Will Forte discusses Alexander Payne’s Nebraska

Will Forte discusses Alexander Payne's Nebraska

Will Forte is a gifted comic. His Saturday Night Live characters are memorable, his brief role in 30 Rock was the highlight of series 5, and now he has a starring role in Alexander Payne’s dramatic comedy Nebraska.

Asked by Collider about the dynamic on set, Forte stated that, “It was intimidating going into it, just because it was so new. And I’m a worst-case scenario type of person. When my mind has time to roam, it will go to some pretty dark places.”

When asked whether the great Bruce Dern taught him any lessons, Forte revealed: “I guess one of the main things that Bruce would always tell me is just be true to the scene. It was always about truth. All this stuff that I would typically think of as actor’y’ lingo actually made sense.”

Will Forte hasn’t had the greatest luck with the silver screen, with Macgruber flopping both critically and financially, but the early buzz for Nebraska has been incredibly positive. Nebraska is currently on release in the U.S. and will open here in the U.K. on December 6th.

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