Vin Diesel says Universal wants another Riddick movie

Vin Diesel’s third outing as the antihero Richard B. Riddick might not have set the box office alight last year, but it made a comfortable profit, banking just over $98 million around the globe froma $38 million budget. And, following a successful home entertainment release [read our review here], Diesel has now taken to Facebook to thank his fans for making the threequel a success, as well as revealing that Universal wants to start development on a follow-up:

“”I’m just excited, and happy, and I’m shouting out to you guys to say thank you. Universal just called me and told me Riddick is number one on the DVD charts. There’s no way Riddick would have been made without you guys. You know that. and you guys have been a part of our page since 2012 and remember how arduous a road it was to get the movie made, and to make it rated ‘R,’ and to do it with such a low budget. It’s a win for all of us and I really, really thank you so much. Yeah, I’m excited, and of course, Universal also says they want to develop the next one.”

Would you like to see Diesel back for another Riddick movie? Let us know in the comments below…

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  • Oooooh

    Great new. Brilliant character. Can’t wait for the 4th

  • FrankenPC .

    I loved Riddick. I think it would have been a bit better if the mercs weren’t such headcase morons. Oh well. I want to see the underverse!

  • Krazyjwolf

    Riddick is a great character, I want to see him more violent and darker on his way too furion and the under verse especially with Karl Urban, there is so much more they can do if they would stay true to the theme and keep him balls deep kicking ass all across the universe!

  • Hunadora

    Already in line for tickets for the 4th movie!

  • maloy

    be cool if it was set in a city this time i think it would be awesome