Could Tony Stark Be Killed Off In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

Thomas Roach on whether Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark could be killed off in Avengers: Age of Ultron…

Avengers Age of Ultron (2)This may be a controversial issue for many as the character of Tony Stark is without a doubt the fan favourite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There has been talk of the character of Tony Stark being retired or killed off, a different character wearing the Iron Man suit, and even the idea of recasting the role after Robert Downey Jr. decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore. There is a lot of potential for where the character could go, and also a huge opportunity to kill the character off.

Robert Downey Jr. has signed up for another Avengers after Avengers: Age of Ultron and has also hinted at a possible Iron Man 4, so the idea of killing him off may seem bizarre. However, Iron Man 4 was only hinted at and there is no confirmation whatsoever. And the fact that he has signed up to do The Avengers 3 does not mean he has to do it. He could even appear in flashbacks rather than his character actually being alive.

So why might he be killed off? At Comic-Con, it was shown that Tony Stark creates Ultron, so in order to redeem himself for creating this villain, Stark may in fact sacrifice himself for the other Avengers. It would be an honourable death for the character and if this was the case, the audience may feel that this is a fitting send off. Joss Whedon has been known to kill off popular characters from his other films and TV shows, so don’t assume that Stark is safe.

With the introduction of The Vision, there could be some time travel involved in future films to some extent. Maybe Tony Stark does in fact die in Age of Ultron, but is saved by time travel to return in Avengers 3. This is unlikely to happen though, as it would be too similar to what Fox has done with X-Men: Days of Future Past. In all honesty, it’s probably unlikely that the character will be killed off and stay dead, but if Marvel wants to throw us off and surprise us, his death in Age of Ultron could be really shocking and a breath of fresh air from the conventional Hollywood movie story. The fact that Tony Stark shows his regret and guilt at Ultron’s creation in the Comic-Con footage means that he will have to redeem himself. His death to save the world would be a fitting way to do this.

Do you think that Tony Stark could be killed off in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Let us know your thoughts…

Thomas Roach

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  • Chris Chris Chris

    I think Age of Ultron will be the “Empire Strikes Back” episode where after a successful first adventure (New Hope) they get their butts handed to them in the next movie.

    Stark dying could be a possibility but i think more likely would be that after Age of Ultron he might retreat into Space or into hiding like Nick Fury and make a heroic return against Thanos in Avengers 3.

    • allenrobinson6135

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    • Thomas

      This is only speculation but if an Avenger dies it will be Stark. If someone else dies I think it wouldn’t matter. Someone worthwhile needs to die.

      • Dave

        Given that we know that Steve Rogers dies at some point (soon) and Bucky Barnes later becomes Captain America, would it also not make sense that he could potentially die here? The next Captain America film looks like it is going to focus on him anyway, so it could feasibly start with Steve Rogers’ burial and Bucky’s quest to Wakanda to get the shield fixed.

        • Chris Chris Chris

          Good idea but I would think Captain America would be killed in Captain America 3.
          It’s released at the same time as Superman v Batman – I think “Death of Captain America” would be a great way to market movie rivalling whatever DC pulls out.

      • HolyFranchiseBatman!

        My money is on Rhodey dying. Maybe one more (Hawkeye?).

    • Beaver77

      Screw Star Wars man. that plot line is so overplayed and old now. If you knew anything about marvel it’s about trying new material and succeeding. This why they have expert talented writers and not employing lame plot ideas I’ve read on this post so far by commenters. I’m sorry but what I’m reading here would make a dull predictable movie now. I take marvel universe over Lucasverse anyday. It’s a much more interesting space than a force driven by metaclorians pffft!… let’s hope JJ can salvage the franchise eh, because Lucus f’d it up for Howard the Duck even in the 80’s. how was that even possible back then! I’m sorry I think my coffee has hit me, but needs to be said.

  • allenrobinson6135


    • Ed

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      • HolyFranchiseBatman!

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        • Baddle Sags

          Oh yeah… I make $10,050 a week just by sitting on my big fat lazy ass! Has anyone ever tried it? xD

  • Mitch

    I can’t see the “sacrifice himself” thing being done again. In the first Avengers movie, Cap points out that Stark isn’t that kind of guy, and Stark knows it… Until he realizes that he is the only one who can stop the nuke in time. To repeat the “Stark sacrifices himself” thing belittles the characters (all of whom would sacrifice his/her life for the team and Earth) and merely points to lazy writing. If he dies, he needs to die in battle, not some “new” sacrifice.

    • Kyle Posey

      Agreed. He already made a sacrifice play in the first one. If it happened again in this one it may seem a bit cheap.

      • Thomas

        He did something good but he did not sacrifice himself.

        • Kyle Posey

          Just because he didn’t die, doesn’t mean that the act was not a sacrifice play. His thought when flying into the portal was that he was going to die. Just because the writers, and bean counters, decided that he should live doesn’t mean it wasn’t a sacrifice play. Do you not consider Cap’s crashing of the plane in first avenger to not be a sacrifice play?

          • Thomas

            I guess so but still. There is no real sacrifice without loss.

    • Thomas

      Why so much emphasis that he created Ultron and it is his mistake? He will need to redeem himself.

  • Romelle Bradford

    He already sacrificed himself in Avengers. I think Pepper dies and he goes into seclusion

  • silentj9

    They won’t kill Tony in a movie without Pepper in it. I see him retiring somehow, possibly after Avengers 3.

    • Thomas

      Pepper is such a terrible character. I really hope she never shows up again. I would be happy if they did a Transformers Megan Fox thing of saying she left him. Pepper is so annoying.

  • Ash Simp

    What if the Hulk kills him…

  • Troy Saling

    Lol – Worst article ever..No way. Would marvel really throw their cash cow off the bridge? Stupid

    • Thomas

      Its just speculation. Just saying he is popular and is a cash cow does not mean he will be safe. Killing him off would be an epic story. Do you think RDJ will play Iron Man into in 60s. Marvel will have a new face of the franchise.

      • Troy Saling

        True–but Downey has already implied he will do the next avengers and possible Iron Man…So yes, some day…But definitely not now

  • Alphamatroxom

    “a different character wearing the Iron Man suit worn by a different character”
    My god how many characters are we packing into one suit?

  • KalElofKrypton

    No way Tony dies. Marvel would never do that to their biggest character. For some reason, I don’t really see anyone dying in this movie, but avengers 3 with Thanos makes more sense. Maybe widow or hawkeye die during the battle against thanos using the infinity gauntlet, but are revived after they defeat thanos using the gauntlet to reverse the deaths? Idk just a thought.

    • Thomas

      Tony Stark’s death would matter and impact the audience. If Hawkeye died who would care for more than the length of the movie. If they killed Tony Stark the audience would care and they would be speaking about it.

  • Brandon


    • Thomas


      • Brandon

        Hmm. Good argument! I suppose you’re right.

        • Thomas

          I could say the same about your comment. If you don’t want it to be true fine but do not doubt the reality.

  • SenorApplesauce

    Tony mentions his Life Model Decoy in Avengers (even as a joke to get rid of Coulson, he still hints at them), so they would probably go that route.

    The thing is, comic readers are used to the “He’s dead!”.. 6 months later… “No he’s not!” way of comics. I don’t know if casual movie goers will get sick of that after too many times. I think they would.

  • Dave

    I read yesterday that James Gunn is interested in doing The Thunderbolts after GotG2. It got me thinking… what if Thanos completely destroys The Avengers? Marvel could then focus on The Inhumans, The Young Avengers, The Thunderbolts, etc. It would add a real sense of danger to the MCU – besides, Marvel could go all Game of Thrones on the MCU and still have enough characters and story-lines to see them through until 2028. It would completely set them apart from Fox and Sony, and from what DC are trying to do. It sounds completely nuts to kill off a billion dollar franchise, but they wouldn’t be really – fans will flock to the cinemas to see what they do next.

  • peephole

    Personally seeing as they Still need to show the Time Infinite Stone.

    Id see Stark being one of the Few that doesnt Die while the Others do… and goes back to reverse his Ultron Creation Idea (they havent stated which methode of time travel the stone has)