The CW developing a series based on pulp hero The Avenger

The CW is looking to branch out with its costumed crime-fighting output beyond the hit series Arrow and its proposed spin-off The Flash, with Deadline revealing that Under the Dome showrunner Neal Baer is developing a pilot for a new show based around the pulp hero The Avenger.

According to the report, the series “is described as an updated Biopunk version of The Avenger [and] tells the story of Alice Benson, a young woman who, in the wake of her parents’ murder, discovers she possesses a superpower as a result of genetic bio-hacking which allows her to transform her appearance at will. Alice will use her face-altering talents to investigate the mystery of her parents’ deaths and uncover the origins of her strange ability.” This updates the original story, which centred on Richard Benson, a millionaire who becomes a crime fighter after the murder of his wife Alicia and daughter Alice.

The pilot for the currently untitled series has been written by Deric Hughes and Bejamin Raab (Warehouse 13), while the project is being produced by Baer Bones, Conde Nast Entertainment, and CBS TV Studios.

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