Kevin Feige promises plenty of the Hulk and Hawkeye in Avengers: Age of Ultron

During an interview with Joblo to promote the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel chief Kevin Feige has opened up a little about Joss Whedon’s upcoming sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, which as we’ve seen is currently shooting ahead of a release in May 2015. Responding to a question about when we might get to see a second solo outing for The Incredible Hulk, Feige stated that fans of the Jade Giant will get to see plenty of Mark Ruffalo’s mo-capped alter-ego when the Avengers reassemble…

“I would love to do that with Mark Ruffalo. But part of the fun of Age of Ultron was saying, you’ve seen another Iron Man adventure before, you see another Thor adventure and another Cap adventure, but we haven’t seen the Green Goliath again. So that was important in the characters you haven’t seen – Hulk being one of them and Hawkeye being one of them – Ultron will make up for it. They have very big parts in Age of Ultron.”

Feige then discusses where the power lies on Age of Ultron – with himself or Whedon: “Both. It really is both. The only way we can work is with a very, very intense collaboration. And I think Joss was aware of that when he signed up for us the first time. It’s still the case this time. But to his credit, he hasn’t said, I directed the third highest grossing movie of all time, I don’t need anybody. He is very, very collaborative and he is also very, very, very good. Just like the Russo’s and like James Gunn right now on Guardians of the Galaxy. We are very lucky to work with people that are so collaborative with us and can elevate our initial idea. Even to elevate something in the way that we weren’t expecting. That’s their job and the best of them are able to do that very, very well. There are things that Joss is doing in Age of Ultron that will be amongst the best elements that we’ve ever brought to the screen.”

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for release on May 1st 2015, with a cast that also includes returning MCU stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America),  Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Don Cheadle (War Machine), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Paul Bettany (JARVIS / The Vision) alongside new additions Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 2) as Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen (Oldboy) as the Scarlet Witch, Thomas Kretschmann (Dracula) as Baron Strucker and James Spader (The Blacklist) as Ultron.

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