The Wolverine World Premiere Report

Ozzy Armstrong attends the world premiere of The Wolverine in London’s Leicester Square…

The Wolverine world premiere

I don’t know quite how it happened but on Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the worldwide premiere of The Wolverine in sweltering conditions at the Leicester Square Empire Cinema. As an uberfan of the X-Men universe and especially the Wolverine character, I found it very hard not to join in with the hordes of screaming fans who had been queuing since the small hours of the day.

As someone who is unaccustomed to the star treatment, I expected to be led into the cinema via a side door to ensure my ugly mug didn’t appear on any camera feeds. It came as a shock however that I was to be walking the red carpet alongside the stars and this meant only one thing, try not to make an arse out of myself.

I was doing very well for about three quarters of the walk, looking down and just trying to get inside when I bumped into the clawed Canuck himself, Hugh Jackman. I started to wilt under his physical presence but thankfully, rather than attacking me with metal appendages, he casually moved on to his next interview. I hurriedly walked inside and found my seat before being able to relax – I mean, it’s not every day you nearly bowl over a mutant hero.

Soon enough, the film started and I was allowed to just be a fan again, as I was treated to arguably the best X-Men film that’s ever graced our screens. You can read my ★★★★★ review right here.

The following day, I had the opportunity to interview several members of the cast and all were charming and endearing in their own ways with one star stating: “We ended up kissing each other for some reason and I just collapsed in my chair, I mean, did I just kiss Hugh Jackman?”

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