• Norman Dostal

    man of steel was so joyless and awful…

    • Chris Smith

      Then keep watching the light and fluffy Marvel movies. I myself found lots to enjoy in Man of Steel. I though, watched the movie. Unlike countless other Superman haters. He was the first, he is the best.

      • Carl Davis-Bey II

        No he’s the first and the dumbest. he’s the prime example of uncretivity in DC. The fact that he’s even relevant baffles me. he’s a shit super hero. Just because he was the first doesnt make him the best it makes him first.

        • Chris Smith

          Name me one hero, I mean real hero, in all of Marvel? I can’t think of one. Just because at times, and there have been many times, Superman has bad writers/writing doesn’t mean he is not important, good or relevant. Superman is hard to write. Try it. I bet you could come up with a Batman or Wolverine story without much problem. Write a good Superman story? That is not quite so easy. That is because he is a more complex and more conflicted character than any other in the Super Hero genre. It is not enough to have him smash robots or catch helicopters. Answer me this, why does Superman do what he does? And not to fight for truth, justice and the American way. That is just a handy tag line, a catch phrase. Superman is more relevant now than he has ever been. Take a look at the world around you, when our own governments are the least trust worthy body on the planet. When all is said and done, when the years have flown and the dust settled. When all of the more gritty “heroes” are left by the wayside, still standing, tall and proud and humble, will be SUPERMAN.

          • TigerMask

            Captain America?

          • Chris Smith

            OK! Point taken. But he is the closest thing to Superman that there is in comics. Well there is Shazam and Tom Strong.
            I love Superman, always have. I just hate when he gets unwarranted criticism. I assume the majority on these pages are Comic book fans? I am a comic book fan and welcome any entry of this genre into the movie world and support as many as I can. I am DC, through and through, but own all of the Marvel movies to date. Here in the UK I am still ridiculed and patronised for being a comic book fan (I am 55) but I do not care. I love this form of entertainment and will defend it till the day I die. And I will die before Superman does. Respect to all my fellow comic book and movie fans. Peace.

          • TigerMask

            I can totally appreciate where you are coming from. We all have our favorites. It never made much sense to me that people would be over critical of a movie just because they prefer DC or Marvel over the other. I’m a Marvel guy, but love Man of Steel, Batman and even Green Lantern films. You keep reading those comic books, as long as we can afford them, and screw what anybody says.

            Don’t ask me why but my favorite DC guy is Aquaman. Ha!

          • Chris Smith


          • Laven Pillay

            BWahahaahh ! +1 for the “Outrageous” !!!

          • doctor_robot

            i’m a fan of superman, and was very, very excited about the man of steel. the trailer gave me shivers from looking so damned good. but then i saw the film. it is not a good film. sorry.

          • Pablo Sanchez

            you are awesome Chris

          • Shawn Patrick

            Nothin wrong with that! I was a bit harsh towards you in my previous posts, but admire your passion for the characters you love. Peace

          • Alexander Winston

            It isn’t unwarranted. Man of Steel was awful. He wasn’t even a hero. Earth would have never had problems with the bad guys if Superman wasn’t there. And isn’t he “faster than a speeding bullet”? Have you ever SEEN a speeding bullet? No right? Then he could have saved his father and no one would have seen him. Instead SUPERMAN watched his father die. And Routh was a better Superman, Cavill is milquetoast. The studio knows all this, it is why they added Superman and Wonder woman to the mix. Cavill can’t carry it on his own. And that outfit looked like something on a fetish website. I could go on and on and on….

          • Ash Simp

            What I don’t get about your comment is saying Superman is a better character but he’s harder to write stories for. I get you feel he’s been let down by writers but maybe he’s difficult to write for because his basic characteristics aren’t very interesting. I like the orphan on a different planet angle, I like the last of his kind angle, but I don’t get why we should be supporting this guy who is better than ourselves in every way, someone so far superior none of us have a chance to achieve what he achieves. And it’s great that he wants to protect us no matter what the cost is, but it leaves us feeling inadequate that we have to rely on some perfect being from a different world to save humanity. So sometimes the writers try and show us the weaknesses of Superman, which I admire, but then what’s the point in him being Superman? I’ve just never got it the appeal of this guy, I prefer people that work for it.

          • Chris Smith

            You, yourself, mentioned some of the basic elements to Superman. And you agree they are interesting. The character is Clark Kent. Not Kal El. He knows where he came from, intellectually, he knows he is an alien ( him being alien is what is known as a literal metaphor ), he understands he is not the same as, most, everyone. One thing he does know, he is absolutely sure of, is he is Clark Kent, adoptive son of a farming couple, and Superman is who he chooses to be. Why? Read the early Action Comics and see where Grant Morrison got his new take on Superman. Read the Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told, For the Man Who Has Everything, Superman For All Seasons, Superman Birthright, All Star Superman, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice And The American Way? Or Kingdom Come to name a few of the stories that get to the depth of who this marvellous character is. You can’t just dismiss 76 years so easily. If you do? Well tat is just wilful ignorance. I will say no more on this subject. You can all continue with your dark, gritty but, ultimately, meaningless character worship. End.

          • Ash Simp

            Thanks for the recommendations. Maybe after reading these I’ll have a different opinion.

          • Chris Smith

            I trust that you are being sincere. Peace, fellow comic book fan.

          • Ashbury137

            I’m so glad you mentioned Kingdom Come. That story alone made me a big fan of Superman. Before that I hadn’t really cared too much about him either. If Mark Waid’s writing isn’t enough to grab someone, Alex Ross’ art should be.

          • Jade Sharp

            I’m a Batman fan and I believe that, besides the Joker, Superman is Batman’s greatest nemesis. Other than that, I find him kind of boring unless he’s in a talented writer’s hands.

          • akash

            That’s the f’n point!! Marvel heroes aren’t supposed to be ‘heroes’ per se. They are people like everyone around us, having the same defects as people do.
            Look at Tony Stark. He’s been alcoholic, depressed and what not. Spiderman has to decide on a daily basis, if he still wants to be a hero. They face the same difficulties as other people in the world, but still decide to do good for the world.
            That’s a HERO.
            And yeah, Man of Steel was a boring piece of shit with no heart in it.

          • Isaac

            I’ll bet you are just ignoring superman and just refuse to read any of his comics because you decided a long time ago you’d go with your angle on Superman that he sucks in your mind. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?

          • Someguy

            More complex?? Really?? In my opinion, there is very little complexity to Supes compared to Batman and Wolverine like you just mentioned. There is far more depth involved in those two characters. Not saying that it’s hard to write for Superman, I agree with that, but I totally disagree with what you said about him being the more complex character. He’s not more complex imo, just has far fewer stories that can be told for multiple reasons (Less relatable, very few recognizable villains, overpowered, therefore suspense is harder to create, less way fights can go down due to his superpowers, etc…)

          • Shawn Patrick

            Look, I love Superman, but you’re actually making the other guy’s case for him. The fact that Superman is hard to write for does not make him better, it makes him a poorly conceived character to begin with. He’s too powerful and required a MacGuffin in the form of kryptonite just to have some real danger to himself in the stories.

          • Derp

            You make no sense. Writers are responsible for giving characters their complexity. If the writer does a bad job, the character lacks complexity. You simply can’t have character development in absence of good writing. That said, I enjoyed Man of Steel well enough. Batman was the first comic that interested me, but mostly because of Cat Woman. I generally enjoy movies based on Marvel characters as done by Marvel more (not so much the films by other studios) because their characters feel more substantial and less like arch types. Man of Steel did the best job of bringing those qualities to Superman (with the possible exception of Smallville.) It was just a little dry and humorless for my taste, but definitely undeserving of the degree of criticism it received.

          • Justin Kangas

            Fanboy crap is pathetic. And as far as super man specifically he is the definition of unimaginative. He is immune to everything but a rock found on a far away planet. If you are gonna be an annoying fanboy at least pick a more interesting hero. The newest movie was very entertaining though IMO. I thought it was well done.

          • Reiji01

            Actually, I kind of agree with you that Superman is a character that is hard to write. But is not exactly because he is a complex man, all the opposite, he is a regular man with great values that loves his family that happens to have Super powers. Why is he difficult to write? because they made him too powerful, I mean, appart from kriptonite he is invincible. That’s why Batman has more fans than Supes (I like both, but of course, more Love to Bats) because Batman is a man that could die anytime on his vigilante escapades, either from a fall, a bullet, etc… and that’s freaking exciting, that’s what makes him interesting and badass. Superman is a brave man too, but he’s not really in danger, because he is Superman, invincible. And in the long run, that makes him boring, because what is a superhero withouth a little (or a lot like bats) risk in his/her life.

        • Isaac

          Carl Davis-Bey II, if you had actually read Superman comics, you would see that Dc had to get really creative with him to make him endure so long. You see, back in the day, Readers really were starting to get turned off from the character as he was literally invincible, so there really was no challenge to or threat for him to make an interesting story because they always knew he would win and there was never any real danger. The writers had to take him down a notch and give him weaknesses and other handicaps to give back that sense of danger, thus they literally had to create awesome story lines involving more threats to him to make him interesting again, which they did in spades. If the Superman comic is so dumb, why has he endured as long as he has? because he was first doesn’t make him the best, I don’t know who you are quoting with that statement. He is the best because he is the best. Nothing to do with him being the grand father of superhero comics.

          • Derp

            “Best” is subjective. Different people are going to prefer different characters. Also, who knows what will be popular a hundred years from now, or even just 10 or 20. Non-comic book readers were only familiar with a few superheros for the longest time. It wasn’t until recently that others became known to the mainstream. The Iron Man movie almost wasn’t green lit. Now he’s one of the most famous, and a favorite of many. New comic book superheroes could be introduced and become even more popular now that comic book reading in general is more mainstream.

        • The_Banshee

          Hahaha, you are a sad pathetic little cunt aren’t ya?!

        • Forrealz

          Superhero is one word moron.

      • TigerMask

        I thought Man of Steel was good. Kent’s backstory was great, Zod’s story and development was great. Amy Adam’s involvement seemed forced and unnecessary though.

      • kieran66

        Super man was made by A Canadian(Wich is cool) but he was made almost like the guy had ADD I mean come on He can breathe in space,dodge bullets,bullet proof,shoot lasers from his eyes, super strength, etc. Yet some one pulls out a green Crystal or hides behind lead and he’s fucked? WTF kind of BS is that. Wolverine could kick Supermans ass blind folded.

        • Hero

          Lead and kryptonite are challenges that Superman can eventually overcome. I honestly don’t understand why the concept of Superman being suseptible to a certain kind of radiation is so hard for people like you to grasp. You act like it’s silly to be “afraid of a rock” as people like you tend to say. I don’t see what’s so funny about deadly radiation. If you don’t think it’s any big thing, would you go strolling through Chernobyl on a sunny day or maybe pay a visit to Nagasaki after the atomic bombings? Remember, it’s not just that he has a silly fear of a rock, he has fear of dying a painful death from radiation exposure, but that doesn’t mean Superman becomes 100% useless and loses just because that little green rock makes an appearance.

      • Shawn Patrick

        I love Superman, but unfortunately Man of Steel was made by a bunch of people who don’t. What you call light and fluffy, most people call fun, entertaining, and true to the comic books. Man of Steel tried really hard to do serious and real-world like the Batman films, but failed on every level as a movie. It was utter shit and that has nothing to do with being a Superman hater. I think you have to be clueless about Superman to actually like it, or you’re the world’s biggest DC-fanboy, D-bag who viewed it with rose-colored glasses and an erection as soon as you saw the WB logo. Clearly, you’re weirdly angry that Marvel can take C-level characters and do better than DC can with an icon like Superman, but no reason to get mad at them for it. It’s not their fault, it’s WB and DC.

      • Twisted Gear

        Your right about Superman being the first and the best.
        But Man of Steel didn’t have anything to do with superman.

    • TigerMask

      Amy Adams sucked for sure. Zero chemistry there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerard.kennelly Gerard Kennelly

      superman is supposed to be bright

      not a chris nolan TDK rip off

    • kieran66


    • The_Banshee

      Fuck off you insipid dunce.

  • TigerMask

    Super hero movies are usually only as good as their villains

    • Jennifer Brinkley

      He makes me nervous too, but then I think about how Michael Keaton was received as Batman. I’m willing to give him a chance.

      • Dillon

        Also, notice how everyone hated the idea of Heath Ledger as the Joker before the movie, but to this day he has won an academy award for his performance, and is still praised by fans everywhere.

        • chuckles9932

          I think that Ledger was awesome, but and here is the big “but” thanks to that movie and his death(not meant to be disrespectful) we will not see another batman movie with the joker in it for at least 10 to 15 years, until there is a director and actor that are willing to put their careers on the line thanks to that brilliant performance by Ledger because that is the performance that everyone will judge from, the same goes for Bale and Affleck. I know alot of people hope that Affleck fails but I like him, I think that Daredevil was a fluke and subject to a shitty script not Afflecks fault and he has matured as an actor and a person, watch Hollywoodland, superb acting.

    • Misogoop6

      If it makes you feel better, Affleck got his first roles through Kevin Smith. While Smith isn’t the most serious writer, he does in fact write Batman comics for a living. Kevin things he’ll do great as Batman. I’d trust him.

  • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

    Tired of the usual cast of villains.Why don’t they switch it up?

    • minespatch

      Beware the Batman tried that and the fandom got angry at that. If you want to see new villains, try that show. Proffessor Pyg and Mr. Toad are fun villains.

      • Sheldemiri

        I wish they would use Calendar man once tho.
        His name makes me chuckle all the time.

        • minespatch

          They should get Jeffery Combs to play him so Calender Man can be creepy.

  • Jennifer Brinkley

    They’re using TDKR Batman symbol. If they’re going to use it I sure hope that they plan to use the plot, or at least some of it. Batman v. Superman… an aging Bruce Wayne… it was just so perfect.

    • Hero

      Some of it maybe, but Superman should be more sympathetic than he was in TDKR. People argue Superman was but there are things here and there that make him look insincere and self-absorbed, like the douchey posing with the eagle and his flowery speech when he kills that rainforest to save his own ass.

  • Brian

    Why are so many people hating on Aquaman, he can manipulate water and doesn’t the body have an average of 65% water. Do the math! It’s ignorant to think he just talks to sea life he has to be a pretty powerful being if he can withstand the deepest ocean depths. He’s definitely one of my favorites.

  • Brian

    Why are so many people hating on Aquaman, he can manipulate water and doesn’t the body have an average of 65% water. Do the math! It’s ignorant to think he just talks to sea life he has to be a pretty powerful being if he can withstand the deepest ocean depths. He’s definitely one of my favorites.

  • Brett

    Whoever is doing the casting for movies superheroes and villains are doing a piss poor job. Jesse Eisenberge-Lex Luther, HORRIBLE. Ben Affleck- Bat maN. Already played DareDevil, HORRIBLE. Chris Evans-Captain America. Already played in Fantastic Four, HORRIBLE. Gal Gadot-WonderWoman, HORRIBLE. How bout Christian Pitre. These characters are to be respected, and larger than life. Disappointed that no one takes the time to find another Robert Downey Jr, Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman…Put some pride in the greatest heroes we grew up with. This is disgusting.

    • Richard Potvin

      U mad bro? Who cares if Chris Evans was already in Fantastic Four? He was amazing as Cap. Definitely moreso than Henry Cavil as Supes. Chris Hemsworth as Thor was equally as good, and as for the other 2, you can’t compete with 2 of the 3 best casting choices in movie history (the other one being Patrick Stewart as Prof. X). Moving on to the 3 other casting choices you listed as horrible…you have no idea until you watch it. Some of the best roles have been by people who were considered miscast (case in point, Heath Ledger as the Joker – one of the greatest portrayals of all time)

  • Brett

    Whoever is doing the casting for movies superheroes and villains are doing a piss poor job. Jesse Eisenberge-Lex Luther, HORRIBLE. Ben Affleck- Bat maN. Already played DareDevil, HORRIBLE. Chris Evans-Captain America. Already played in Fantastic Four, HORRIBLE. Gal Gadot-WonderWoman, HORRIBLE. How bout Christian Pitre. These characters are to be respected, and larger than life. Disappointed that no one takes the time to find another Robert Downey Jr, Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman…Put some pride in the greatest heroes we grew up with. This is disgusting.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    I think the best way to describe Superman V Batman, is a 2 year old that hasn’t had their diaper changed all day, and eventually no matter how great that diaper is the shiz starts to burst out.

    As great as that diaper may have been the shit has made it null and void.

    • Derp

      It hasn’t even been completed yet.

  • MercWithaMouth

    They better knock this one out of the ballpark, because between the way last 2 Superman movies played out and Ben Affleck playing Batman along with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor(really???)…. Please don’t start dragging Batman down to the level of the epic fails in Spiderman(even the reboots) and Superman

  • Isaac

    Man of Steel was amazing! The only 2 faults I had with it was how Jonathon Kent died. It was way way way stupid and pointless. The second fault was the character Jenny, who was an obvious rewrite of the Jimmy Olson character. The rest of the film rocked!

  • King William Da III

    Who the hell are those people (enemys)

  • Guest

    Hoping Peter Mensah is cast as Martian Manhunter

  • Paxton Crissey

    If I could I wouldn’t mind playing the part as Shazam!

  • Michael Klein

    I think the inherent problem in coming up with interesting scenarios for Superman is just that–he’s Superman! You can only go the krypton route so many times, otherwise he’s apparently invincible. Best super hero of all time: The Sub-Mariner. Hey look, when I was a kid reading Marvel comics during their golden age, even we kids knew “Iron Man” was not exactly a “top priority” in their lineup. He always had the lesser writers and artists helming the comic (no special offense meant to Don Heck, as I don’t think he often got paired with one of their better inkers either) and now he’s a hot ticket item at the movies. So yeah, Sub-Mariner, most definitely (another second tier comic, but they should try a movie with him, what the Don heck!).

  • plums666

    love to see people arguing and debating for the fictional character/movie :P

  • Johnross1968

    Jason Momoa as Aquaman????
    He would make a much better Namor…. :)

  • Bis

    This was the best superman to date. The graphics gave it life. I love both Marvel and DC. I watch all of the animations that come out for both. When there’s no more, I turn to Anime. The US need to put out more animations, like Japan.

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