Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro reveal Silent Hills

image6During Sony’s Gamescom conference, they drew gamers attention towards a mysterious ‘interactive teaser’ called P.T from unknown developer 7780’s Studios, available immediately on the PSN Store.

Little did gamers know that upon solving the mystery of P.T and finding that 7780’s Studios was nothing more than a smokescreen, they would be rewarded with one of the most exciting team ups in recent memory. As the camera follows a man walking down a deserted street, Hideo Kojima’s name comes up on screen, moments later followed by Guillermo del Toro. As the camera pans back further, it’s revealed that the main character is to be played by non other than Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame. As the screen fades to white, the Silent Hills title is revealed, accompanied with Akira Yamaoka’s spine tingling theme song. Check the trailer here…

This is hugely exciting for two obvious reasons, Hideo Kojima is the legend behind Metal Gear Solid and is pretty much the Christopher Nolan of video games with his Kojima Productions. Meanwhile Guillermo del Toro is a man who needs little to no introduction, a visionary director deeply rooted within the horror genre. Both have spoken about their love for the series and given how lacklustre recent entries into the Silent Hill series have been since Konami relinquished development duties, I struggle to think of anyone better to bring the series back to its horrifying roots.

P.T is currently available to download from the PSN store only. It’s a highly effective and supremely chilling teaser, tasking players with solving a horrifying crime in a house that keeps looping players around to the beginning while slowing revealing it’s clues and heaping on the scares, the ominous atmosphere and sense of dread are sure to challenge the nerves of even the steeliest of horror fans.

There is currently no word on an Xbox One release yet.

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