The 21 Stupidest Things About The Transformers Franchise

With Transformers: Age of Extinction set to open in North America this week, Anthony Stokes looks at the 21 stupidest things about the Transformers franchise….

Transformers-3-Dark-of-the-MoonLike many American kids from the past three decades, I grew up with Transformers to some capacity.  There were toys, video games, and a few different cartoons.  That being said, I never saw the shows are these infallible pieces of modern Shakespeare. I’m going to go ahead and lump in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joe in here as well. Fun shows but nostalgia aside, I don’t think they’re all that great. But even as someone who has little if any loyalty to the brand, I can see that the recent Transformers movies have been a spit in the face to the original series. The first Transformers, while not a “good” Transformers movie, was a little closer to what I remember from the television show, but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon are two of the worst movies I’ve seen in theaters. While the last two were insulting, the first had its fair share of stupid moments too and with the fourth movie about to arrive, it’s time to look at the 21 stupidest things about the Transformers franchise. The criteria for this list is simple: anything that is an insult to the original series, or to good taste.

21. The All Spark revives Megatron

In the first movie, Optimus Prime tells Sam that if anything happens to shove the All Spark into his chest and it’d destroy him and the cube. Instead Sam uses it on Megatron, killing him. And then for some reason in Revenge of the Fallen the All Spark brings Megatron back to life. This completely undercuts death in this entire franchise, and if they know it has this ability, why not revive Optimus Prime with it? This was the first sign that Revenge of the Fallen was going to be bad, and it was all downhill from that point.

20. Charlotte Mearing puts on Nike Dunks

This is on here because Michael Bay is constantly building up to a punchline with the entire introduction to this character, played by Frances McDormand, and the pay off is… she puts on a pair of shoes.  This is the first time I’ve been truly baffled. I just don’t understand what’s supposed to be funny about that. If somebody can explain the joke please let me know.

19. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

sentinel primeReally? It’s bad enough they got Leonard Nimoy, but they had to have him repeat the iconic line from The Wrath of Khan?  I don’t even like this line in Star Trek Into Darkness where it actually had context. Sentinel Prime is a robot taking over an entire planet. It would’ve been better if he said “The needs of the few , occasionally, outweigh the needs of many”. Sure it’d be stupid and clunky, but no worse then the rest of the dialogue in these movies and definitely better than what they had.

18. Sam outrunning giant robots that transform into vehicles

In every Transformers movie Shia LaBeouf somehow manages to outrun an entire squad of giant robots. It’s not as if these are slow, heavy, sloppy machines – we see these guys do very acrobatic, athletic stuff. I mean, I know it’s almost a given or else we’d have no movie, but c’mon Michael Bay – at least get Tom Cruise so it’d be more believable.

17.  No continuity

The only thing that is constant with the first three Transformers movies is Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Sam, his parents, and John Turturro. The mythology changes on a whim, they have the exact same plot in each movie, and supposing you manage to grow some attachment to a character in spite of the horrible script, they’re gone in the next movie.

16. Transformers can transform into women?

pretender-transformers-2Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen has an excuse that Dark of The Moon doesn’t. It was filmed during the Writer’s Strike and Michael Bay basically filmed most of the movie without a working script. So while it is bad, some of the stuff I can forgive.  But how can a Transformers transform into a female? Wouldn’t she weigh a ton? Wouldn’t her skin feel fake? I’m not going to beat a dead horse, but this really just threw a wrench into this franchise’s rules, if there are any rules.

15. Coen brothers alumni reunion

By my count there have been five actors involved with this franchise that are Coen brothers regulars.  John Turturro, Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, and John Malkovich. It’s sad that this is the franchise they all attach themselves to.

14. The core concept

Okay, so even in the first Transformers I had a problem understand what was going on. Tranformers can transform into any vehicle or machine they can find. So are the little Transformers big and then get smaller when they transform into smaller machines? Are all Transformers the same size? So many questions, but an old Transformer in Revenge of the Fallen completely ruins the idea of Transformers by saying ” My Great Grandfather was the wheel. Do you know what he transformed into? Nothing.” Wait what? Your father was a wheel made of stone? And if he didn’t transform into anything how was he a Transformer? It just brings up so many questions which no sane person could find the answer to.

13.  Where the hell do these new Transformers come from?

So Transformers just tend to show up from time to time for no real reason, and I believe Opimus kind of explained it by saying they came to Earth to find other Transformers, but other then that they don’t explain or give any backstory to any of the characters. You know… the titular characters of the movie. How are we supposed to grow attachment to characters when we don’t know anything about them except for their names and what they transform into?

12. Where the hell do the Transformers go?

tf2Another big problem is that the Autobots team seems to get bigger and bigger as the movie goes on and then in the next movie the new additions are gone.  I hate to keep going after this point but when you’re making a sequel it’s a good idea to have some characters to care about, especially if said movie is two and a half hours long.

11. The length

Oh my god why do these movies need to be 2 and a half hours long? Especially when they’re the exact same plot.

10. Einstein Transformer

There’s a Transformer in Dark of The Moon that looks identical to Albert Einstein.  It is horribly animated and is one of the most irritating characters I’ve seen in a Transformers movie, which is a huge accomplishment for such a throw away character.

9. No distinction between Autobots and Decepticons

Whenever anybody says something like “the action in Transformers is great”, I’m always a little baffled. Don’t get me wrong. There are some incredible action moments in Transformers. Moments as in solitary parts of action that are fleeting.  Overall, I can’t tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.  If an Autobot or Decepticon has a distinctive look and isn’t Megatron, Optimus Prime, or Bumblebee, they’ll be gone in the next movie.  With Transformers: Dark of The Moon I think Bay got a lot better at handling the direction of the action, but in the first Transformers it was almost unwatchable.

8.  Transformers: Dark of The Moon turns into Watchmen

I like the idea of Transformers using historical events as a background to tell a story because that means there is in fact a story, but only when it makes sense. Furthermore for some reason Michael Bay uses stock footage of JFK on a monitor and then shows him while he’s being filmed.  Except the Kennedy they created for the movie looks nothing like JFK. It might have have worked had they not shown the actual footage in the same shot. Took me completely out of the movie.

7. Exposition

Optimus-Prime-vs-Megatron-wallpaperAlways needlessly overlong, stupid, and contradictory to what follows and comes before.

6. One of the oldest Transformers in the world can teleport

Revenge of The Fallen had a really cool concept for a character in Jetfire. He’s an old Decepticon who has been around for years and is wary of fighting.  But he transform into a WWII fighter, which isn’t that old. My grandfather was around for World War II. And if Megatron has been there for years so shouldn’t he and Optimus be older? How old is this Jetfire character? Do Transformers age? And furthermore, out of nowhere, Jetfire just teleports the human characters to Egypt. There’s no explanation, it just happens.  Much like everything else in this movie.

5. Deception Testicles

Words don’t describe how stupid this is. Anything for a joke right, Michael Bay?

4.  Deep Wang

Ken Jeong has become to Asian people what blackface was to black culture.  Even at his best on Community he’s playing up Asian stereotypes. I was actually relieved in Pain & Gain when his race had nothing to do with his comedy.  But here it’s just insulting. The name, the acting, everything just makes me want to headbutt a brick wall.  It’s the low point in comedy for Dark of the Moon, which is saying a lot for a movie that John Malkovich having a tickle fight with Bumblebee.

3. Jazz

None of the original Autobots can be identified by race in the first Transformers. They all seem to be either American, or maybe British. Except for Jazz. Jazz is clearly black, from his lingo to his voice, and even his posture. And yet the only Autobot to die in the final battle is Jazz. If you’re going to make a black character be self aware about it like Tropic Thunder, or make him a badass. But even Jazz is a huge step up from the most racist caricatures I’ve seen in a mainstream movie…

2. Skids and Mudflap

transformers_revenge_fallen_concept_art_skids_mudflap_01Wow. You know the worst part about these characters is that they made me a laugh a few times. Yeah, honest to god, the delivery on some of their dialogue was so fast and so well delivered I chuckled. Once I fully grasped what they said I was insulted and regretted it.  They’re loud, they can’t read, they’re the only Autobots that are unintelligent, and they have gold teeth. Who conceived of these characters? Donald Sterling?  And what’s worse is these guys are the biggest part of Revenge of Fallen.  They’re so easily identifiable as black characters that even if you wanted to you can’t deny how racist they are. I don’t think Michael Bay is racist, but good god he rides the line.

1. Wasted Potential

Above all, the most frustrating thing about this franchise is the potential. It has great, accomplished actors, a director who is pretty good at filming action, and some genuine moments of pure spectacle.  If you take out the buffoonery and immature humor and get a real story, there’s a real chance of making a good movie. Transformers: Dark of the Moon has a climax that I couldn’t help but compare to Saving Private Ryan. Yet the rest of the movie is so insultingly bad that the ending can’t save it from being a piece of sh*t. It’s impossible for me to “turn my brain off”, because even if I don’t come for story or character development the comedy will drive me away. Michael Bay is masterful at telling a joke on screen. The problem is the jokes he’s given are terrible. I have no doubt that if given a good script, Bay can make a hilarious movie. It’s already happened with Pain & Gain. Michael Bay has never been in the top tier of directors, but he’s better than this.

Ultimately these movies are dreadful pieces of garbage. I just can’t ignore the sheer stupidity for the few parts that are actually engaging. I’m glad that we’ve got a fresh start with Mark Wahlberg is in the lead, as he can actually be pretty funny given good dialogue. From the trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction it looks like they’ve thrown away a lot of the goofy, stupid gags and given it a bit of a darker tone. At this point all I want from a Transformers movie is for it to be under two hours (which this isn’t – it’s closer to three), with a coherent story, some clear, well-shot action, and jokes that are actually funny. If I get that I’ll be a happy camper.

Anthony Stokes is a blogger and independent filmmaker.

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  • James

    what transformers movie was steve buscemi in? he wasnt in any of the originals or in the new one. i do agree with the other 4 and the answer is of course because the got paid really well. god i hope this one isnt dogshit

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      I thought he was Wheelie , but I guess not.

  • Gary

    Well that sucked. I have always overlooked the unexplained and annoying parts that would prevent me from enjoying these films. After reading this those annoying parts are going to scream for attention.

  • Brian Sleider

    Turn off brain, enjoy movie. Thats all you can do with Bay movies. If you cannot turn your brain off, save yourself the headache.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      I don’t go into these movies expecting a deep plot I go to be entertained and in so they fail. If you want a turn your brain off movie you can enjoy go watch The Raid or Premium Rush. This is shit.

      • Brian Sleider

        Both of the movies you cite are pretty lame.

        • Anthony Donovan Stokes

          The Raid Redemption is lame compared to Transformers? I don’t even know how anybody could feel that way. but basically when you say turn your brain off you mean enjoy it even though it’s bad. Why do that instead of saying watching something that’s got just as much spectacle but with characters i care about like say The Dark Knight.

          • Brian Sleider

            I watch all sorts of movies. When I watch a Bay movie I go in to see things explode and immature humor. They deliver that in SPADES if you go into the movie KNOWING what it is going to be(and we all know at this point what Bay delivers) and come out complaining, that is on YOU. Do not buy the ticket.
            It is pretty simple. Fact of the matter is his movies do well because people enjoy them. The next installment will be no different even with a 34 on Metacritic people STILL enjoy them. Could they be better? sure they could. But other than not buying the ticket and hoping that more people stop buying tickets than keep buying there is nothing to do.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            I went into Pain and Gain expecting goofy immature humor and got it in spades and loved it. Mainly because it’s a great movie. So what you are saying is that when i go into a Transformers movie expect shit? So when I get shit it’ll somehow be good? No that’s stupid. And You’re talking to someone whose not paying to go see anymore Transformers movies, but can still talk shit about them regardless.

          • Brian Sleider

            Pain and Gain is reviewed on Metacritic at 45. It is typical Bay faire, you enjoying that movie PROVES my point.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Reviews don’t mean anything and it proves your point that there’s better example of turning your brain off and just having fun in a movie that’s actually good. And people didn’t like pain and gain because it had Micheal Bay’s name on it.

          • Brian Sleider

            Just like people do not like Transformers. Man We will not agree and that is fine. I think his movies serve the exact purpose they intend too. If you do not like em, fine stop going. That is the only way to ever HOPE to effect change. Wont matter because the masses enjoy his movies and will continue to do so. I look at my parents as they typical movie goers, they do not get upset over plot holes or how the shot was framed they want entertainment, not high art.

    • Gary

      Turning off my brain would mean the end of you. I must maintain the Matrix.

  • Manuel Granados

    I liked the first movie for the sheer spectacle, and I am not even a fan of the cartoons. I remember I had an Optimus Prime when I was a kid.
    The second one was like being punched repeatedly so I saved myself from even bothering to watch the third. Except one day I was walking down some store and they had it on the tv and I saw this wormlike creature crawling up a building and crushing it, with Shia and the blonde girl outrunning this massive robot. With that I knew I had made the right choice to skip that piece of trash.

  • Mal

    I agree in a lot of issues you point out. The first movie had such a lack of story, that I felt nothing could be worst, then the second movie came up to show me I was wrong, and then a third one. Shia’s character was so stupid (and his acting just made it worse) and then in the 2 &3rd movie new characters unnecessary even more stupid than Shia’s. Why ?

  • LunaEros

    Stokes, you sound like you expect all movies to be the celluloid equivalent of all the greatest pieces of literature.
    Jesus, man, they are entertainment.
    I can understand being disappointed on some things but to pick them apart so completely as you do is ridiculous. You have to go in with a suspension of disbelief and not expect much.
    I can agree, somewhat, on continuity because that bother me a little too. But it doesn’t make the movie unwatchable to me like it apparently does for you. I can still enjoy it.

    Lighten up, Anthony. Not all movies have to be contenders for an Oscar or Academy Award.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      I want you to go back and try to dispute even half of the issues I brought up. Jazz and Skids and Mudflaps are racist, these movies are overlong, the mythology makes no sense, etc. I’m not expecting an oscar contender I’m expecting a movie that doesn’t insult my intelligence while watching it. I can’t believe you’d say this about the Michael Bay Transformers Franchise as if they’re some under appreciated gems.

      • BoogieWoogie

        If Jazz is racist, then any depiction of any character ever is racist. Jazz is cool. Sucks he died like most Black characters in movies, but there wasn’t any negative stereotypes. He is as he was in the original cartoons. I’m Asian and Drift doesn’t bother me. I think it’s cool we’re depicted. As for Skids and Mudflap, I’ve known plenty of white kids who have many similiarities.

        • Gary

          Jazz was a boring and a tired stereotype seen all over. If the “white” transformers were made to only be allowed to jump 12 inches, then the characters would be more on an even keel. I wouldn’t call the characters racist, but….dull. Michael Bay is certainly imaginative, but his character description of “black” Transformers follows a long trail of unimaginative cliches. I guess Jazz is “straight outa Compton.” Perhaps a “Japanese” Transformer can carry chopsticks in the next film. Yes, the eyes are rolling.

      • Gary

        Those characters are stereotypical of the ghetto/rapper wannabe image, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call them racist. In the theme of the PJ’s, The Boondocks, Mr T, Blokhedz, and so many others that black writers, actors and directors have and continue to provide the audience, Michael Bay hasn’t done anything different. He merely placed the annoying stereotype of the rapper or hood thug seen in other media into robots.

        That being said, I thought your article was pretty accurate. I believe like most who like these films, I force myself to be entertained because I want them to be better than they are as I watch them. Though if you ask me about a particular scene I couldn’t place it in its correct film. Like APrince66 stated right below, they blend into a mess.

      • LunaEros

        What I’m saying is you read TOO much into them.
        You don’t need to take up the mantle from Siskel & Ebert

        • Anthony Donovan Stokes

          Okay once again please point out where I read too much into them and then dispute my points.

  • mrsatyre

    You don’t mention the stupidest aspect to the Transformers: Why the hell do they transform in the first place, let alone bother to disguise themselves as machines designed and manufactured by humans? An alien race of sentient machines capable of interstellar/transdimensional/whatever-you-want-to-call-it travel—and they feel like they need a freaking disguise?!? What sort of madness is this??? Machines that are probably capable of ALL flying around the world at Mach+ speeds are content to meander slowly around on wheels to leisurely encounter each other for frenetic fisticuffs? The dumb just keeps getting dumber.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      No, you’re absolutely right.

    • Gary

      Um, because 4 wheeled vehicles are universal? Ever seen the Last Starfighter? It’s in any basic history book. Duh.

  • APrince66

    Ive seen all 3 movies twice, and I couldnt distinguish any scene, plot point (lol), character, action scene, line etc from the other. It all melted into a steaming hot pile of mess in my memory. Nothing stood out to distinguish one from the other at all.

  • john

    yall are taking this way too seriously…and stokes, pain and gain? really? that movie was garbage! this is a movie about toys, as the cartoons didn’t come out until later, so what storyline are you expecting? just take them for what theyre worth…a summer action movie…nothing more…nothing less!

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      A summer action movie can be great. Avengers, The Dark Knight, Captain America Winter Solider, all summer action movies, the bar has been raised. And even if i didn’t hold it up to these standards my bar is at ” don’t insult my intelligence”. which Dark of the Moon still failed to do.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      A summer action movie can be great. Avengers, The Dark Knight, Captain America Winter Solider, all summer action movies, the bar has been raised. And even if i didn’t hold it up to these standards my bar is at ” don’t insult my intelligence”. which Dark of the Moon still failed to do.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      A summer action movie can be great. Avengers, The Dark Knight, Captain America Winter Solider, all summer action movies, the bar has been raised. And even if i didn’t hold it up to these standards my bar is at ” don’t insult my intelligence”. which Dark of the Moon still failed to do.

    • Gary

      Yeah but………….

      57% = 2007 Transformers
      19% = 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
      36% = 2011 Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon
      18% = 2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction

      Don’t take it seriously, sure, but c’mon. At what point does Michael Bay acknowledge that he is the George Lucas of the Transformer franchise and pass it on to better talents? It is a franchise about toy characters, but franchises built upon comic book characters seem to provide good stories. And let’s face it, the Transformers suffers not from visuals, but from story telling.

  • worst list this year…

    If you watching any form of Transformers for anything but hulking robot fights, your doing it wrong…

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      The comics, and the tv shows all had a story that you could enjoy and follow, and like I said even if i went in only watching for the fights there’s still stupid shit there that would turn me off from the movie.

  • l like turtles

    they’re not fucking documentaries about real world events – they’re effects driven films about big ass robots beating eachother with martial arts-moves – you can apply the exact same critical eye on godzilla och pacific rim or whatever. but then you don’t have this whole ‘we like to bash Michael Bay-bandwagon and pretend we’re intellectual’ behind you..

    • Gary

      …except Pacific Rim and Godzilla presented stronger stories and were approved critically by “experts” and the audience because of that. So by applying “the same critical eye” towards the exponentially worsening Transformer movies, Michael Bay has failed and continues to do so. To suggest that Transformers aren’t supposed to be any better is to suggest that they shouldn’t even be made.

  • GRNewby

    Anthony, you forgot one of the dumbest aspects of these films. Robots. With. Beards.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      Hadn’t seen that movie yet, I want to be fair maybe it’ll make sense in the context of the movie, but probably not.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      Hadn’t seen that movie yet, I want to be fair maybe it’ll make sense in the context of the movie, but probably not.

  • Yawn

    The only thing mildly entertaining about this franschise is how Michael Bay keep pissing on his audience, treat them like complete morons and they actually stand up and defend him with the good ol’ “duuh, it’s robots fighting, what did you expect? An oscar contender?”.

    • Gary

      YES! Exactly. It is horribly disrespectful to produce these films in the way they have been. The love of seeing these characters walk around on screen in a real world setting is the only reason they keep making the money. Nobody goes for the story, which should be the goal of any movie maker. Sacrificing story and focusing solely on visuals and rock-em sock-em action is insulting. These movies would have made far more money and gained a stronger audience were the stories stronger and some-what sensical.

  • BoogieWoogie

    Good Lord some cheese with your wine? They’re movies about huge alien robots! I was huge fan in the 80’s (my dad’s cousin drew some of the animation for the original cartoons) and I loved the toys. I love Michael Bay’s take on Transformers. Do I get bummed out when he strays from the original story line? Yes. But bottom line is, I’m just glad he’s making them. I never go into the theatre expecting an Oscar contender. You shouldn’t either.

    • Brian Sleider

      NO! Every movie about a childhood cartoon NEEDS to be made into an Oscar winning, “top films of the decade”, movie. It cannot be mindless fun. And we still must go see it so we can then complain that it was as bad as we all knew it would be.

      /sarcasm off.

      • BoogieWoogie

        Can’t wait for your critique of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don’t know about you, but my money is on at least two Oscar nods.

        • Gary

          Personally, I believe if I was a studio head, TMNT would never see the light of day. What a waste of money and effort. They may as well keep making Muppet movies…oh wait…they do.

          • Brian Sleider

            Studios are in business to make MONEY, not movies. TMNT will do that for them just fine. Because despite all the Bay hate PEOPLE LIKE HIS MOVIES and they go in mass to see them.

          • Gary

            Well Transformers is going to make money. I don’t see TMNT making money. It was a dumb cartoon and won’t translate to live action. It’s like Street Fighter.

          • razorsfury

            Really? Then why do people actually like the original live action TMNT movies? Another “I’m going state my opinion as though its everyone’s” comment… BTW it was a dumb cartoon with a huge success and multiple franchise additions. Talk more about what you don’t know anything about why don’t you…

          • Gary

            Hmmm. I don’t know why they liked it. There’s nothing there to like. Ninja turtles? Smurfs? Garfield? Alvin and the Chipmunks? Casper? Dick Tracy? The Flintstones? These are not cartoon concepts that translate to live action well no matter their success as cartoons. My wife liked the live action TMNT movie, though she was a kid when she watched it. It’s not something she appreciates today as being a good movie.

            I happened to have loved G.I. Joe cartoons in my youth. I look back now and see them for what they are….bad. The live action movies, though it could be translated, are crap. But talking ninja turtles living in New York sewers? Give me a break. It will be the last one because it will not make the money the studio expects. The whole concept is just dumb.

            But more important here is your very emotional response. No need to invest so heavily into something you don’t have anything to do with. Are you a financial investor? Were the TMNT of your creation? A criticism towards the TMNT isn’t an attack on your soul.

      • Anthony Donovan Stokes

        so not wanting a bad movie means you want an oscar winner? okay

      • Gary

        Considering the mediocre films that compete for the Oscar every year these days, I wouldn’t look to that award as meaning anything grand. But childhood cartoons made into films absolutely have to be more than mindless fun. If comic book characters were presented as just mindless fun, we would be given one Daredevil or Catwoman after another. I’m guessing you are grateful the film industry figured out how to present these characters properly.

        The anticipation and excitement involved in waiting for G.I. Joe or Transformers or the Justice League or any other childhood cartoon/comic interest is too great to simply be shattered because of some bad interpretations of source material and bad story telling. It’s quite the let down and the audience deserves better. The audience respects the director/writer enough to purchase tickets and to feed the beast. Can these directors/writers, who ruin G.I. Joe and Transformer movies, at least try to respect the fans?

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      Why do people keep telling me that i’m expecting an oscar contender from these movies. I’m expecting not to be angry while watching it. Please dispute most of my points if you can.

      • Brian Sleider

        OK well tough shit, you know the director, you know the content he puts out. You still choose to go because, I dont know, you people like to hate on shit. It is one thing to go to a movie and expect one thing and be disappointed/upset when you get something else (IM3 for a lot of people and Godzilla are good examples) but bay CONSISTENTLY produces the SAME content, yet you people buy the ticket just to bitch after I guess. Stop GOING, by the standards the studios set out Bay is a MASSIVE success. Do not expect things to change too soon.

        • Anthony Donovan Stokes

          A. Not going to see anymore Transformers movies B. After Revenge of the Fallen dark of the moon was said to have been a good sequel so i went not expecting a good movie but something that’s entertaining. And I’ve seen good michael Bay movies. To say that ” it’s a michael bay movie what’d you expect” is asinine because Pain and Gain was one of my favorite films of last year.

          • Brian Sleider

            While you may have liked Pain and Gain it was widely panned and got similar reviews to typical Bay flick so like I said earlier, you liking the movie kind of proves my point. Done here, take it easy, and vote with your wallet. It is all you can do.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Pain and Gain was not “panned” and got significantly higher reviews then the rest of the Transformers reviews. That said clearly I can enjoy a Michael Bay film so his name on it shouldn’t mean I shouldn’t watch it.

          • Anthony Donovan Stokes

            Going based on rotten tomatoes pain and gain got much better reviews. And you need to learn what “panned” is

          • Brian Sleider

            Going off of Rotten tomatoes, Transforms 4 has 17% fresh with 67% viewer rating compared to a 47% viewer rating and 50% fresh for Pain and Gain.

            Furthering my point that Pain and Gain is TYPICAL Bay faire, so what YOU liked it lots of people didnt, just like LOTS of people LIKE Transformers despite its bad reviews. Now I am really done, further response will be met with silence. Nothing further to be gained form this we simply disagree.

  • mph23

    Thanks for mentioning SKids and Mudflap. I hated that shit so much. And people called Jar Jar racist…

  • brendan

    jetfire’s grandfather being a wheel shouldn’t be taken seriously, secondly he’s a world war two vehicle because that’s the era he came to the planet…. do u think he looked like that on cybertron…. also he’s rusting because of the lack of energon. Megatron came back via a tiny shard of the Allspark which contained far less energy that what he experienced through the whole cube. at the end of every movie Optimus gives a message to the stars to surviving Autobots, lennix states the twins and aarcee etc. came between the 1st & 2nd movie following Optimus’ message

    • Gary

      Yeah those end of movie messages are also annoying.

    • Razorsfury

      so lack of energon makes transformers act and look like old men? WWII was only like 70 years ago. I guess 70 years is a long time for a robot… I think you are trying to hard to make sense out of what doesn’t make sense at all.

  • DownZero

    I think you are looking way to hard in to this. It’s a movie about talking robots based off a cartoon I watch as a kid in the 80’s. Don’t expect Oscar worthy acting and dialogue. It feels like you really just want to pick on Michael Bay. I like the movies for what they are, live action movies of 80’s cartoons. Like it for what it is and don’t go to the theaters expecting The Godfather.

    • Razorsfury

      You can say that but what it is, is a someone trying to bank off an insult of an attempt of what made the cartoon cool to begin with. Go ahead and give your money to this patronizing piece of shit of a director. Since you like them for what they are you like movies that have no real substance and are there just to take your money. Have fun with that.

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      So because I hated these movies I was looking for The Godfather? I don’t have words for how asinine that sentiment is. The Dark Knight is based on a character about a man who dresses up like a Bat and fights crime., The Lego Movie is based on Legos, 21 Jump Street is based on a bad 80s tv show and yeah all these movies somehow managed to be great in spite of the source material

  • Razorsfury

    First off, Id like to say you give idiot bay too much credit. The idiot is to full of himself to actually contribute to a good movie. For crying out loud, the idiot said that there really isn’t much to transformers but because he’s such a great director he’ll make it great…

    “From the trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction it looks like they’ve thrown away a lot of the goofy, stupid gags and given it a bit of a darker tone.”

    well… you’re wrong.

    For the life of me why do they keep trying to make the robots more and more human like? Seriously, the robots have metal shavings on their face to look like facial hair… Hell, one has something that hangs out of his mouth that supposed to simulate a cigar!! why?!!! Optimus doesn’t really look like Optimus anymore. All the robots look the same. The only reason you know which robot is which for the autobots is because they color code them.

    Transformium??? Seriously?!! Idiot bay already made them not transformers by making them morphers then he took it even further and made them not transform at all by making them break apart like molecules and reassemble. I mean you take a car and with all it’s parts, that don’t magically turn into something completely different, it shifts and changes to form a robot. How freaking hard is that?!!!! Transformium is a lazy, piece of shit excuse to not invest real writing tallent.

    And then there’s the plot holes… Optimus is severely wounded. leaves for a scene then comes back 100%. They conveniently make the “seed” exchange in china, why they would choose to exchange there is obviously for convienience to further the shitty plot, when the whole movie happens in the USA until then. The human characters would run around huge cities but when it’s time for major scenes they are always conveniently next to each other. The humans drag this torso sized bomb all over the place when transformers can make it float around just by waiving at it so yeah lets just let the humans drag it around. This is just a few of the blatent “WTF’s”.

    What Idiot bay just refuses to understand is, Transformers is about the robots!!!!!!! Every one of the movies idiot bay makes it about the humans…

    bay is an idiot and does not deserve anything…

  • Razorsfury

    Oh and I forgot about how insulting it is that idiot bay does things like making robots that simulate race… seriously and asian robot?!! come on… Not only is it offensive and insulting it shows how small minded that idiot bay is.