Comic Book Review – The New Ghostbusters #3

Luke Owen reviews Issue #3 of IDW’s The New Ghostbusters…

New York loves the New Ghostbusters—so much so that PCOC’s liason Jack Hardemeyer would like them to downplay efforts in finding their predecessors in order to devote more time to their loving public. Janine would happily tell him where to shove a neutrona wand if she and the others didn’t have to contend with the restless spirit of a mythological monster! Meanwhile, in limbo—Egon and Ray think they’ve come up with a way to escape their ethereal prison!

Last month, I made a few comments about the lack of characterisation in The New Ghostbusters, particularly on the part of Melanie and Kylie. Well, Erik Burnham left a comment on the review that said we can expect a slow burn for both characters and that he had some big plans in stall. I can’t imagine plans change this quickly, but The New Ghostbusters #3 seems to go against that idea of “big plans”.

I was really into this new line-up and felt that the adventures they’d have would be really fun. But we’re only three issues into it and already the original Ghostbusters are back – does this mean we’re going to see the end of this awesome foursome? What of all the plot threads that were opened up in the last two issues? What of Kylie and Melanie’s ‘slow burn’ character arcs?

However, I don’t want to sound like I’m being negative on the comic because I am not. As always, The New Ghostbusters #3 is absolutely brilliant with a well-written script, fantastic artwork, an engaging story and pure laugh out loud moments. Despite my reservations, Burnham has carried out his story with expert precision and I can’t fault him on that. The artwork is once again fantastic and the Kylie’s interrogation of Janosz is expertly put together. I loved the subtle shadow crawling up the wall while the inexperienced Kylie is distracted by a phone call.

So if the comic is near-perfect, why am I feeling so blue?

I guess I’m just gutted we may not be getting a long run with this line-up. Just as Dan Slott has done with The Superior Spider-Man, I feel like Burnham has pulled the trigger too soon rather than build to a triumphant return of the original line-up. I was really enjoying the little side story of the four of them trapped in limbo while the new line-up got to grips with their new roles.

Perhaps I’m getting way ahead of myself because there is in fact a good chance that we could be seeing more of The New Ghostbusters running alongside Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston. I’d like to think that I am getting my knickers in a twist over nothing. Whatever the case, I just hope that Erik Burnham and his team stick with this franchise as they are doing a superb job. The New Ghostbusters #3 continues the streak of great comics coming out of this camp.

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