James Gunn says Nathan Fillion’s Guardians of the Galaxy cameo could lead to larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Nathan Fillion and James GunnGuardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn must be regretted the decision to confirm that former Firefly star Nathan Fillion is set to cameo in the Marvel space opera; since then, he’s had to deny reports that Fillion will portray the characters of Nova and Cosmo, and now he’s reiterated those denials, as well as suggesting that the cameo could lead to bigger things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe further down the line:.

“Nathan Fillion is not Nova. There’s so much bullshit on the internet. I woke up – first it’s ‘Nathan’s Nova!’, then there are articles all over saying Nathan’s Cosmo. It’s like, ‘What?!’ Nathan’s role is a very small cameo that I wanted to give to Nathan because I love working with him and I think it’s lucky for me to have Nathan in all of my movies. At the same time I wanted to give him something where Nathan could have a larger role in the Marvel Universe if either Joss Whedon or I or whoever chose to do that in the future. Which I would love to do.”

And, just for good measure, Gunn then went on to shoot down Latino-Review’s “scoop” that Richard Rider will appear in the post-credits scene, stating that: “You won’t see the Nova character in the film. You’ll see the Nova Corps.”

So, if Nathan Fillion isn’t Nova or Cosmo, who do you think he might be playing?

Guardians of the Galaxy is set for release on July 31st in the UK and August 1st in North America, with James Gunn (Super) directing a cast that includes Chris Pratt (The Lego Movie) as Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana (Star Trek Into Darkness) as Gamora, Dave Bautista (Riddick) as Drax the Destroyer, Bradley Cooper (American Hustle) as Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious 6) as Groot, Benicio Del Toro (Sin City) as The Collector, Lee Pace (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) as Ronan the Accuser, Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) as Nebula, Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) as Korath, John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) as Rhomman Dey,  Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) as Yondu, Glenn Close (Damages) as Nova Prime Rael and Josh Brolin (Men in Black 3) as Thanos. Watch the latest trailer here.

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  • Apropos

    The Stranger?

  • robert

    thanos has a advisor, I could see Nathan, play that role pretty easily, plus opens doors to ghost rider reboot

  • The Walking Cuban

    Adam Warlock

  • Lesrisen

    I’m guessing he’s Captain Marvel. I’m sure he could do a good Kree

  • Apropos

    Or maby Disney has secretly procured the rights to Firefly? “nudge nudge, wink wink”

    • cdrbly327

      So would that make Inara princess material?

    • asfghdfsf

      I hope not.

  • nerdrage

    Fillion is just going to play a random guy wearing a long brown coat who walks by in the background.

  • asfghdfsf

    I don’t think he will be playing a role as big as Adam Warlock if Gunn has said it’s just a small cameo. My guess is his role in the film will be just a fun role where he might be either a member of the Nova Corps or a Kree. This way they could develop his character more if they choose to in the future, or they could give him a completely new character. Personally I don’t want to see him as Richard Rider or Adam Warlock as I see those characters being played by completely different actors but he could easily fit into the role of Captain Mar-Vell or just an important member of the Nova Corps.