Warner Bros. registers domains for four DC movies

gal-gadot-wonder-womanAlthough the expected announcement about the studio’s future DC movie slate failed to materialise at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. did take steps to lay out its plans for its stable of superheroes earlier this month, setting dates for nine DC movies post-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, taking us through to 2020. Well, now we have word that Warner Bros. has registered four domains for future DC movies, which are currently forwarding to the main WB website. Here they are…





If you’ve been following all the rumours surrounding Warner’s DC plans, then none of those four will really come as a surprise. It has been said on several occasions that Justice League will follow Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while Dwayne Johnson has spent the last few months teasing a role in Shazam, two writers were recently appointed on the Aquaman movie (with Jason Momoa expected to portray the Atlantean), and Gal Gadot has a three film deal as Wonder Woman, which was thought to include a solo film as well as Batman v Superman and Justice League.

So, it looks pretty certain that we can scratch four of those mystery movies off the list now. What do you make of the choices, and what films would you like to see taking up the other five dates?

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  • Sweet! We pretty much knew these 4 were coming down the pipeline, but it’s still cool to see WB taking the steps toward making them happen.

    • SteveDitkosQuestion

      I thought for YEARS now that The Rock has the face and build for Captain Marvel. Plus that “eyebrow” trick of his is perfect for Captain Marvel.

      • Tush Perera

        even I want him to play Billy, but it can be black Adam too.

  • Conrad Wright

    Momoa as Aquaman will be epic. Aquaman is the only one I truly wanted. Thanks WB for growing a set of balls….finally.
    Still want the alleged Flash/GL film.

    • Checkii

      i dont want a flash/gl film. i want a seperate flash n gl film. but i mostly care about wonder woman movie.

      • Thurman

        That’s nice. Us literates will contribute to dream about our Flash/GL movie(that hopefully stars Grant Gustin…).

        • Checkii

          no on grant gustin. as that would connect tv universe to movie universe, which would mean anythingi want to rewatch the dcu movie universe i have to rewatch like 5 seaosns of arrow n flash?

          • Thurman

            If you’ve actually watched Arrow, that’s not a bad thing…

          • Checkii

            yes ive watched arrow. and i dont want to connect the universes.

  • HUSH LittleBaby


  • Brandon Joseph

    I’m here just for wonder woman. its about damn time they gave the woman her own movie

  • Riq

    Wonder Woman!

  • FourFeelings

    OH THANKS GOD! Wonder Woman <3

  • Wonderboywonderings .

    Can someone tell me why they made her tiara upside down? Irritating.