Black and White.

Robb Ghag works for an Arts & Entertainment Brokerage in Toronto Canada. An Animation and Film school graduate, he specializes in Risk Management of Animation and VFX studios throughout North America.

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