Warner Bros. eyeing Jaden Smith for Static Shock?

StaticShockA few days ago it was announced that, as part of a new digital initiative dubbed Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros. would be making a live-action Static Shock digital series from Academy Award nominated Django Unchained producer and Boondocks executive producer Reginald Hudlin.

Now we’re getting word that Warner Bros. is already eyeing a young actor to play the electric DC superhero: Jaden Smith. Smith may have a few stinkers like After Earth under his belt, but his parents are already developing a bit of a working relationship with Warner Bros., now that Jada Pinkett Smith is on Gotham and Will Smith is in negotiations for Suicide Squad. 

The young Smith definitely has his foot in the door at the studio, so I could easily see him landing the part for that reason alone. He was on the rise until M. Night Shyamalan threw a $130 million wrench into his career, and since then he’s been keeping a bit of a low profile. A project like this could be just what he needs to reinvigorate his acting career (if the show’s successful, of course). He’s certainly got the look of the character down, but will DC fans accept him as Virgil Hawkins?

Let us know your thoughts about Jaden Smith starring in Static Shock in the comments below…

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  • HolyFranchiseBatman!

    I guess Will Smith has managed to get a clause into his Suicide Squad contract…

    • Harley

      I wonder who Willow will end up playing….

      • rgfed

        bumble bee?

  • razorstar90

    Hey he was good in Karate Kid. And After Earth was a M. Night Shaymalan film, NO ONE is good in those. You can resurrect the great James Dean and put him in an M Night Movie and he’d be horrendous in it.

    • KevinThePilgrim

      After Earth was shit but it was more Smith’s baby than M. Night’s.

  • Brando Williams

    He’s still young and you have to remember that studios want jaden because his dad has fame so they know people will watch the film based just on that. Don’t think will smith has to say anything because they are the one’s pitching him the deal.

    • MD

      Speak for yourself. I’m staying away from that train wreck.

      • razorstar90

        No M Night wrote it. The story was By Smith. Smith imagined it as a father and son who survived a car crash in the woods. M Night brought the whole After Earth, space alien mumbo jumbo. Written and Directed by M Night.

        • MD

          Either way Jaden lacks Charisma which Virgil has

      • Brando Williams

        what makes him a train wreck? Are we talking about his movies or him as a person?

        • MD

          I’m talking about him. He lacks a quality that Virgil has, Charisma.

  • He’s been raised on scientology, the only “super ” person he’s qualified to play is Galactic Overlord Xenu… apparently he channels him before every tweet he makes

    • Elar Aitch

      He does have the white batman costume already, from the god-awful Kardashian wedding. That qualifies him somewhat as a superhero, right.