Occupied!: Tamaryn Payne talks Stalled

Sophie West talks with Tamaryn Payne on working on comedy zombie movie Stalled…

Since our ★★★★★ review of the movie at last year’s FrighFest, Flickering Myth have been keeping a close eye on Christian James and Dan Palmer’s zom-com-in-a-john Stalled. Ahead of its DVD and Blu-Ray release tomorrow, Sophie West sits down with Tamaryn Payne to discuss what it was like working on the movie…

SW: You have worked with Stalled’s writer/actor before, right? How did you first meet him and director Christian James?

TP: Yes eons ago! When I was back home in Bournemouth, Dan was looking for 2 girls for a slasher film and he found me at a local drama school, which led to me playing Shaz in Small Town Folk which was a brilliant experience for a 17 year old looking to go to drama school.

You are probably best known as Analise Appleton from Hollyoaks. How was your experience on the show and will you be returning at some point?

Hollyoaks was so much fun and Annalise was a brilliant character. I miss the people but I am loving working on a variety of projects and so though I would never rule out going back, it’s not on my agenda.

Your character in Stalled is not a million miles away from her. Why do you think you are so good at playing, dare I say, bitches?

Hmm it’s interesting you say that because a lot of people saw her as sweet, but I do find it fun to play a bitch. I, like all girls, have come across many Evie’s in my time, and it’s great to get out frustrations in a role.

After that came the grisly Danny Dyer revenge flick ‘Vendetta’ – How did you get the part and how was the experience?

Vendetta was awesome. I got to play my first non-glam role and I really enjoyed playing a part where there is nothing to do with a relationship and it’s completely about the action. P.S. Danny is lovely. I want everyone to know that.

Tell us about Stalled and when/where we can see it?

Okay, so the film is about a guy stuck in the girls toilets during an office Christmas party because there has been a zombie outbreak. Dan Palmer writes great comedy. I think you can get it in a quite a few countries now but in the UK it’s going to be on sale [tomorrow] in ASDA soon and there’s HMV and online shops like Amazon too.

Do you like horror films? You have appeared in two in your short career, would you be happy carving a career as the new Brit scream queen?

I’m still scared of the dark. It’s pathetic. I never watch scary films but acting in them is fun and challenging too because you are dealing with such a heightened, extreme situation. I always say you have to let this industry take you where you fit, if you want to work, and so yes I’d happily be a scream queen if it’s what I best play.

In Small Townfolk you play an atypical horror babe victim, in one scene (my boyfriend’s favourite) you are scantily clad in  revealing underwear. How are those scenes to film?

Ha oh yes, that scene… It’s cold! It depends on how you are feeling at the time – in shape/not and the people you work with. They have a responsibility in making you feel at ease. But the more I do any intimate scenes/minimal clothing, the less I really care!

Will you be working with Dan and or Christian James again? And if so can you spill the beans?

They’ve told me some ideas and they are all interesting to me. I can’t reveal anything as yet though as I have no idea what his plans are with me!

What else does Tamaryn Payne have in the pipeline?

Who knows, I want to continue as I have been, working in film TV and theatre to be honest, so it’s back to auditioning and keeping positive.

Stalled is released on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow.

Sophie West

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