Disney “struggling” with Captain America 3 going up against Batman vs. Superman

Captain America: The Winter SoldierWarner Bros. Pictures set the stage for the biggest superhero showdown of all time back in January when it announced that the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman had been pushed back to May 6th 2016 – a date that put it head-to-head with Marvel Studios and the now confirmed Captain America 3.

It is of course hugely unlikely that these two comic book movie titans will open on the same day, but so far both Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios have refused to budge, but now it seems the first cracks are showing in Marvel’s armor, with Variety reporter Brett Lang quoting Disney chief Alan Horn as stating “we’ll see. We’re struggling with it” with regards to the big face-off.

So, might Marvel Studios be the one to blink first in the showdown between Captain America and the World’s Finest?


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  • Romelle Bradford

    I’ve said this before, if they were to green light Iron Man 4 it could go toe-to-toe with BvsS. Outside Avengers it’s the only movie Marvel has with the chops to take them on

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Yeah I think Warner Bros. would have thought twice about moving if it was Iron Man 4. Although I’d still give the edge to Batman vs. Superman, only because it’s got the two characters in together for the first time.

      • Romelle Bradford

        Without a doubt. Avengers is the only movie to beat Bat vs Supes but IM4 would fair far better on its own than Cap 3. Take the best selling Batman from the Nolan series and add that with MoS and it’s kinda close

  • Joe

    There is no question that a Batman/Superman will win the battle against this movie. However, Cap has established that it is a powerful franchise in it’s own right with Cap 2, which may gross more than Man of Steel did worldwide (it’s about 85% of the way there right now). The question to me is can Cap 3 hurt the revenue of Batman/Superman enough that it damages the entire launch of the DC Universe. I think Marvel-Disney can certainly afford one box office miss after all of their success while DC certainly can’t afford for this movie to fail. So it would be a case of winning the battle but losing the war for DC to me and they should move, not Marvel who had the date in the first place.
    Also, a DC/WB exe had similar comments a few weeks ago. I believe the article is on this site.

  • cdrbly327

    I don’t know why Marvel would even think about moving. Their universe is established. They are even (successfully) dabbling in lesser known franchises. Dc/wb is staking everything on this movie. Seeing how successful Cap 2 is, dc/wb should be getting the Uhaul out. The argument of win/lose for BvS is irrelevant because no matter the outcome, BvS loses. Any potential money that Cap 3 takes (no matter the amount) lessens what BvS takes. With these two out at the same time, repeat viewers will be few…if at all.
    I’ll admit that this was bound to happen sooner or later (especially with the rumor of more Marvel per year), but all the attention I think is missing the point.

  • MrNK7

    Or perhaps people could, you know, go see them both?