Deadpool screenwriter wants your help to get the film made

Fans of Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth were given a treat last week when some concept footage for the long-rumoured solo movie for Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool arrived online, which had been produced by Tim Miller and his VFX company Blur Studio back when Fox was first giving consideration to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine spin-off.


As we all know, the footage was infinitely better than the utterly forgettable incarnation of Deadpool we got in X-Men Origins, and now screenwriter Rhet Reese – who penned the script for the movie back in 2010 with his writing partner Paul Wernick – is asking for your help to finally bring Deadpool to the screen, with Reese posting the following to Twitter in an effort to lobby Fox into giving the film the green light:


So, if you want to do your bit, be sure to retweet the above, and hopefully help to convince Fox to give the go ahead to Deadpool

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  • ItsAnt

    I don’t want Fox doing ANYTHINg Marvel anymore.

    • jasonjrf

      They have the rights to certain Marvel stuff I think mutants and shit its wierd I wish marvel had the rights to all there stuff

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Would tweet if i had twitter

  • Ivo Durães

    fuck twitter.

  • Wyrus

    This is stupid… the hardcore fans that will watch this no matter what, are like 1% of the movie going audience. Meaning, if even all of us retweeted it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Fox knows this, and you guys gotta understand this already… Deadpool is risky coz hes not a superhero, hes not a good guy, hes NOT well known, he does/says a lot of nasty shit, and adapting the movie for the big screen would not be easy, especially a PG-13 one. Look at the last game that came out, how many of you hardcore fans played it? Does everyone even read his comics? Gotta be realistic guys… seeing this crazy bastard on the big screen, blowing his brains out to prove a point, or getting his ass handed to him repeatedly, or just blown away, is just a nice little fantasy… you know, like we fantasize Daredevil and Green Lantern never happened.

    • Steven Michael

      know whats stupid? having an opinion then telling people don’t do something. Is he risky? absolutely 100%, but with great risk also means great rewards, lets flashback a little bit ago in history. GOTG movie is announced, people didn’t know how to feel or thought it wouldn’t be good. Look today, one of the best Marvel movies every created (behind Cap 2 but ahead of Avengers). With a good story, good supporting characters or maybe even a short origin story, the Deadpool movie could possibly be an amazing movie. Given Fox has the rights to the XMen franchise, it would be interesting to see some of our favorites maybe cameo in it. A man can only dream, but don’t go pointing the gun telling people that this is stupid, a true hardcore “fan” would support any ideas of a comic book character.

      Oh and by the way, Deadpool is one of the most known characters in the Marvel universe and is concerned a fan favorite by a majority. So STFU and let people decided what they want to do.

  • Luke Owen

    21,000 eh? That’ll convince Fox…

  • Eric

    i don’t “tweet”, but i definitely down for this movie!

  • Anthony Moore

    Going to go make a twitter just so i can vote this lol

  • Gary

    Give it a rest already. The proverbial “they” can’t even get a well known vigilante/mercenary like Punisher made well. You think “they” are going to jump thigh deep into Deadpool or Deathstroke waters? The most you’ll get is a cartoon.