Disney makes it official that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi

He’s the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, and one of the most popular characters in the entire Star Wars universe, so being inadvertently knocked into the jaws of the Sarlacc by a blinded Han Solo is certainly no way to go.

Unless you’re a fan of the Expanded Universe, the fan favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett has held the distinction of suffering the weakest death in the entire saga ever since his demise in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, But it looks like Disney has wasted little time rectifying that, with the reveal trailer for the video game Star Wars Battlefront seemingly confirming – in official canon – that Fett did survive his encounter with the Sarlacc.


The above image is a screenshot from the Battle of Jakku DLC set to arrive ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will depict “the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet on the Outer Rim [and takes place] in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor”. You’ll notice that Boba Fett takes centre stage, but look to the top right and you’ll also notice a Star Destroyer crashing to the ground – the very Star Destroyer we see in the trailer for The Force Awakens


So, given Disney and Lucasfilm’s assertation that all new movies, books, video games, comics and other Star Wars material are officially canon, it would seem the debate is over: Boba Fett is alive and well in the Star Wars universe. Now, would he have waited some 30 years odd for his revenge against Han Solo?

Update: As the comments below show, there’s some debate over whether the image depicts Tatooine or Jakku. Personally, I think the crashed Star Destroyer is too much of a coincidence for it not to be Jakku, but that’s just my opinion. So, unless we get a new trailer which confirms it either way, we’ll just have to wait until the game’s release in November to know for certain.

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  • Battlefront is official Star Wars canon, according to Disney.

    • Josh Carrico

      That may be, but that doesn’t mean that everything that happens in the game is canon. I think that it is a misrepresentation to say that a screen shot from a video game advertisement is an official statement from a multi-billion dollar company. They pay hundreds of people to make official statements.

      • Obviously player actions aren’t, but the fact that the character is present post Return of the Jedi makes that canon. Conscious choice to put him in the game, which would have been approved by Lucasfilms new story group.

        • Poppa Daddy

          And if Vader shows up as a playable character does that also make him alive and well and that he didn’t die on the Death Star after turning back to the light?

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Vader does appear… on the levels that take place when he was alive.

            At the end of the day, Disney would not have went to such lengths to remind us with every single Star Wars release that it’s “canon” if they were going to go the opposite way with the very first video game they release.

          • tailhook

            The only reason they say that it is ‘canon’ is marketing. If they can make you believe its all part of one cohesive universe, they can sell you on buying books.

            I understand that this may be your first rodeo, but a lot of people still remember The Lost Experience put out by Disney as ‘canon’ which hilariously got paved over when it got time to finish the series. This is what they do. Only what you see on screen truly matters. The rest is just bullshit designed to pick your pockets and keep you engaged while they’re off doing production.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            I agree with your first paragraph. The second just makes you sound pretentious. This isn’t my first rodeo. I know how marketing works. But the fact is, if Boba Fett appears after Return of the Jedi in a Disney release, he survived the Sarlacc. Disney control Star Wars. They’ve said their stuff is canon. What they say goes, regardless of what we want to believe.

          • tailhook

            Video Game.

            They said the exact same thing with The Lost Experience. Its not a matter of what I want to believe… its a matter of what I know to be true. If any ‘canon’ comes into conflict with what they’re writing for the movies, the movies can and will win. This is how the world works /shrug.

          • Skallagrimsson

            What you deliberately (or stupidly) ignore is that Lost is not Star Wars. It’s a whole different ballgame.

            Lost was one series. Star Wars are movies, series, books, merchandicing and a whole lot of other things I can’t even remember the name of…

            Piss on Lost and you upset 25 people… Piss on Star Wars and you unleash the rage of an entire world.

          • tailhook

            Its all product to Disney. As per the faux dire warnings, you guys really impacted George Lucas’s bottom line when he put out the prequels and pissed in your oatmeal… didn’t you? Oh wait.. The Phantom Menace is still the highest grossing film of any of the six films… such rage…

          • it’s the highest grossing because of when it came out. adjust the first 3 movies with appropriate inflation and increases over the years and there’s a different story.

          • tailhook

            Ya.. whatever. Nobody goes by cooked AFI numbers. The problem with AFI numbers is that it uses re-release numbers at original release dollars. So its garbage and everyone knows it.

          • David Digi

            False, phantom menace is the bigger draw no matter what.

          • John D.

            Kinda like Islam…. XD

          • Michael McLaughlin

            Han shot first

          • VoiceOfReason

            Except that was BEFORE the new Star Wars Story Group and the announcement that all Star Wars stories now WILL BE CANON. You are wrong and your ignorance here is showing. /shrug

          • tailhook

            I have yet to see producers that didn’t go around screaming the ancilliary stuff they want you to buy WILL BE CANON. After all… remember the Expanded Universe? Cast out like yesterday’s garbage.

            And yet you seem to keep falling for the same lie wrapped in a new package. Star Wars Story Group eh? Doesn’t mean jack. It’ll keep the movies(and possibly TV Series) straight, it aint going to do shit for the marketing(books, video games).

            Understand, they don’t view Books or Video Games as art or something to be preserved.. they view them as MARKETING. Why do you think they have hack writers make the books and pass off the Video Games to.. whoever. The disconnect here is that I know how Movie Production and Hollywood actually work. You know how to eat plates of Hollywood Bullshit and go YUMMY… MAY I HAVE MORE.

            Trust me.. the only thing that is canon is what you see on that screen. Everything else is a waste of time better spent actually doing something productive. Impress me and cure Cancer or some shit… now that would be worthwhile.

          • therightclique

            That is taking things waaaaay too literally.

          • David Digi

            This obviously is your first time to the rodeo, he is a playable character, has nothing to do with his status in the films. How can a game with no story be canon

          • [email protected]

            Hindsight. It’s a wonderful thing.

          • David Digi

            Lol nice line

          • VoiceOfReason

            Except you’re so completely wrong. It has been clearly and effectively stated that EVERYTHING going forward – books, comics, movies, etc. – is the ONLY & “REAL” CANON. It’s ALL canon now. So while a player experience in Battlefront won’t be canon, the set-up and characters available WILL be, especially with Jakku being a direct tie-in to the new movie. It is CONFIRMED that it’s not Tatooine. So if Fett is made available for players in the Battle of Jakku, it means that he was in fact “alive” and out of the Sarlaac for that battle. It’s a new world now, so your old canon argument is invalid. Apology accepted, tailhook.

          • tailhook

            Btw, It IS Tatooine :P. They just renamed that fucker after the Empire cratered. You probably believed that John Harrison wasn’t Khan also…

            And trust me man.. its gullible marks like you that Disney executives have wet dreams over. What are you.. 12?

            Long and short. Movies(and possibly TV Series)… canon.

            Anything else: Marketing that is easily disposable.

          • The truth

            Nah, you’re wrong. lol all the books/ comics/ tv shows/ games are made in direct lead up to Force Awakens.

          • John S Rubenkoenig

            Whatever Disney says is canon is canon. It’s their call because they own the franchise. Are you really getting this upset over a fictional Universe?

          • tailhook

            Oh.. I completely agree… whatever Disney says is canon is canon. Until it isn’t. The flipside is also true to that statement. Whatever Disney says is no longer canon is no longer canon.

            Remember, Disney put out The Lost Experience(interactive thing between seasons of the show Lost) claiming all of the information in there was canon. And then they promptly steamrolled it all after they had your money and the show went a different direction.

            Trust me, I’m not a kid and after you’ve had decades of experience with these companies you’ll realize one simple truth. The only thing sacred to them is what shows on the screen(and sometimes not even then… as the Abrams Star Trek reboots have shown). They won’t purposefully try to work themselves into a corner, but if they do they will have no problem bulldozing anything not on the screen.

            And frankly… I don’t personally care. I’ve long since realized what is canon and what is glorified promotional spam(books, video games, etc) to keep your attention while they make the real stuff for a long, long time. Hope you wise up too… but I frankly doubt it.

            Some men just like to watch their lives burn.

          • Joseph Tovar

            But it’s all canon bro

          • tailhook

            Until it isn’t.

          • Bill Agans

            No, it’s not Tatooine. Jakku is a different planet than Tatooine.

          • puppetDoug

            None of this matters. If you want to meta game about what Disney wants, they want a Boba Fett movies and new stories with him, not just taking place between Empire and Jedi. You know why they want it? Because “marks” want it, and they’re going to sell it to them. Disney doesn’t hate Fett the way Lucas did (because he dared get popular without Lucas planning it or even making him up). They don’t care one way or another — he’s alive because he sells. End argument. It’s the same reason we’re gonna get a despecialized trilogy as soon as they’re through with a long and painful HD restoration. Because it’s a license to fucking print money. The argument that Disney just wants money does not defeat the Fett is alive camp, it makes the case airtight.

          • David Digi

            He is a playable character, are you trying to imply that a game with no story is somehow canonically connected? It’s not.

          • Beelzebub

            you sound like a fucking retard.

          • David Digi

            There is no story to be canon.

          • Stephen Smith

            End argument, in the game Greedo is a playable character, and Jabba isn’t dead. Nothing cannon, this site is just riding the buzz word hype train into relevance town.

          • DaBUU

            I think it does mean that.

          • tailhook

            Lol. No.. it really doesn’t. It just means its a bloody video game and the people making it simply care about money. Welcome to the real world.

          • VoiceOfReason

            Except it’s considered CANON now. New cohesive canon world. Welcome to it.

          • tailhook

            Lol… kids. You’ll learn.

            Note that we already have the old cohesive canon world, which is the 6 previous films. Pretty much the only other thing that won’t get curbstomped if it gets in the way are the animated series, and even that’s not really a for sure.

            The only thing Disney cares about is the movie universe and the rest is just marketing that can be repaved over at any time. They have a lot of experience doing so with LOST. Anybody who has any misconceptions that ancilliary marketing(books, video games, whatever) is in any way canon to the movieverse needs only use that as a cautionary tale.


          • Ian Tracy

            Will you come back here and apologize if it’s proven to be canon? Will you have the decency to admit you were wrong and actually do not have the right to insult people and talk down to them? Otherwise, standing so tall right now really isn’t worth it and makes you look like an ass. Just in case you were curious of how reality works, you can’t predict it.

          • The truth

            Haha, he’s such a troll. I’d let him go the way of the dodo.

          • David Digi

            Battlefront is not canon, it’s a multiplayer game with no story. You should look it up and educate yourself young man

          • Frzen

            he is a force ghost so technically not dead as the trailer states “My father has it” he didnt say had he said HAS!!!!!!!

          • tailhook

            You say force ghost, I say schizophrenia. Jesus Luke, get some help! You’re seeing family members as glowing apparitions now!

          • The odd thing is if you watch the second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’ll notice that Luke says something very strange: “My father has it.” Yes, he says his father HAS it, rather than referring to him in the past tense. It could just be an error or they could be bringing back Anakin in some way. 😮

          • John

            Anakin is a Force Ghost at that point in time. Luke can probably still communicate with him, hence he talks about him in the present tense. Force Ghosts can still interact with the physical world at some levels.

          • Thomas Noonan

            Anakin (Vader) is dead, but still has a presence as a Jedi Ghost. If you noticed in the original trilogy, Jedi Masters ascend to Jedi Ghosts, who can still have a presence as if they were alive. Obi Wan was constantly communicating to Luke after his death, and at the end of Return of the Jedi, we saw Anakin, Yoda, and Obi Wan appear as Jedi Ghosts.

          • SonicScribe

            Thats because Mark Hamill re-recorded his lines from RoTJ. What you hear in the trailer is a combination of his actual lines from RoTJ with this newly recorded lines used for the reverb effect.

          • Bill Agans

            It’s from RotJ when he was talkin’ to Leia.

          • David Digi

            That’s because the line is from return of the Jedi when he was still alive, dumbass.

          • azraelmorphyne

            Technically the trailer for seven already has. When Luke discusses his father he dose so in present tense.

          • Bill Agans


        • Josh Carrico

          So in the teaser, we see Vader on the ground of Endor’s moon, ready to fight against Rebel troops. I’ve seen Return of the Jedi quite a few times and don’t recall his involvement in that aspect of the Battle of Endor. So, Has Disney just made that officially canon? Or, is it possible, that there are characters that you can play in the game that are outside of their actual environments. like there are in many games. Many Star Wars games. The assertion that that screen shot is in any way the equal to an official statement form Disney that Boba Fett lives past his fall into the Sarlacc is flimsy as hell.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            The screen shot tells us Boba Fett is alive after Return of the Jedi. We don’t see Vader on Jakku. Now, if you can play as Vader on that level, or Yoda, or anyone else who’s dead at that point, I’ll grant you it means nothing (unless we see Boba Fett in some Jakku cut scenes). If that happens, tell me I’m wrong. But I don’t see any of that in the trailer. Until then, I’m taking the official trailer as fact. The evidence is there. Whether you choose to accept it or not is your business.

          • Ben

            No. The screen shot tells us that someone is alive who likes the same armor that Boba Fett liked. Probably Fett, but the screenshot tells us nothing except for some educated speculation.

          • ocracoma

            My thinking about Vader on Endor was that it was the battle FOR Endor, before the Empire built the shield generator. There may have been a resistance on the moon and Vader was sent to clear them out. Same with Boba Fett, that screenshot may not be from Jakku, but an unkown battle that took place before ROTJ.

          • Jason Spicer

            Actually, it would make at least possible sense to have Darth engaging forces at the Battle of Endor. In the movie, we only see the story of that small contingent of Rebels that assault the shield generator. What we don’t see, is that there may have been a larger expeditionary force deployed elsewhere on the moon to draw Empire forces away, including Darth Vader, to give time for the shield generator sabotage to take place. Where else do all those Imperial forces come from when Han and his merry men are captured outside the bunker?

          • William Bolitho

            You know Vader was on the moon for a least a few minutes.. He did pick up Luke there.

          • Christopher Patrick Pike

            only one hiccup with that theory there chief, Vader was busy having a duel with his son aboard the death star in front of the emperor when the rebels assaulted the generator.

          • tailhook

            Its just a game. They can do whatever they want as none of it is canon.

        • tailhook

          Video Game Guys: ‘You know what would sell? WE NEED BOBA FETT AS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER. People would go nuts and buy lots of copies!

          Disney: ‘Ok.’

          If you think there was more thought to it than that.. you’re kidding yourself and trying to sell people on a dream that is not reality. Disney couldn’t give two shits about the ‘expanded universe’ beyond the cash it generates and if it needs to be bulldozed over to make the movies the best they can be, they can and they will.

          The only place its really adhered to is lesser lights writing books. THOSE GUYS will have to find an open space in SW History to fill in. The movies will just make their own and invalidate some schlub’s missive as needed.

          • Andrew Williams

            Having Boba Fett as a playable character would indeed be nice. He was a playable character in the game “Shadows of the Empire” back in 1996. I think that you only got to play him for one campaign mission/chapter but it was pretty cool. I’m going to be buying this game, but not for the playable characters. I loved the original Battlefront when it came out on PC back in 2004. I still have it, but it no longer plays on my Windows 8.1 computer. Which is a real bummer.Sometimes I wish I was still running Windows XP! It was an excellent game and I spent many happy hours playing it. I hope this remake will be as good!

          • tailhook

            I’m sure you could use VMWare to be able to run it.

          • Andrew Williams

            Thanks tailhook!

          • jeremy83

            You know you could just have a virtual XP on your computer and play it on there, right?

          • guest9999

            yeah kinda sad

            all the prequel hater go nuts over stuff like bringing Boba back though, figures.

            it cheapens 4-6 IMO in ways far deeper than any special edition changes they go insane over, ironic

          • Skallagrimsson

            Disney couldn’t give two shits about the ‘expanded universe’ beyond the cash it generates and if it needs to be bulldozed over to make the movies the best they can be, they can and they will.

            The first sensible thing you’ve said. BUT by wanting to generate cash they have to cater to the fans.. not piss on them. You do not seem to understand this.

          • tailhook

            They don’t care. You don’t seem to understand that. The only thing they care about is the movies, which is why they are the only canon that matters. So long as the books don’t conflict with those, you can have the illusion of canon. But as I said, they will all be repaved over, if needbe, and absolutely no f**ks will be given by Disney while doing so.

          • The_Irish_Samurai

            well theres also the fact that theyre doing a Boba Fett standalone movie. As to the rest canon is only canon as long as it makes money and is convenient. Look at the Aliens franchise as its canon is being overwritten as we speak. Highlander was another good example.

          • Stephen Smith

            Yes to the first two lines of this! That’s EXACTLY what the nerds coding the game said. Lol I am 1000% sure you’re right!

        • Derek Balling

          Actually, what we see in the game footage is “a humanoid in Mandalorian armor which looks like Boba Fett’s”.

          – It could be Boba Fett
          – It could be another “character” with the same coloration of armor
          – It could be a “character” who found Fett’s armor
          – It could be a player choosing to wear Mandalorian armor

          • SonicScribe

            For anyone that read “Aftermath” one of these is a strong possibility

        • Andrew Black

          What makes this post ROTJ? Because you said so?

          • No, the fact that the official description of the dlc says it’s post ROTJ makes it post ROTJ. Read the article before commenting next time.

        • therightclique

          This is a massive leap in logic.

        • mcbobbo

          Just found this article today. Deserves an update, doesn’t it? Unless we’re also saying that it’s canon that the Emperor was present during the Battle of Hoth? Or that Luke and Vader crossed sabers on the battle field during the Battle of Endor?

        • David Digi

          You are wrong, he is simply a playable character. Battlefront doesn’t even have a story, do your research.

        • David Digi

          “Which would have been approved by lucasfilms story group” huh? Based on what proof? Game developers decided he’d be fun to play as, it’s not canon. You really think this is boba fetts big return..?

        • jo

          sorry, but the screenshot is from the map “jundland wastes” – accredited to being part of Tatooine; not Jakku.

      • HolyFranchiseBatman!

        And do you think those hundreds of people just do and say what they want?

        • Josh Carrico

          You miss my meaning. If they were going to “officially” announce that Boba Fett is still alive past Tatooine they would do it in a way that wasn’t as round-about as “this game is canon” and releasing a screen shot of Boba Fett in a level that takes place after his death. That’s not how official statement are made.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            You don’t need to issue a press release to make something official. Including him in a trailer depicting a battle post Return of the Jedi is official, you know, seeing as it is an officially released trailer…

            Anyway, we’re obviously not going to agree, so we might as well leave it at that.

          • Josh Carrico

            Look at it like this. before the canon wipe, The Force Unleashed was canonically equal to the books and such, but only one ending was. If you turned on the Emperor, you were destroyed and helped to establish the Rebellion, the canonical ending as it were. But, you could play out other endings. You could turn on Vader and become Sidious’ apprentice. It happened in the game, but it wasn’t considered the canonical ending. I’m not saying that Boba Fett won’t be coming back, I’m just saying that Battlefront being announced as canon + Boba Fett is in Battlefront in a scene that likely takes place after his on screen fall into the Sarlaac does not equal Disney officially announces that Boba Fett made it out of the Sarlaac.

          • tailhook

            Pretty much. But you have a lot of kids these days that don’t understand how the world works yet.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            If you were any further up your own arse you’d disappear.

          • tailhook

            I only speak truth to fiction. Don’t be so bitter.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            No, you share your opinion. And then call people “kids” like you know better. I remember watching Return of the Jedi in the cinema. Pretty sure that makes me too old to qualify as a kid these days.

          • tailhook

            Considering that RoTJ was in the cinema in 1997…

            And this isn’t rocket science. If you can’t instantly tell that Disney is lying through their teeth and will repave anything and everything as needed… well… then you don’t know much about Movie Production.

            Just a gullible mark and while your age might not be that of a kid, you certainly have the mentality of one. Simply learn how the world works.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Yeah, and I was there too as an adult. Frankly, I’m bored of your insults now. As your posts prove, you’re just a knob who’s butthurt that his vision of Star Wars doesn’t match with the real one. Grow up.

          • tailhook

            I couldn’t care less about Star Wars. People trying to make books into canon.. ya.. that’s bullshit of the first degree and hasn’t flown anytime, anywhere. Its simply not the way the world works. The books will be paved over as needed. Its happened before, it’ll happen again.

          • Shawn Patrick

            “Just a gullible mark and while your age might not be that of a kid, you certainly have the mentality of one.”

            You’re using insults for people who disagree about what might or might not be canon for Star Wars from a video game. That’s not exactly adult behavior. Why are you getting so hilariously angry about such a trivial thing?

          • Skallagrimsson

            Like you do know movie production… lol..you’re just a crying little bitch in his mom’s basement.

          • Jason Spicer

            I believe you mean 1987 for RotJ, not ’97.

          • Ryan Jones

            Pseudo-journalist is just butthurt that his “logic” that he tried to rip from a video game screen cap is being ripped to shreds.
            Most likely Boba Fett isn’t available as a playable character on any of the regular maps (or just 1) so he’s bonus content. Wouldn’t be surprised if Starkiller was bonus DLC too. OH SHIT, STARKILLER CANON CONFIRMED! Heard it here first people!
            No, you know what? I hope wannabe-writer’s bullshit “logic” is right. If Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are old and fat, you can be damn sure Boba Fett aged too. Nothing will make me laugh more than seeing an old, pot bellied Boba barely getting off the ground with his jetpack.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            I didn’t rip the screencap. If you bothered to read the article, you’ll see that I sourced it. And when does a wannabe writer become an actual real writer?

          • Skallagrimsson

            Apparently only when, and for as long as you please the person writing the post.

            Funny how that works eh? People may have learned that the sun does not revolve around the earth, but most still think the entire universe revolve around them.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Agreed, but the fact that Starkiller faced Vader and The Emperor WAS canon. If, and granted, this is an if that I am basing on the above screenshot, Boba Fett takes part in the Battle of Jakku, and plays any role in it (in whatever form the game tells the story), then it is canon that he’s alive, according to Disney. So, we’ll see.

          • Josh Carrico

            There we go. “So we’ll see.” I one-hundred percent agree with you that we will see. The fact remains that the title of the article is still, “Disney makes it official…”, which to me, is sloppy journalism and the definition of clickbait. There are a lot of people pointing out on this thread that it is probably quite possible, since Fett is such a popular character, Disney would definitely want to bring him back. And that is very much true. In fact, I would argue that he is so popular, that this is not how they intend to announce his canonical return to the galaxy.

          • Frzen

            wrong the TFU book was canon, games was not.. same characters and events but different tone… but those went way of EU… and lucas made TFU in house at lucas arts… not canon anymore… but Boba is every clone trooper technically anyone could have become Boba

          • Stephen Smith

            You really are an idiot. But I commend your attempt to utilize hype and timely buzz to stay relevant. But youre completly wrong. And now months after both Battlefront and The Force Awakens have been released you look like a moron.

          • [email protected]

            Hype and timely buzz? The article is over a year old and at the time it was written it was implied that Boba Fett was at the Battle of Jakku. There was even a trailer of him flying over the Sarlacc. You’ve posted about five comments crying about it, a year later. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Do you want a gold star or something? Numpty.

          • Frzen

            its disney they wouldn’t announce anything if it pertains to the story… it would be on opening day maybe even in the end credits now since marvel…

      • Baigandine L

        According to Kathleen Kennedy, a videogame should now have equal canon status to a film.

        • Orga777 .

          No. Disney said everything released at this point will be considered canon. And Boba Fett is going to survive the Sarlaac Pit for two main reasons. 1) People that are writing the books will bring him back no matter the cost. 2) He is extremely popular in the fandom, and Disney would make a lot of money off of his character. It is just smart to bring him back.

          • tailhook

            What Disney says means jack and shit. They’re an evil corporation looking to push product. They will say whatever it takes to push more product.

            They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.

            One need only go back to the debacle known as The Lost Experience, but that probably happened before you were born.

          • tailhook

            What Disney says means jack and shit. They’re an evil corporation looking to push product. They will say whatever it takes to push more product.

            They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.

            One need only go back to the debacle known as The Lost Experience, but that probably happened before you were born.

          • Kickback Jack

            How does that make them “evil”? Because they’re out to make a buck? Isn’t that what Apple does? Samsung? The people who made the very computer you posted that stupid statement with? Lockheed Martin makes FIGHTER PLANES that kill people! But the company that made “Beauty And The Beast” is “evil?” Boy, are you small-minded.

          • Shawn Patrick

            Evil….lol, You’re too stupid to respond to anymore.

          • Skallagrimsson

            We understand you liked Lost. We know you are not alone.
            We understand you spent a lot of time crying in your mom’s basement about “The Lost Experience”

            The truth however is that Lost doesn’t even amount to a spot on Star Wars’ underwear.. so it cannot be compared in the way you attempt to.

          • tailhook

            Lol.. its all product to Disney. And I never even bothered with The Lost Experience. I was saying the exact same thing then, and people like yourself were eating it up and in turn made the fools while having your time utterly wasted. You’d think people would ‘get it’ by now.. but nope! They take what evil corporations like Disney feed them as gospel, while pissing away their money and time.

          • Stephen Smith

            Is anyone supporting this argument going to admit how wrong and stupid they look yet?

        • tailhook

          Lol.. if you sat her down off the record.. even she doesn’t believe that. But she’s going to try to push product like any other good executive.

        • tailhook

          Lol.. if you sat her down off the record.. even she doesn’t believe that. But she’s going to try to push product like any other good executive.

      • Jayce89

        I’ll raise you Marvel Cinematic Universe
        Is Disney making a bad job there? I don’t think so
        And there’s some difference about the kind of job you’re doing if it’s a tv show like Lost, which is basically…nothing more than a tv show or Hannah Montana, and a 3 generations long international saga (with maybe the most passionate fandom) you bought some billions dollars. Same for Marvel.
        You don’t break your valuable toys, you take care of them.
        Disney guys aren’t foolish enough to do a shitty job on this new EU they’re building. They know how to build up stories. They’re in the businees since 1923…

      • john

        Max von Sydow is supposed to be playing the part of Fett.

    • tailhook

      And as long as it doesn’t interfere with what they write in the movies, that statement can hold true. But they’ll light a torch to any of the so-called ‘canon’ tomorrow if they need to.

      • HolyFranchiseBatman!

        Despite your obnoxious attitude in most of your posts, you’re right here. But where is anyone disputing that? We can only go from what they’ve said – everything from Rebels onwards is canon. Until they break that, it’s fact. You’ve got no argument until then.

    • Erin Stevenson

      There’s also a sandcrawler in the background. Fuck Boba and his rabid fanboys, dead is dead.

    • Superhog

      Yeah, if anything the campaign is. But Fett’s inclusion in gameplay may be from multiplayer. You’re jumping to conclusions.

    • StarWarsRogue1

      In the Boba pic we see the fallen star destroyer, a sand crawler, and several X-wings flying by. The last know place Boba was is Tatooine, the only place that has Sand Crawlers, to our knowledge, is Tatooine.

      In TFA trailer pic we see a fallen star destroyer, in the same position as the Boba pic and we see a fallen x-wing in the foreground.

      This is just too much coincidence to me. I think JJ is trying to pull a fast one on us with this Jakku jargon. I really think Jakku is what JJ is calling Tatooine, to keep it a secret from fans. If you guys remember JJ swore up and down that Cumberbatch was not playing Khan in Star Trek 2, and look what happened.

    • PorkinsEject
    • David Digi

      Simply false, battle fronts developers clearly said the games canon is a “complicated situation” and that everything and anything that conflicts with the films is not canon. You idiots really think they’d reveal something like this in a multiplayer game with no story? Nope. The game doesn’t even have a story for it to be canon. This is like pretending that smash brothers is canon, it’s not. It’s a multiplayer game where you can play as Star Wars characters alive or dead. Or I guess I missed the scene where the emperor was running around hoth killing everyone? Or any fucking scene where a character does something that wasn’t in the movie?

    • Corbin Newhard

      In that case, Vader and Palpatine would have survived to fight on Jakku as well. The game is canon, but the gameplay is not.

  • JuanTizmo


    • Dominic

      That’s funny, when I read “Good”, in my mind I heard it as Palpatine saying it.

      • Michael Ferro

        Or from the Family Guy clip. Damn you Seth MacFarlane!!! Why you always got to ruin everything??!!! Especially Star Wars!!! lol

  • RoG™

    Now the only question is, will his movie be set pre or post original trilogy? hmmmm

    • As long as they get Jason Wingreen (Bulloch was NOT the voice; he was only the guy in the costume) to do his voice again.

      • Kickback Jack

        Well, since Temeura Morrison has already been established in-canon as Boba Fett’s genetic template and father, I find than highly unlikely, especially since he re-dubbed all of Fett’s lines in “Empire’.

        • What I find highly unlikely is that Boba Fett would have the exact same voice as Jango after 30-odd years. Any number of things could have affected his voice, not to mention accents are NOT genetic.

          • Kickback Jack

            It makes perfect sense, actually. Jango Fett was Mandalorian, and spoke Mandolorian, which Boba grew up speaking as his native tongue, just loke how Mexican children born and raised in the US to Mexican-born parents speak with their parents accents. Plus he is in “Empire” roughly the same age as his father was in “Attack”.

          • Yeah, and people can lose their accents if spending enough time around people who don’t share that accent.

            It was a pointless, stupid, and unnecessary change on top of a pile of other pointless, stupid, and unnecessary changes Lucas has inflicted on audiences for the last twenty years.

      • RoG™

        I HATE the fact boba is a clone. and Hate it even more that they, gave all the clones the same New Zealand accent, as if thats a genetic trait. did they think the audience would be confused if they sounded different? boba fett would have had a totally different up bringing than a clone, it was dumb his voice was excactly the same….yeah, his dad had that accent, but he died when he was a kid so i doubt by adulthood he’d sound identical.

        • Sway9

          All the clones were raised together, thus it makes sense they share the same accent. And Boba was raised by Jango in obscurity, thus it makes sense that they share the same accent as well.

          Also, it’s Star Wars.

          • RoG™

            i thought the same thing, with the upbringing and all…it still seemed stupid the clones, boba, and jango all sound exactly the same. as if george wasn’t sure we’d understand they were clones under the armor and gave them all the same voice to remind us. just a nit pick i guess.

          • Shadow

            Seriously, they changed the badass voice to the generic clone voice unnecessarily. They’re saying the trouble with making a Boba Fett movie is that they want him to be the protagonist without making him any less menacing; it was pretty much ruined that by changing the voice.

        • Shadow

          My god! Thank you so much! That post sums up my entire existence!

    • John Ram

      This movie will be post original trilogy. It even mentions in the article that the Battle of Jakku was post Endor. This movie takes place partly on Jakku many years after the battle, not sure how long though.

      • Ry

        He’s talking about Boba Fett’s movie, just to be clear. Not Episode VIII.

  • And yet they remove Mara Jade from canon. Bad form, Disney, bad form.

    • methos84

      As of right now she’s not a part of canon, but that doesn’t mean she’ll never appear. I’m fairly confident Disney will bring her back at some point, this new canon is still young, give it time.

      • JackAWinters

        If she wasn’t canon as of yet, why Disney is selling her Black Series action figure in their store? It is only approved merchandise that gets sold there right?

        • methos84

          I don’t think toy lines are effected so much by the new canon. The figure itself was manufactured in 2013 and it wasn’t until 2014 when Disney announced the new canon and that the Expanded Universe would be rebranded “Legends.” The EU isn’t gone, just not official anymore. I would be shocked if Disney stops selling toys featuring characters from EU. That’s money of the table.

        • tailhook

          Disney would sell a fork from Palpatine’s dinner table if they thought you would buy it.

          There is always a segment of delusional folks that believe canon exists outside of what is shown in the movies, and they are always proven to be hilariously wrong.

      • nivekious

        If they change her backstory it doesn’t count. I don’t want a Mara whose wasn’t the Emperor’s Hand, didn’t marry Luke and have Ben, and didn’t try to stop Darth Caedus any more than I’d want a Luke who never became a Jedi or a Han who never met Chewy.

  • Chad_Caughmann

    While I am excited for the new movies, I think Star Wars “canon” has lost a lot of it’s prestige and meaning since Disney took over.

    • John Ram

      Not really. The old canon was very out there. You also had very good writers mixed with very bad writers who had their works as cannon. In the old Canon there was a Ewok fighter pilot, and in 2nd tier canon I think there was even a ewok freighter captain. To much junk was made canon.

      • Jason

        There were things that were “approved”, but Lucas often said that only the movies were true canon.

        • tailhook

          Pretty much. Garbage pulp tie-in books are garbage pulp tie-in books.

      • Keihryon

        There was never an actual Ewok pilot. In the Wraith Squadron series, Wedge Antilles ran a covert op as a pirate gang in infiltrate an Imp Warlord’s organization…so they were flying stolen TIE’s, and as a prank or something, Wedge attached a stuffed Ewok to his suit so anyone who got close enough to see into his cockpit, they would see an Ewok…….You should really read the series…its hilarious.

      • guest9999

        That stuff was never canon. The films, novelizations of the films and TCW were the only canon stuff. The post ROTJ E.U. was particularly NOT canon. Lucas always said that stuff was never anything at all like what he had planned. He only let them go wild and free for that stuff since he thought that was a time period he’d never get to (bur even so he always said, just in case he ever did, all the stuff would instantly go).

        • Diggin Little Boots

          Nope, You are completely wrong. In 2001, Lucasfilms had a press release that explicitly stated that the Expanded Universe was canon and only things that were branded as “Infinities” were considered non-canon. The canon system developed by Lucasfilms employee Leland Chee (his sole job was to organize and update the Expanded Universe and identify what was canon and what non-canon) stated that, so long as it did not conflict with higher tier canon material, it would be considered canon.

          The films were the main foundations for the entire universe, then came Feloni’s TV series, then there was all the C-Canon material, which included all of the Novels, Comic Books, and Role Playing games and sources, then the Video Game canon (specifically games with alternate endings that would be later clarified in C-canon material), and finally N-canon material or non-canon material. So long as it did not conflict with material at a higher tier than it, then it would be considered canon.

          This system permitted for Lucas to do as he wished and would relegate any sort of mass reboot irrelevant for a long time. Then, Disney came along and decided to scrap it all and then create their own canon system where “everything is on the same level of canon”, which is what will bring about a reboot twenty years down the road.

          All of you people commenting against the Expanded Universe need to take the time to study this subject. You are all ignorant on the issue itself and, likewise, you should not be saying anything at all.

    • MrSunshine

      It lost its meaning and prestige when Lucas made the Prequels.


      • Pax Humana

        Must I tell you that it is Duck Season?

      • guest9999

        What the heck is wrong with Midichlorians? What did they even change? They even made sense, since it was long said that Vader had lost a lot of his power when he lost physical parts of his body.

  • DougMilb

    You can’t salvage Boba Fett’s reputation at this point. He screamed like a little bitch when he fell into the pit. He is the Howard Dean of Star Wars.

    • Diggin Little Boots

      And then the Expanded Universe made him into even more of a badass.

  • Baigandine L

    Disney is going to confirm a lot of the old canon they swept away, as they already have been, especially popular things like this. Their main problem was the later post RotJ stuff. Also they just wanted to sell more books by giving them a new “canon” status.

    • nivekious

      That’s backfired horribly. The old EU was always canon, and it sold great. The new one has been terrible so far, and sales have plummeted because they spurned loyal EU fans who aren’t interested in a reboot of the continuity they invested decades in, and movie-only fans are still movie-only fans. If they were interested in reading books, they would have been reading the EU.

  • Brad Risinger

    Read the Bounty Hunter Trilogy… it was already established how he would have/did survive.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Disney has wiped all of that.

      • nivekious

        As far as they’re concerned maybe. As far as I’m concerned, Star Wars ended last April when they cancelled the EU, and they won’t get one red cent out of me until that decision is reversed. Based on the sales of their “canon” books, I’d say there are plenty who feel the same.

    • guest9999

      hack nonsense
      cheap Saturday morning stuff to excite cartoon loving fanboys

      • Diggin Little Boots

        Kind of like the Force Awakens?

        • guest9999

          I hope not. Some of the more extreme rumors regarding the supposed JJ+Disney stabbing Lucas in the back and tossing out his stories talk does have somewhat worried. Personally I think those claims are radically exaggerated, but I do worry a bit that it might just be some JJ+Disney hack fanfic and not the real 7-9.

          • Diggin Little Boots

            Honestly, I would have preferred that they didn’t make the films at all. The saga arc we had with Anakin’s life was satisfactory enough. Personally, though, I would have liked to have seen some adaptations of the Expanded Universe novels or even some of the games like KOTOR. Why? Because those stories did remain true to the source material while providing a new, interesting perspective on the matter.

            I absolutely love the Thrawn Trilogy because we have the original cast from the original trilogy and we see that many of them have matured and are now having to deal with establishing a Republic while the Imperial Remnant is now at a stalemate with the New Republic. Also, the main antagonist is something that is radically different from Darth Vader and the Emperor. Instead of leading the remains of the Empire by brute force and violence, he uses cunning and strategy to win while using gorilla style tactics to fight the New Republic. Finally, and most importantly, not only did Lucas assist Timothy Zahn with some of the information regarding the book, it also reads and flows like a film and it would have been a perfect book to adapt as a Star Wars film. That’s my personal belief about what they could have done, but it’s just a personal belief.

  • Bruce

    Darth Vader was in the trailer, does that mean he’s alive also?

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      I must have missed the part where Darth Vader was on Jakku, sorry.

    • Spadizzle92891

      where was vader alive in the trailer? or are just just stupid?

      • Jay

        for the game not the movie… stay with the group people!

    • Wange

      That part of the trailer for Battlefront was the Battle of Endor which is the battle in Return of The Jedi, so yes Vader would be alive

      • Josh Carrico

        Right, but it doesn’t seem very likely that he was involved in any of the ground combat. In the movie, he lands on Endor, a commander presents a surrendered Luke and then they go back to the Death Star. But, apparently, since it’s in an advertisement for a canonical game, it happened. I guess he left Luke behind for a while and went out to fight some Rebels before he went back to his master.

        • Wange

          Yeah he didn’t take part but he was there so thats probably why he is in it. In previous Battlefront hero’s and villains take part for just cause why not reasons. Jango Fett you can play in the Battle of Kashyyk even though he was dead before it even occured. What else… in Battlefront 2 you could play rebel/empire forces at maps where they never battled but the clones/separatists did.

          Still I’m looking forward to this game. I’ve been wanting and waiting for a new one for a long time.

          • nivekious

            Previous Battlefronts were considered S (secondary) Canon. Parts of their plots could be built into canon, but gameplay elements were not necessarily canon. Disney has made no such distinction in their new “everything we do is canon and everything we didn’t make isn’t” stance.

    • Frzen

      As a force ghost, why else would Luke say “My father has it” in the ep 7 trailer… if he was dead gone it be HAD….. stupid Bruce.. next time dont bother

      • Josh Carrico

        He’s talking about the Battlefront trailer, where they have him fighting on the ground in the Battle of Endor, no matter how little sense that makes. But whatever, it’s canon now.

  • InvisibleZombie

    Wait, please make it clearer that this is a video game! I thought for a moment the article was about the alternating new movie universe.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Youre; right. I assumed that people would know Battlefront is a video game. I’ve changed the description, thanks.

  • Nathan

    Except it was already canon that he was alive…..http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Boba_Fett#Survival

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      None of that is canon any more. Disney wiped the slate clean apart from the movies and The Clone Wars. Only new stuff since their purchase is now in canon – Marvel comics, Rebels, new books, etc. The old EU is gone.

      • nivekious

        Only if fans let it be. There are many of us who refuse to accept Disney’s choice to throw out 99% of what makes Star Wars great.

    • Wrong

      If you look at the top of that wiki page, there are two tabs… “Canon” and “Legends”. You linked the Legends tab, which of course would have everything ever written about Boba Fett. If you switch to the Canon tab, his story ends when he falls into the Sarlacc.

  • alpha198

    Actually Boba Fett doesn’t need to have survived to be a playable character in the game. He could just be a bonus character for online play rather thanin the main storyline. Happens all the time.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      You’re right, he could. But we don’t see any other characters. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • James Campbell

    This is ridiculous. This in no way confirms Fett survived the Sarlacc. The game also has Darth Vader. Does that mean Vader survived his obvious death and funeral pyre?

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      The main game is set during the OT, so obviously it’s going to have Vader in. This is a DLC level set after Return of the Jedi. Did you just miss the entire second paragraph?

  • Loser

    Except they already told us the planet in the trailer is NOT tattoine, which is where Fett got gobbled up, and the very same planet there are jawa sandcrawlers. So nice try.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Who said anything about Tatooine? Do they have a monopoly on sandcrawlers? I imagine the manufacturers are missing out on a huge market if they won’t sell them to other planets with deserts.

  • O.K, ok, oh kay will someone help clarify something for me? I thought clones had a limited life span. . . that Boba Fett was seeking a cure for this and that he was suppose to be one of the last surviving clones. . . Is this no longer cannon?

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      The clones’ aging process has been sped up, but Boba Fett is an unaltered clone, so I assume he’d have a normal lifespan.

  • James Campbell

    I see a Jawa Sandcrawler in the background. I assumed this scene took place on Tatooine as the official Star Wars site says that Jawas are only found on Tatooine. http://www.starwars.com/databank/jawa

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Well maybe I am wrong then. The previous EU has Sandcrawlers as mining vehicles though, so anyone could have one in theory. I assumed it wasn’t Tatooine as there’s no battle there in the OT and the crashed Star Destroyer looks beyond a coincidence to me, especially as they announce a Jakku DLC level.

  • Clint Parker

    For god sakes stop changing things. Why can’t they just leave it alone? Boba died in the Sarlacc Pit, end of discussion. It’s just another reason why I despise people making stuff that happens after Return of the Jedi. Star Wars is being tricked out like a cheap whore just for money. Here is a better idea, COME UP WITH SOME ORIGINAL IDEAS FOR ONCE.

    • guest9999

      Exactly! I’m sick of all this clamor to re-live 4-6! I’m worried that JJ was said to be obsessed with revisiting 4-6 in all ways and that Lucas’ son said Lucas planned to move things past 4-6 quickly in his 7-9 versions. All it does it cheapens 4-6 and turns everything in cheap hack work and yet, ironically, the prequel haters who trash Lucas for being a ‘hack’, seem to love the idea of more or less re-making 4-6, just with a new name for each character (other than Boba or Maul, because are too cool to get killed). Blech.

    • Diggin Little Boots

      I see someone has never read any of the Expanded Universe stories. He survived and went on to help train both Leia’s and Han’s children while also assisting the New Republic against the Vong invasion. Also, the explanation for his survival actually makes sense considering his armor is Mandalorian armor, which can withstand the digestive juices of a Sarlacc.

      • guest9999

        According to Lucas, Luke wasn’t even supposed to have ever had kids.
        And the Vong belong in Star Trek.

        • Diggin Little Boots

          Nah, the Vong are more like the Tyrannids in Warhammer 40000 and, personally, I like the inclusion of them, since, for one, it actually gives a purpose for the reasoning of having something like the Death Star, and two, it made the universe a little darker, which is what Star Wars almost needed. Either way, though, if Lucas didn’t like the idea of Luke getting married in the first place, he could have simply denied that story. You have to remember, Lucas had to approve everything that Lucasfilms was producing, including the novels, and so if he didn’t like something, he could simply deny it and prevent the story from occurring. Also, you have to remember that Lucas wanted to let other people write in his universe and tell their own stories within his universe. What he would do is check it out and approve of it or not.

  • illucio

    Of course EA already has DLC announced before the actual game was released. WHY THE HECK DID DISNEY GIVE EA THE RIGHTS TO THE GAME!? The game is going to look great, but the consumers are going to be treated like crap from EA. And I bet it’s going to be a rushed game with a ton of problems.

  • Kevin

    yeah well, DISNEY, SHUT THE F*** UP!!! We all knew Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc before you owned the SW Franchise. We all read “Tales of The Bounty Hunters” in 1996. Boba is the only person that has escaped the sarlacc, Dengar helps Fett heal, and still manages to search and kick Solo’s ass. This is SW canon, not Disney “canon” shit.

    • guest9999

      No that was cheap hack work. All it did was cheapen 4-6. Why the heck did they even bother with 4-6 if Boba, the Emperor, everyone is just back again? Even Hollywood isn’t that hack repetitive.

      • Diggin Little Boots

        Maybe, if you read some novels, you would understand and you would come to like it. Although the Emperor’s return is kind of… eh… it’s still not bad and the explanation for his return would fit his personality to the letter.

        • guest9999

          I’ve read some. Some of the post ROTJ stuff is OK, lots is….
          The 1-6 era and earlier stuff seemed better to me than the post-ROTJ for the most part.

      • nivekious

        All Disney has done so far is an Episode IV-VI nostalgia fest! The EU presented plenty of original ideas, I’ve seen no such thing from Disney. If they were capable of creative thought, they wouldn’t have had to get rid of the past 30 years of stories, and could have written in the space between and after them.

        • guest9999

          I do agree with that, in part. Personally I think that is dangerous territory to focus on too since it might potentially step all over Luca’s ideas for that era. And it also strikes me as the worst, cheapest pandering to the prequel hating all we want is 4-6 over and over and over again crowd and will go insane if anything isn’t just exactly like the look and feel and every last detail of 4-6 again and again. I think it shows Disney might not have any deep sense of the mythology and what it is all about, but are just a bunch of suits who have no clue about Chewbacca from a Klingon and just see a few blog rants against 1-3 and Lucas and a few articles about the amazing 4-6 and so just push 4-6, 4-6, 4-6.
          OTOH, I do agree that they did have to toss out all the post-ROTJ stuff. The fact is none of that stuff ever had anything to do with any of the various plans Lucas ever had for post-ROTJ events and plenty of it was simply flat out incompatible. They might still bring in a character or event or two though.
          At least originally 7-9 were supposed to be the true 7-9 from Lucas, at least in general outline, so they had to dump the post-ROTJ stuff. I get the impression that writers and directors wouldn’t have come on board to just do post-ROTJ EU books either.
          Of course with all the talk that JJ went crazy and decided he knew better and then Disney apparently also deciding the same and supposedly tossing Lucas aside and creating new stories from scratch, if that really is true, and I have a lot of doubts that the goings on were actually anywhere near that extreme, then I do start to have a bit more sympathy with you since we wouldn’t be getting the real 7-9 anyway and just some JJ+Disney fan fic. I suspect that the 7-9 stories from Lucas were not actually totally tossed out and that the key Skywalker and main bad and very broadest outlines of what were supposed to happen have still got to be the same. At least I sure hope so, because the lack of any substance underneath Super 8 and the mess of a story for the new Star Treks and the kinda whatever deep plotting/mythlogy for Avengers and such has me very worried if JJ+Disney did turn around and stab Lucas in the back and actually totally toss out all his ideas for pure fanfiction.

  • The Craggus

    Boba Fett is the Star Wars saga’s allegorical personification of the saying: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” Every appearance by the character lessened his appeal and mystique until the prequels totally crapped on him – worse than falling into a giant desert vagina in ROTJ. Bringing Fett back would be the polar opposite of cool. Let him rest in peace with the little dignity Lucas left him and bring me new, cool characters instead.

  • FakedFatalism

    It’s very possible Boba shows up in the new trilogy. My bet he is that shiny chrome trooper with the cape. Look how he carries his gun. He gets the new armor and for whatever reason has waited it out o get some comeuppance and goes after Han’s kid. By the trailer it looks like its the same guy in the TIE that chases the Falcon through that burned out Stardestroyer. Essentially that is what Ep. 7 is all about, the new generation being pursued by the new Sith and Empire (or whatever they are calling it) and the old generation having to step in and probably get sacrificed turning over the reigns to the kids.

  • kkgator

    There is no reason why Boba Fett should have been resurrected. None.
    I really don’t care for any of the fan fiction related to Star Wars.
    I’m not remotely interested in anyone else’s “vision” for the Star Wars universe beyond what is in the six movies.

    • Pax Humana

      You, sir, are a dick butt.

    • guest9999


      I pray that they didn’t really toss the true 7-9 stories, the ones from Lucas for some hack job from JJ and Disney, that’s nothing but new E.U. They have all the room in the world to do their own stuff post 9 and pre-1. 1-9 should be for Lucas’ main ideas alone. (Also I pray that if they do use Lucas’ stuff he didn’t get suckered into taking too much of the hack stuff from the E.U. in some attempt to appease the whiny internet Star Wars ‘fan’ set.)

    • Diggin Little Boots

      Well then, anything Disney produces will just be fan fiction, too. 😉

  • True

    Considering you can play as Darth Vader fighting in the Battle of Endor, you probably shouldn’t take a hero character appearing in any of these battlegrounds as “cannon.”

  • This doesnt mean jackshit … in the previous Battlefront games you could mix and match characters and levels just the same. Not to mention this is trailer/teaser/pre release photoage … meaning they could just wanted two interesting things in one shot. Jakku(the planet) and Boba Fett(the character).

  • RaunchyDawg

    I don’t think the command tower of that star destroyer would have survived intact with that angle of impact. A little disappointing that details like that are overlooked.

  • Jethro

    The consumers ought to just shut up and eat what’s fed to them.

  • Sean Loudon Mcguire

    And here’s something else to consider. Given the Fett’s capabilities, being able to get out of scraps worse that what he was in, and the amount of firepower he had at his disposal, I never saw how he could so easily die in the Sarlaac. IIt had just seemed too convenient and I didn’t see Bobba Fett dying so easily. So I’m glad that it’s official Fett survived. It just makes sense.

    • Jedi302

      Lol when I originally saw the movie ROTJ my impression was he (Bobba Fett) never died in the sarlaac pit I saw him fall into it then the scene cuts to the main action as he struggled to get out Folks he has a jet pack and thermal and pyro tools to get out he wasn’t unconscious only way I think he would be dead from that pit. I think people think assumptions are fact just like people think the emperor died down the shaft vader threw him in if there isn’t a corpse never assume anything lol.Just to reply to the Bonus hero characters like Vader people are obsessed talking about you need to know the original Battlefront series you get OT characters to play as the game Battlefront is mostly a OT game but i see the new one’s will expand on them as the movies come out they have a 10 yr deal so I see a lot of new nuances coming ahead but the first game will be mostly like the original Battlefront with a new dlc that’s my take thanks.

      • guest9999

        Jeez you saw the Emperor get VAPORIZED in ROTJ.

        • Diggin Little Boots

          Yeah, and he comes back as a clone, just like Joruus C’boath.

  • Zoe Q

    Is ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ canon? I have never heard anything more about Chewbacca’s wife and offspring and father.

  • “As the comments below show, there’s some debate over whether the image depicts Tatooine or Jakku.”

    Honestly, I’d say it’s not the same one or the landscape would be different. There are hundreds of Star Destroyers out there that were in orbit around several planets. This was just a second one that crashed on Jakku.

  • Rickman2k

    I thought Boba Fetts son took over the part ?

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    Bobba Fett was killed with the sarlacc, how on earth did he survive after Return of the Jedi?

    • guest9999

      he didn;t

    • Diggin Little Boots

      He’s wearing Mandalorian Armor, which is made of Mandalorian Steel. Mandalorian Steel is LIGHTSABER resistant, so the armor itself would easily protect him from the stomach acid. Also, considering it would take a thousand years for him to digest and considering he had a ton of tools at his disposal, it’s not hard to see him surviving.

  • tailhook

    You kids never learn.

    The only thing that is canon is what you see on the screen in the movies. They’re already repaving over the Timothy Zahn Trilogy for these 3 new films, and make no mistake… if someone writing VIII said that something would be a marvelous plot twist, but gosh… it would interfere with ‘canon’ from some obscure book? The so-called ‘canon’ gets laughed at and repaved over in service of the movies.

    The only canon is on that screen and that stuff which hasn’t yet been contradicted by whats on that screen. If you want to think Boba Fett is alive because he was seen in a VIDEO GAME? Well, more power to you. But its only true if Disney decides to go that way in the films. Does Disney want you to believe all this stuff is ‘canon’ in order to sell merchandise? YES, yes they do. So lie to the kids, rake in more money, and run damage control if something with the ‘canon’ has to die in making the movies.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      The Timothy Zahn books were never considered canon, only EU canon. Which shows what you know.

      • tailhook

        LOL.. Disney just got done swearing on a stack of Mickey’s that the EU WAS canon. And yes, they were considered canon when they were released as a replacement for 7-9 as Uncle George swore on a stack of stormtroopers he’d never make a 7-9.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          Show me one comment, from any source, where Disney said the old EU was canon. Or where anyone from Lucasfilm said they were canon to the movies. You haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. Go and bore someone else with your drivel.

          • Pax Humana

            If you two dimwits do not have a cup of shut the fuck up, you will see a shovel being used in a way that you two will not like, okay? Thank you.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Oh shut up you keyboard warrior. What are you going to do, virtually hit me with your virtual shovel? Tit.

          • Honest Joe

            Show one comment from any source where Disney have said Bobba Fett is alive…

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Well, that was kind of the point of this post. Seems it wasn’t enough evidence for many.

          • Diggin Little Boots

            2001, Lucasfilms released a press statement that explicitly stated that the Star Wars Expanded Universe was canon.

    • Diggin Little Boots

      Oh, that “obscure book” is an award-winning novel and the first Science Fiction novel to make the Number 1 spot in weekly sales. Not only that, but it’s also considered one of the top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel series of all time. So, you have that. Honestly, why not simply adapt it to the big screen, since that seems to be a big thing in Hollywood right now? If anything, it would only cause more people to buy the novel and only make it more popular.

      • tailhook

        No idea wtf you’re talking about as your reply has 0 to do with what I posted. You get drunk or something and decide to post rants on random threads?

        • Diggin Little Boots

          Nope, you were insulting Award-winning novels that are considered some of the best novels in Science Fiction. Also, the entire issue with Episode VII, VIII, and IX is that they could have easily worked with the lore that had already been established and it would have been no harder to do so than having to rewrite every single story again and having to completely re-do everything.

  • Stacey Jenkins

    Nobody said he was going to be in the new movie…..and the setting he is in looks like tatooine where he “died” anyways….I guess we’ll see….

  • Bruab

    Bring back Jar Jar Binks

  • Battlefront Series Fan

    Does anyone remember the original Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront 2? When playing those games you have 2 distinct setups, Droids vs Clones for the prequel matches, and Empire vs Rebels. Given that you could play on any moon for a quick battle, you had to pick which match up you were selecting, and guess what, with each match up came their appropriately aged hero units. Depending on the level, for droids you’d get Jango Fett and another character, Clones would net you Ki Adi Mundi or Obi Wan or Yoda. Empire got you Vader or Boba Fett, Rebels were Luke, Chewy, and I think Han Solo. The important thing to note was you always got the same people depending on your team.

    Now here’s the crux: If you played on a planet that didn’t appear in your era, like say Endor and Hoth but with prequels teams, or Mustafar or Geonosis with classic teams, YOU KEPT YOUR ERA’S HEROES. So you could see weird hero units in the wrong time and place. Like exactly in the trailer with Boba Fett. Of course he’s a playable character, but is he still alive? Not if the expanded universe doesn’t count, unless Disney is just picking and choosing.

  • e_z80

    I say it’s Jakku as well. The Star Destroyer lands at the same angle seen in the film’s trailer and that looks to be the same X-Wing exploding just past Boba Fett that is also seen in the trailer of the film.

  • Aleric

    Disney abolishes all the non Lucas lore but when they want to use it to make money they steal the idea and then claim it for their own, is it any wonder the new movies are going to suck as bad as the prequels.

  • Bill Wagner

    Fett? Still alive? This is not a surprise if you’ve read a few of the novels. I read the Bobba Fett story about 8 years ago about Bobba Fett escaping that Sarlacc. His suit protected him and he ended up blasting himself out. Evidently he was swallowed up with his blaster and a few other accessories also.

  • Angry Lester Jackson

    I just stick with the original theatrical releases of Episodes IV, V, & VI. I’ve tuned the prequels out of my mind since Lucas ignored so much of the original story and made Anakin into such a whiny cry baby. I am now moving on with Episodes VII, VIII, & IX. Thank goodness for Disney and JJ Abrams.

    • Pax Humana

      Shut the fuck up, you hipster elitist douchebag! You and your ilk ruined Star Wars FAR more than George Lucas EVER did with the Prequels!

      • guest9999

        Indeed, if it wasn’t for their lot we’d be going to a Lucas made SW #7 next month. And possibly gotten to see TCW finished.
        (also Lucas gave TCW team more money than giant Disney has given the Rebels team, so much for the ‘evil’ Lucas)

    • guest9999

      What original story did Lucas ignore in 1-3? Look up old interviews with Lucas from the early 80s and what he said about 1-3 seems an awful like what we got.

      What did you want, some boring dark, born as a bad seed kid? Where is the fall? Where is the tradgedy? How do you redeem that? What happens to the mythlogy?

      You internet hipster ‘fanboys’ can complain about how Lucas is such a fool, but he seems have a lot deeper sense of things than the lot of you.

      • nivekious

        Well the time between the Clone Wars and Episode IV for one. Darth being a title instead of a name. How much non-Jedi knew about the Force. There was a lot that was changed.

    • Diggin Little Boots

      And you are what I would like to call an “Ignorant casual fan.” You choose not to look at the wonders that was produced by the Expanded Universe nor acknowledge Disney’s mistakes because of your love for Nostalgia…

  • Chia

    I think the fett imagery is from a flashback or something that will explain what happened after ROTJ and tie in with the current time that the movie will take place in.

  • Kevin Pope

    No. At the far left of the screen, that’s a Jawa Sandcrawler. That’s not Jakku. Nice clickbait though.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Since when do Jawas have the monopoly on sandcrawlers?

      • Kevin Pope

        Don’t be a lazy shit and do your own research to find out. I don’t get paid to educate you on SW lore.

        • Mike Shear

          Oh, so this is the giant battle that took place on Tatooine. Right? Oh, wait, that never happened. I guess only the Jawas have Sandcrawlers? Oh wait, since they are likely built by someone other than a scavenging tribe, maybe more than one exists… Huh.. wow, when you can see past your nose, lots of things are possible!

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          I don’t need to do my research. I know they aren’t exclusive to Jawas. Had you bothered to do your research before commenting and trying to be clever, you’d know that too. I was merely informing you that you were wrong, but clearly you don’t understand sarcasm.

  • Disgruntled Fan

    God dammit.. Ive been avoiding the damn trailer trying to spoil the new movie as much as possible and you put this in the title… instead of.. “THIS MAJOR CHARACTER” This is why Im starting to hate this information instantly garbage… STOP RUINING the FUN OF THE MOVIE! People during Empire Strikes back’s time were lucky… if it’d be released now there’d be the title “YOU WONT BELIEVE WHO FROM THE EMPIRE IS LUKES FATHER”

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Calm down, this has got nothing to do with the movie. It’s a video game.

      • Kevin Pope

        You really have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Disney have stated that everything they make from here on out, including the games, is canon.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          I’m referring to Boba Fett being in Battlefront, not The Force Awakens, in reply to the above comment. Did that really go over your head? It’s pretty clear I’m aware that Battlefront is part of the new canon, seeing as I wrote the article and have posted countless comments here defending its status as canon.

  • Jason Spicer

    the C-3PO thing was before Disney had the franchise, and they and Lucasfilm have stated several times that anything that happened in the expanded universe prior to the Acquisition was NOT canon.

    • Josh Carrico

      You misunderstand. My point in that is that in video games, it is quite often possible to play levels with characters that were not actually there. There is an official story line to The Force Unleashed and then there are lots of little fun extras that you can do that are not intended to be a part of the actual story line. They are there for fun. Just because Boba Fett is shown in a scene where it would make little sense for Bob Fett to be, doesn’t mean that Disney has “officially revealed that Boba Fett survived the Sarlaac.” He very much might have, but for the writer to say that is official is an overstatement of fact.

    • nivekious

      It absolutely WAS canon, until Disney threw it out last year so that they could resell the same plotlines with their logo on it.

      • Jason Spicer

        I may be mistaken, but I have so far not seen anything in TFA material that says “selling the same plotlines with their logo on it.” Sorry Mickey didn’t hug you when you were a kid, though.

        • Diggin Little Boots

          Because Kylo Re*va*n is “totally” not a knock off of DarRevan and he is “totally” not a melding of Jacen Solo and Darth Revan.

  • Mike Shear

    Do you all think that having Boba Fett in the trailer was a mistake? That was a very obvious move to reveal the character survived. All of these trailer releases (Force Awakens, Battlefront, Rebels) are intended to build hype. There isn’t going to be an “awe shucks, we messed up” mistake during this weekend’s barrage of Star Wars goodies. And no one ever said all the old canon would never be used in the new timeline they are establishing with the movies/books/games/etc. just that the old books and things are no longer canon. I would be shocked if they didn’t mine those ideas for use in the “new” canon

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!


  • Secret Guest

    He died such a doofus death. I am just so surprised people think he’s so cool.

  • Luke Owen

    “As the comments below show, there’s some debate over whether the image depicts Tatooine or Jakku.”

    Yep, The Battle of Jakku DLC pack certainly does throw up some questions about where it’s set…

  • Pegboy30

    Without reading any of the comments… sorry if it’s already been mentioned… I like the story in a Star Wars book I got when i was younger which says Dengar got drunk (on Zeltron wine) the night before Jabbas barge set out to dispose of Luke, Han, Chewie etc at the pit of Carkoon and missed out. When he heard that Jabba was killed he had gone to Sarlacc with hopes of finding some sort of indenti-chip with Jabba that would open the vaults in Jabbas palace that supposedly had all sorts of treasures in it.. Instead he discovered Boba Fett alive but w/o his armor covered in scars and fibers from Sarlacc. Then Dengar basically nursed him back to health in Jabbas palace using medical droids etc. Then they went on the hunt again for Han Solo. Would have been a pretty rad movie to make after Jedi back then.

  • Dan

    Also, this should mean Thrawn is canon because he is in Tie Fighter, created by LucasArts, therefore George Lucas thought of Thrawn as canon.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      George Lucas had nothing to do with TIE Fighter. Thrawn was EU canon, and now he’s not any kind of canon.

      • Dan

        LucasArts is (or was) owned by George Lucas and he has the final say of any content.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          And he said numerous times that the movies were official canon, and EU was EU canon. Which TIE Fighter was. But, do you honestly think he bothered to check every fact and event in the EU? Of course he didn’t. It would have been a full time job. I bet he’s never even seen TIE Fighter in action, just cashed the cheque.

          • Dan

            Timothy Zahn created Thrawn. Then LucasArts used Thrawn in Tie Fighter. You say George Lucas keeps the games and movies separate, yet, who created the planet Courscant? Timothy Zahn. I wouldn’t call that keeping things separate.

          • HolyFranchiseBatman!

            Just because he brought Coruscant into the main movie canon doesn’t mean anything else from those books exist. Clearly the EU doesn’t exist in canon… seeing as The Force Awakens is wiping the Thrawn trilogy and all subsequent books from existence.

            I’m tired of explaining what constitutes Disney Star Wars canon these days. Look it up yourself and you’ll see.

          • Dan

            You know that they are making more Star Wars movies other than the new trilogy right? Thrawn series can be a major possibility. Don’t write it off just because the new movies skip past the events.

          • nivekious

            We know what Disney calls canon. We just think they’re full of crap and aren’t interested in their cashgrab of a new universe.

          • Diggin Little Boots

            Actually, there was no distinction between the two other than their level of canon. Expanded Universe canon, so long as it didn’t contradict the films, was official canon and it would remain official canon so long as nothing affected it.

  • Jonh Hunter

    Throw away character with two lines that dies in a “funny” way made super important by nerds based solely on appearance.

    Artistic integrity.

    • guest9999

      Ironic that they turn around and then have the nerve to call Lucas a ‘tired hack’.

  • the cat

    how bout clone who you need to bring back siths or jedis the clonded a whole army

  • This is a reveal trailer, not a gameplay trailer.

  • Ben

    The only thing “official” is that someone in the battle is wearing the same common style of armor. Is it Bobba Fett? Probably, because they are probably not going to include it without it being Fett, but you are mistaking “official announcement” for “educated speculation.”

  • Mack

    Boba never lived up to the potential that character had so I’m glad about his survival. Plus, it’s always compelling art when the Antagonists are just as resiliant as teh Protagonists. I’m not saying the Emporer and Darth Vader should have survived, there’s clear evidence of their demise as much as Yoda, but Boba still has some story to tell yet.

    • You clearly don’t read and only watch movies. That’s sad. Boba was a true bad ass and a leader. He has a huge storyline. Try picking up a book once in a while. I’m sure even a wiki page could catch you up before you post such BS about Fett showing you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Shane Slosson

    the book this happned in has been caonon for years. also, why would he want revenge against Han Solo? he stated numerous times it was just business. with Jabba dead, the bounty is void, and he’d continue along on his way. if anything, he’d proa
    bly go after Luke for messing up his sweet, sweet jetpack

  • i.e. We know the Star Wars fandom has a hard on for Boba Fett, so we’re going to find a way to shoehorn him into “canon” so people will by our new game.

  • Chemo13

    Nature vs Nurture: Boba was a clone of Jango who was raised by Jango and feared by many. Storm troopers were clones of Jango raised by technology and could not hit a target to save their lives. Just a random observation.

    • The clones COULD hit a target. When the Empire went back to Storm Troopers vs. clones, they used any Joe Shmoe that could fire a rifle and they sucked at it. I didn’t read the Boba Fett solo stories but It’d be cool to see if he ran across any old clones that survived.

  • MacRaider

    The makers of battlefront confirmed it is indeed Jakku at Star Wars Celebration panel. And Disney also confirmed that the game is indeed Canon. Maybe pay more attention to details instead of trying to be a pompous ass.

    • Josh Carrico

      You might be confusing me with something else. Not sure where I’ve been a pompous ass here, but whatever. I have never said that it wasn’t Jakku, nor have I said that the game isn’t canon. What I’m trying explain is that even with a canon game, like The Force Unleashed, there are things that you can do inside the game, for fun, that are not intended to be a part of the official story. Yes, there is indeed a protocol assassin droid named 000 that is quite badass. But in the Force Unleashed, you are able to play the game, Starkiller’s game, as C-3PO. Not, a badass assassin droid named 000, but as C-3PO. Because that is fun to do. That doesn’t mean that the creator’s of the game wanted us to think that between trilogies, C-3PO learned how to be a Sith and fought Darth Vader (although that is a very interesting story), it just means that they wanted to have something fun and extra for the player. EA could very well make a canonical Battlefront game and then say, “You know, people really like Boba Fett, we should make Boba Fett an extra unlockable (or more likely DLC) character in a game. My only argement with this article is that the writer is maj=king a leap by saying that it is official. He should have some contacts that he could get a hold of and clear it all up, but doesn’t seen to be interested in doing that. It’s just shoddy journalism. So I apologize if I’m somehow being pompous here, or showing a short attention span. But I stand by what I’ve said. take it as you will.

  • MacRaider

    Oh and in the new Darth Vader Comic Which IS canon, Vader has a black c3p0 droid called triple zero that is indeed a mass murderer. So try again. Pay attention to detail instead of being mr. short attention span theater.

  • That is so unfortunate as i think many of the novels are great and they just make them irrelevant? Welcome to the JJ disaster that will be Star Wars as he did with STar Trek.

  • Sagey Boo

    Good. Now make KotOR canon.

  • Frzen

    moron read star wars #1 Vader has a black droid named 000 and can use a lightsaber.. no where to google that yet and its canon

  • Ryan Jones

    Was whoever wrote this article born without the proper amount of chromosomes? Or were they dropped on their head a lot as a baby?
    Oh Boba Fett is in the Battlefront trailer so he must be alive in The Force Awakens…what kind of logic is that?????? You know who else was in the Battlefront trailer?…..Darth Vader. Guess what? He’s still dead.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      If you had the mental capacity to read the words in the article you’d understand the logic I have used to reach that conclusion.

  • brancast

    hard to tell if that world is Tatooine or Jakku. The star destroyer in the bg makes it look like Jakku but the sandcrawler makes it looks like Tatooine.

    But Darth Vadar was also in the trailer so maybe the game covers some bits from the film or maybe its like the previous battlefront where you can summon a “hero” living or died that has no connection to the map/world you’re on.

    side note: I hope they bring back the game mode where its heroes vs villains :3

    • Diggin Little Boots

      Sandcrawlers weren’t just exclusive to Tatooine. They were mining vessels that were used throughout the Galaxy.

  • John Samuels

    Darth Vader is also in Battlefront so I’d guess the game covers many battles over a large timeframe. It’s supposedly very close to cannon.

  • garthak

    I’ve been slightly depressed with my decision to not buy the new battlefront, but this article is just another reason why I know I’m making the right decision. the fact that no one else is even discussing it depresses me

    “the Battle of Jakku DLC”

    the game is not even out yet, and they are talking DLC, ALREADY. god damn it ea, would you have some god damned decency. just put it in the game, quit trying to milk people of their money, you would get so much more loyalty, but no, I guess you don’t have to do that, because in typical EA fashion, you bought the name of a game with a good reputation, and you sent it to your drones, so they could pump it out, fill it full of micro transaction bullshit, ruin it, and have people mindlessly throw money at you, like they always do. fuck you ea.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      This DLC is going to be free, but you’re right – most games these days come with expensive season passes which cost almost as much as the original game.

  • Will

    It’s surely Jakku because that’s where the characters are introduced. What’s annoying is how similar it is to Tatooine…. why not just use Tatooine… or at least change the appearance of the desert

  • Rockonn

    Disney’s just getting to this? It was established in 1996. Just because they wanted to throw out the extended universe doesn’t make this an original idea, or news.

  • Harrybillybobgeorge

    Since when is Battlefront official canon? We saw Jango and Darth Maul fighting clones in the last game. Yes, Darth Maul turned out to be alive, only years later.

  • If you have read the books you already knew that Boba Fett survived. This isn’t news. 😮

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      That’s why I started one of the sentences with “unless you’re a fan of the EU”… but the EU has been wiped clean by Disney. So this is news.

    • Holy is lost. It doesn’t matter what’s wiped clean. It’s a given that Fett survives. HOW it happens might change a bit because he’s too important to later storyline’s. You’re right Sarah but they might change up how it happened.
      I think they should have left it a mystery to add to his Bounty Hunter Bad Ass credentials.

  • pew

    I’m more concerned that he is still wearing the same clothes 30 years later. He must really stank…

    • He has Princess Leia underoos that he changes daily.

  • Jeff LeCrone

    I can think of at least three plausible explanations that make this rumor untrue.

    1. The Battle of Jeku might have occurred pre- ROTJ. The wreckage in the trailer seems pretty old, so I wouldn’t rule this out.

    2. Does Battlefront have a multiplayer mode? If so, this could just be a mode where you can play any character from the game in any setting, thus rendering it non-canonical.

    3. Just because it’s Fett’s armor doesn’t make it Fett. It could be someone related to him, or even just someone who likes Mandalorian armor.

    The point is that without more evidence, this is still a very weak case for Fett being alive.

    • He’s too important to future story lines. Hence, he survived. It’s not debatable IF he survived. HOW he survived has been argued left and right and what is in the books isn’t always going to be in the movies. Just because he was saved in the actual books doesn’t mean it has to go down the same in the movies. But e DOES need to survive.

  • GregoriusTheBrown

    I don’t know if you’ve played the previous Battlefront games, but they are entirely built around what-if scenarios, where players take on the role of soldiers and heroes in various well-known locations. Sometimes you participate in battles from the films, other times the scenarios are completely divorced from the canon narrative. In previous games, we had things like the Empire invading Dagobah and the Rebels destroying the Imperial invasion fleet on Hoth. This new installment isn’t even going to have a story campaign, so I think it’s a very big mistake to interpret this as confirmation that Boba Fett survived.

  • Xelement

    Were all the books non canon?
    Like their kids?
    Cause Jaina was trained by Fett was she not?

    • Yes she was. People need to stop throwing around the word “cannon”. Anything can happen going from book to movie. If they made a movie exactly like the book, people would be upset they didn’t see something new.

      • Xelement

        Well I’m not saying follow the book at all.
        Just doesn’t seem anything like them. So I am just curiouis.

        My point was, I thought it was kinda a known point Fett survives. I suppose they could have kept him dead…but even then silly idea.

  • Lou

    He’s been alive, at least in the previous Star Wars Universe that Disney decided never happened. He’s been in a series of books post Return of the Jedi and it was him that trained Jaina Solo to kill her brother Darth Caedus, which was the story line that was rumored for Force Awakens.I don’t see Disney not using such a fan favorite in these post Return of the Jedi movies. Wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Darth Maul, especially since he made his return in The Clone Wars.

  • Ae Neuman

    just don’t cast tem morrison or that awful kid again

  • Nick

    Nope. The moment in which he appears in the trailer is during the Battle of Jakku, which takes place DURING the original trilogy, while he was already still alive. The Battle of Jakku is not a post-trilogy thing, it takes place 30 years before the start of The Force Awakens, and leaves behind the remnants (which will be three decades old by the time The Force Awakens begins) that we will see in the film. It’s a part of the larger war between the Rebels and the Empire. This does not confirm anything. This could take place at any point during ANH and ESB, or between them and ROTJ, as well as within the years leading up to the OT. All we know about Battlefront is that it is OT-era, and that it will cover battles that took place around that point in the timeline. Now, if we saw Boba Fett at the Battle of Endor, THEN that would be confirmation. But the ONLY THING we know about the Battle of Jakku is that it happened at some point around the OT.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      The official description for the DLC – which I included in the post – clearly states that the Battle of Jakku was after Return of the Jedi.

  • Danny Benjamin Luebben

    lol, the actor said her character was introduced in the movie on a planet called jakku. we haven’t seen the movie yet. yes, she is introduced in the TRAILER on a desert planet. the internet never ceases to amaze

    • Danny Benjamin Luebben

      lol, the only info on google about jakku is wikki. lolololololol

  • TheUnderwearBandit

    Patton Oswalt’s character in Parks and Rec will be so happy.

  • Honest Joe

    I do think it a bold and unfair statement to say “Disney make it official…” based off a simple screen shot that makes nothing official at all.

    Unless and until Disney do make an official statement that he is alive…then it’s all conjecture.

    As others have said there could be multiple reasons for his appearance and it may not even be Bobba Fett at all.
    Nothing has been made “official” and until there is an “official” announcement either way, it’s not “official”.

    This article could and should have been worded better.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      You’re correct, I could have worded the title better.

  • Rick Facer

    I think realistically that no-one at lucas arts really cares if he’s alive or dead, he’s a marketable character but I would put very limited faith in a video game of the nature of battlefront making a character ‘Canon’. Masters of teras kasi didn’t make any of it’s playable characters Canon, nor did the revenge of the sith game make any of the playable characters canon. It’s a long leap from something like a book with a constricted unchangeable storyline to a video game with it’s open structure and personally I would not consider anything in the format of a game to be in any way story canon. I revert to my constant argument on this subject which is Lucas knows the depth of fan feeling for Fett and somewhat amazed by it, he knew it enough to create a background ‘origin’ story within the prequels of some depth which really was about as necessary as including the convoluted threepio backstory. He has revised and added multiple changes to the movies and yet in all those changes he never saw fit to include a simple scene of fett escaping. In terms of Canon the creator must be the ultimate reference point and it is clear as day that in George lucas’s mind fett was a simple minion of little importance and is dead. I would hate for the storyline of fett escaping to be ‘canon’ for two reasons, firstly it takes the big scary threat of the sarlacc and turns it into a joke, if fett could escape there is little doubt that luke could easily have used the force to escape the creature and is ergo a dud in the threat department, in fact it makes the rancor the bigger danger of the two. Secondly I would hate it to turn into the darth maul fiasco where a popular character is returned from an almost certain death just to please a few hard core fans. I don’t want star wars to be like marvel where every week another popular character mysteriously returns from the dead, it makes any pathos induced by said death into a joke. Personally I think the ‘new’ canon has just as much chance of becoming as bloated and unworkable and horrible as the current EU and frankly I’d just like them to come straight out and say movie and tv shows are it for canon forever amen as it should be. With so much marketable material available it really cheapens the franchise no matter how well intended.

    • Diggin Little Boots

      Actually, in the Expanded Universe, Boba Fett did survive the Sarlacc Pit and did escape. The idea is an old idea that Disney is just going to cash in as their own “original” idea because Disney doesn’t have a single original bone in their body.

  • Jon Kay

    If this is true, I thought it was bad enough George bowing to fans in the prequels…

  • Nachoninja

    Ok, people. here is the truth. If you read any of the tails of the bounty hunter books or even the Boba Fett series, he did indeed escape from the scarlacc and rescued from the dune sea by Dengars girlfriend. Read “The Ordeal of Boba Fett,” “Payback: The Tale of Dengar” and “The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett” This will explain all about the bounty hunters return. Also there was another person going around like Fett, his name was Jodo Kast and it turned out to Grand Admiral Thrawn in disguise. But thats a story for another day 🙂

  • Skallagrimsson

    Why would Boba Fett take “revenge” on Han?

    Boba’s a professional. He chase a target and the target tries to escape. These are the rules and Boba knows them well. He lives by them.

    You don’t make it personal.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      He was hired by Vader to track the Millennium Falcon, then delivered Han to Jabba for his bounty. Why does he hang around after that? Has Jabba hired him again to take out Han, Luke, Leia etc. on his sail barge? Doubtful, but if so, he doesn’t complete that job. Either way, he makes a mistake.

  • Lionheartwolf

    He is alive in the sense that when you kill off Jason or Freddy at the end of the film he is not really dead because you still need to make more money off of them.

  • BrutallyHonestGamer .

    I don’t know if the book Tales from Jabba’s Palace was official or a fan book, but that book was a collection of stories that took place during Luke’s raiding of Jabba’s palace from different characters perspectives. One of the stories is Boba Fett, and ***SPOILER ALERT*** according to the book, the sarlac is a tomb for a jedi that fell in long ago, and was able to communicate with Boba while in it. Boba with his jet pack damaged, let’s sand fill up the sarlac until he was able to climb out.

  • Anyone who knows Star Wars books, already knew he survived. There was no need for Disney to retell or explain it. Fett trains Jaina Solo (Skywalker) later in the stories to fight her brother. Hence he has to have survived. I think they shouldn’t ever explain how he got out. Make it a bounty hunter myth that people speculate about so it boosts his “bad ass” credit.

  • Lazarus

    That’s ludicrous if Bobba Fett Survived the sarlacc on the basis of the game Battlefront for the new gen consoles then I guess Luke Skywalker really didn’t burn his father in Return of the Jedi as the battlefront trailer also shows Darth Vader. Such assumptions are ignorantly improbable and are invalid.

  • Daniel Jackson

    If this is true then, finally we have the answer we wanted… But not sure about the Planet… Are there Jawas on Jaccu? because there is a Sandcrawler behind Bobba Fett.

  • Azrael Frost

    Boba Fett was/is the quintessential bounty hunter, once Jaba paid him the bounty on Solo, there would be no hard feelings, the fight on the sail yachts, I’m sure he thought he could double his bounty by catching him again, but after Jaba meets his fate, unless someone else launched a bounty, Fett would walk away, now the guy that killed his father…. Probably not so much forgive and forget…

  • Chris

    I know this is going to piss a lot of fanboys off but I don’t care. Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Star Wars movie since the original Star Wars. This new adaptation look amazing so maybe it will be better than Guardians but I doubt it.

  • Scott

    If you followed star wars, you would have known long ago Boba fett was alive. It has been in the star wars books for years.

    • Kal

      Not just years. There was a collection of short stories that came out when I was a kid in which he fired off a rocket inside the Sarlacc and crawled (naked) out of its burning insides. 😛

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Yes, I know. And if you followed Star Wars, you would know that Disney has wiped all of those books from continuity.

  • Zelvik

    Considering that we got like half a dozen or more variants on how the rebels stole the Death Star plans prior to ANH in the various Lucas Film games up to this point. Starting I think with half a campaign in X-Wing, the original Dark Forces and a bunch of others, I dont realy give much for what appears in Video Games. Maybe Disney wants to handle it differently but I doubt they will be capable to do it for a long time if they include Video games. Not that I oppose Fett beeing alive there were good things in the old EU and Fett surviving the Sarlacc was one of them. And the canon group at Lucasfilm/Disney already have woven in quite a lot of old EU stuff into the new canon with the new SW novels. But a screenshot from a game that seems to randomly throw things together that seem iconic to SW fans, I dont take that into too much consideration. Just look at the shot, you have that crashed ISD in the back as well as a Sand Crawler to the left. Both Sand Crawlers and crashed ISDs could be both at Tatooine and that new desert planet. Or maybe we are all fooled and the desert planet from the trailers will be Tatooine at the end with Jakku (or whatever it is called) beeing just a placeholder for the other.

  • Nicholas Krekeler

    There’s clearly a sandcrawler in the background to the left of Fett, a vehicle iconic of Tatooine. Besides, have you played the previous Battlefront games? Just because a hero character appears in a certain location by no means indicates their presence there in canon. Remember the Hero Assault gamemode? Where both teams were comprised entirely of iconic characters, some of which had never been in the same room with one another canonically? This article is just grabbing at a fantasy, making assumptions on hype alone. This scene from the game trailer is just showing you that you can play as Boba Fett in the game, nothing more. And on the matter of the downed Star Destroyer, no one’s said in the trailer that that Star Destroyer crashed on Jakku; when I saw the trailer I just assumed it was on Tatooine again, because that’s the location the trailers have been showing the most of. I’m sure there have been more than one Star Destroyer to crash on a planet in the Star Wars universe, and I doubt all of them crashed on Jakku.

    • Derek Balling

      There are also moisture vaporators, again very Tatooine.

  • Mark

    At the Star Wars celebration the panel noted that Battlefront does not add to any story lines, just uses characters and location from Star Wars.

  • dork

    Grasp for them straws!

    Trailer also shows Darth Vader fighting in the Endor battle when he was clearly on the Death Star II. This video doesn’t confirm he is alive, just that a popular character will be playable in the first game.

  • Leatheryman

    Could be an easter egg character or simply a player option on the Jakuu map. The sandcrawler has just as much lack of explanation at this point. Not here to argue though. Nothing wrong with being optimistic when there is but a small ray of hope. Boba may just yet pull through after spending 30 years in a figurative coma.

  • Dominic

    There’s no putting a good man down, a hardworker just trying to take care of business.
    Now if only Disney would make an official announcement about Kit Fisto’s survival. Can’t take down a great Jedi who is always First In Last Out.

  • jayhartRIC

    In the old Battlefront games you could play with any special character on any map. This should not be considered a confirmation.

  • Exe

    Really reaching on that. I guess people didnt play the old battlefront games and dont really get that these are mindless fun. Fett probably is alive because hes such a marketable character…even though hes really never DONE ANYTHING in a movie ever….but still people will buy his shit up like crazy.

    This doesnt confirm jack though. Its a game thatll be fun. Thats it.

  • ian

    Anyone realize boba was alive after he escaped the sarlacc in the extended universe? Jeez people, we already knew this years ago

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      No, not one person has commented on that, and the article doesn’t include the line “unless you’re a fan of the extended universe”

  • Neil Varone

    MIssing from the conversation below is how is there DLC content for a game that is not scheduled to release til November 17th? I would imagine this should ship with the game, why is DLC being developed in tandem with the game otherwise. We as gamers need to demand more from publishers.

  • Dave Handelman


  • Lee

    I’m pretty sure this was decided many years ago and not by Disney.

  • Diggin Little Boots

    I believe I need to sum up some things on here very quickly. Boba Fett was known to be alive in the Expanded Universe, but since Darth Mickey and the Disney Empire said that none of that is canon anymore, then, for all we care, Boba Fett is actually a chef on Hell’s Kitchen and runs a noodle shop on Yavin IV. -_- I’ll say this much, the Expanded Universe should have never been decanonized in the first place because all it did was completely destroy and divide the fan base and it has only succeeded in topping the Prequel Trilogy in causing the biggest shit storm in the history of any major franchise…

  • nivekious

    Bobba did survive the Sarlacc. In the orignal EU. Which we’ve known for years. Stop making it seem like a massive revelation whenever Disney does something with Star Wars that directly rips off the material they chose to throw out.

  • SisterChristian69

    It’s been official that he survived since 1991. This is not news.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Dude this is ALREADY fucking expanded universe canon!!! This is already true! There’s a whole trilogy bookset about this sitting on my bookshelf right now!!! Anyone who is pissed off is just ignorant of the star wars universe and not truly a Star Wars Nerd!!!

  • Jason Wheeler

    Boba Fett is a popular character so it makes sense. It also makes sense if you read any of the Bantum Books Star Wars novels. He survives in the books. If Disney decides he lived, all they did was take it right from the pages. So according to the Star Wars universe before Disney Boba Fett survived anyways.

  • Andrew Black

    There’s no proof that the scene in the trailer is from DLC… None at all, I mean there is a sandcrawler in the background and we know the game is going to be based on the original trilogy.. So no, this appears to be far from confirmed.

    • I must have missed a star destroyer crashing on tatooine all the times I watched the OT.

  • Jer Gray

    Let’s get one thing straight: Disney did not, repeat, DID NOT make it official. The REAL Expanded Universe made it official. Fuck you Disney, for taking other people’s ideas and work and trying to pass it off as your own.

  • darthmadonna

    The Jawa Sandcrawler throws me off . How do we know it is not Tattooine and JJ is just lying about this fabled Jakku. I mean He and Paramount swore there was no Kahn and that Cumberbacth was Jon Harrison. That kinda ticked me off about the last Trek movie.

  • PorkinsEject

    Sadly, the screenshot does not prove he officially survived. For one, it’s unclear at best how the video game (since it has no story mode) fits into the canon. The game’s creators have said in repeated interviews that they’re under no illusion that their material is canon.

    Fett is one of a few playable legendary characters in the game, which means he can be inserted into various scenarios. That means you can play with him in all sorts of situations where he wouldn’t be found in the films. They could show a picture of him rocketing above AT-ATs during the Battle of Hoth (a scenario entirely possible in the game), but that doesn’t suddenly mean that Lucasfilm has decreed that Fett fought on Hoth.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the future, but I’d honestly expect a higher quality reveal for that sort of major plot point–not a rollout in a multi-player only, story less game.

  • Joseph O’ Hara

    This is one long frickin’ chat… my personal view is that Boba is in fact alive as of the new canon. I know people have their own beliefs, and I don’t discredit them at all – I just think it makes sense. Fett for may people, my self included, is a fan favourite and I don’t see why Disney wouldn’t want to bring him into their revitalised franchise.

    Rumours are flying around that Von Sydow is playing him in the new film, that he was pulled out of the Sarlacc by the Empire and re-built in a similar fashion to Vader after his encounter with Kenobi on Mustafar. Which, I guess, would make some sense when we regard the change of “likeness” – I guess extensive plastic surgery after being trapped in the belly of a millenia old monstrosity could do that to a guy… but I suppose we’ll have to wait till December to see.

    But yeah, I know a lot of folks do have problems with this that or the other of the Disney hand-over; gripes with the Expanded Universe (both the “Legends” continuity and the newly minted one); as well as protestations that this new spate of canon contradiction and re-editing of the Original Trilogy material is money making. And yes, without doubt, it is.

    But I look at the Star Wars of two years ago, and I see a franchise on its last legs.

    With Disney at the helm I can only see good things ahead. Yes, of course, they will make decisions some fans won’t like and that others will (I instantly think of Sana Solo, for example).

    But Star Wars has a future now, and a “new” timeline. One that isn’t confused by nearly 40 years of over-lapping, spiralling and often confusing filler fiction – but something that is (more or less) streamlined towards restoring focus to the movies and their characters.

    A whole new generation of children can feel the wonder of Star Wars now thanks to Disney, and the adventures of the characters they become attached to will show no signs of ending any time soon.

    And who knows, if Fett is back maybe they’ll restore some of that mysterious cool he lost when Temuera Morrison’s clone was the face under the helmet.

    And I for one, as I say no disrespect to anyone who contradicts me, thinks that none of those things are bad in any way.

    Long live Star Wars.

  • Steve58

    Boba Fett may have survived by making his way back to Jabba’s palace and reactivating the carbonite…..perhaps

  • Jared

    This dosent make since because he was born around 25 BBY. Since clones age twice as fast he was 10 at the start of the Clone wars, 3 years later at the end of the clone wars he would have to be 16, 20 years later to The Return of The Jedi he would have to be 56, and if the force awakens takes place 30 years later then he would have to be 116. Either this dosent add up or it must be comfirmed canon that he did Find Jaing Skirata, the clone that fought on Geonosis and lived another 70 years because he became a mandolorian and found a way to reverse the age process, which he shared with Boba when he found him, So that HAS to be canon, or boba lives a long life

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      He’s an unaltered clone though, so doesn’t age faster.

  • Kuperkmp

    In the last Battlefront I played a level on Tattooine with Mace Windu, Emperor Palpatine, Jango Fett, Han Solo, Jedi Luke Skywalker, Padme, Leia, Chewbacca, and others.

    Does this mean that they were present together on the planet, engaged in a massive game of capture the flag? Or is it more likely that the video game offered some non-story elements to be fun?

  • Declan Powers

    did you ever play any of the other games? Just because its canon doesn’t mean it won’t let you play as characters who weren’t really there.

  • corraashu

    I love it how all these news are like hey you can see Jakku with boba fett on it but it’s really just tatooine cause why would EA show off footage of Jakku then months later show off concept art and not real ingame shots if it was already revealed. Come on whoever wrote this post use your head.

  • Ed Fortune

    They are hints as to Fett’s fate in the Chuck Wendig novel Star Wars Aftermath.

  • Max M. Power

    Have none of you read the books. This was settled back in 1996.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      And those books were wiped from continuity in 2014.

      • Max M. Power

        And what, you think they are going to just be ignored? I don’t think so.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          They are being ignored. The Force Awakens is evidence of that.

  • Jeff

    Did people not already know this?

  • Darth Marcosias

    looks like tattooine to me there is clearly a sand crawler in the pic and jawas are native to tattooine

  • Sir Anand

    Dang there’s a lot of bickering in this thread lol. Anyways, it looks like Boba Fett is still dead even with this footage from Battlefront because that planet is most likely Tattooine and not Jakku.
    True, the downed Star Destroyer looks eerily similar to the one in TFA trailers, however there’s many things pointing to it not being Jakku. The first being that Dice, the makers of Battlefront, have not shown Jakku yet, and the game comes out in a month or so, so it can’t be Jakku. Next, Dice’s description of the Jakku DLC and artwork shows that all the Jakku content will take place around the downed Star Destroyer, up close right next to it so that you can see the scale of how massive it is. Finally, TFA trailers show that the area around the Star Destroyer are relatively flat sand dunes, while the footage from Battlefront is super rough and rocky terrain identical to the Tattooine gameplay footage they’ve shown.
    This is most likely a battle that took place on Tattooine before Boba’s unfortunate end. Battlefront is canon, Disney made sure it followed the new canon which is why its missing all those extra planets from the previous games, and it looks like they’re keeping Boba dead

  • luka naglić

    With all the gadgets he has, there’s no way he didn’t escape the Sarlacc.

  • newbiedm

    Boba Fett’s armor makes an appearance in Aftermath, it is strongly implied someone else takes that persona and runs with it.

    Make of that what you will.

  • Vinny Santiago

    I know I’m go but… I don’t get why BOBA FETT and not JANGO FETT is the bad ass bounty hunter?!?!? I mean JANGO set it all off! He’s the original, PATIENT ZERO if you will! He killed plenty of JEDI and his exploits were seen in the movies. BOBA never did much on screen and when he was on screen he got shot in the jet pack and flew away or he got bumped off and fell into the SARLACC PIT. He looks cool and all, don’t get it twisted, BUT IT’S JANGO’S SUIT! Just sayin, LMAO!!!

  • Jason Alexander

    wait, isnt vadar in battlefront? He is alive now too?

  • Long Johned John

    Also, in the trailer of Battlefront when Boba flies over the pit he says “that wont happen again”

  • JP

    Awesome!!!!. no way Boba fett is going down that easily! Revenge on han solo????? Bullshit! boba fett wouldn’t waited 30 year to take revenge. He would had done it already. I highly doubted it take him 30 yrs to escape out of Sarlacc. He havent taken any revenge on han solo, then that would mean he had let that a slide. beside boba fett is not really a vengeful type person.

  • This is a fucking terrible article and Gary Collinson should feel terrible for writing it. Under this same logic that means Sidious and Vader are still alive too. Quit your job please Gary.

  • Pj Germain

    In one of the three canon novels released before tfa came out, it’s laid out pretty clear that two kids found Boba fetts armor strewn out in the sands of tatooine. It was damaged from digestive acid of the sarlacc. One of the kids took it and decided to be the new lawman in his village. Fett may be alive but he’s given up the armor entirely and anyone in the armor is definitely not the original fett.

  • ericphillips

    It cannot be canon. Palpatine can also be played on the Jakku map, even though he is dead as well.

  • Xesthan Rikudo

    It is Jakku. The Star Destroyer we see in Force Awakens is shown crashing in the novel, Lost Stars.

  • Christopher Patrick Pike

    funny i don’t remember seeing any Jawas on Jakku in the film and that’s clearly a Jawa sand crawler in the background as well behind Fett

    • [email protected]

      Funny, I don’t mind seeing a Star Destroyer crashing on Tatooine in the film either. And what makes you think the exporting of Jawa sandcrawlers to other worlds doesn’t happen?

  • M. Luciano

    right, but the game doesn’t say that boba survived anything.

    they took a screenshot of what looks like tatooine, complete with a jawa sand crawler and mountains in front of a crashing star destroyer that is crashing behind some hills and then associate that with a picture from a movie showing wreckage on jakku that is not behind some hills (unless the vantage point is on the other side of said hills) that takes place some 30-35 years later, depending on when the timing of the boba fett battle is.

    is jakku on the outer rim? probably not

    because when they flee there and take a short jump to visit mas, she tells Finn he can go with two pirates to the outer rim and not be found. Jakku is in the western reaches of the inner rim and so would not be part of the outer rim sieges, probably

    ” Take a look at The Essential Atlas map of the galaxy and then study the map on pages 8 and 9 of The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary. You will see that the desert world of Jakku sits lonely and isolated, way out in the Western Reaches of the Inner Rim.”

    so IMO we’re not looking at the same star destroyer, we’re looking at Boba on Tatooine, where we know he’s been, and it’s not new content

  • Could it be someone in Boba’s Mandalorian armor? Perhaps the Sarlacc couldn’t digest the hardware.

  • Raku Ichijou (Justin)

    This is BS. He shouldn’t have survived. He was EATEN! Disney is stupid to bring back a character that was confirmed dead.

  • Stephen Smith

    Is no one pointing out that the storyline of Battlefront is set during the Rebelion…. DURRING meaning that since Return Of The Jedi was the conclusion to that story line that this game is actually set prior to the release of Return Of The Jedi and that the levels in the game are just clever marketing add-ons?

    Let’s not forget that Greedo is in the game as a playable character and he got fried in A New Hope. And Jabba is still alive so clearly this article is a crock of sh!t.

    So when I see characters from The Force Awakens appear in Battlefront your site will again be validated in my eyes. Until then you keep riding the hype buzz keyword train right into relevance town and those of us who have brains will continue reading your content for what it is, noise and filler.

    So now everyone calm down, I just proved this whole theory wrong. You’re welcome fans with brains.

    • Stephen Smith

      Why am I even writing this, you guys posted this garbage over a year ago. Stupid facebook for sucking me into an old argument…..

  • Etor

    The Star Destroyer comparison is false, The picture with Boba Fett is actually Tatooine, Not Jakku. Totally different planet, guys.

  • Jeffrey

    This doesn’t make it official, and this is not official confirmation.