The Last Horror Movie sequel in the works

UK filmmaker Julian Richards (Shiver) has announced that he’s developing a sequel to his 2003 cult hit The Last Horror Movie. Entitled Murder on Demand, the found footage follow-up will see the murderous sociopath Max Parry hitting the streets of Los Angeles to continue his serial killing ways and “deliver a quintessentially English view of the value of life in America.”

“Max has been living in Los Angeles for several years since the release of Last Horror Movie and has made some interesting observations” said Richards, whose 1997 feature debut Darklands was released in North America this week. “He has also become obsessed with new technology and now uses social networking sites to select victims and mobile phones to track and record his murders, some of which are already available to view on the undernet”.

After a successful festival run, The Last Horror Movie was released in the UK by Tartan Video, who subsequently withdrew the film from distribution in 2007 when it was linked to a double murder. It will receive its UK TV premiere on The Horror Channel in January, while there’s currently no word on a release date for the sequel.

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