Olga Kurylenko weighs in on losing the Wonder Woman role to Gal Gadot

Olga Kurylenko at 2013 TCA Winter Tour -05Before Gal Gadot landed the coveted role of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, two other names were in contention for the part – French actress Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), and Ukranian actress and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Oblivion).

For the first time, Kurylenko has spoken up about losing out on playing the iconic heroine, in an interview with Desde Hollywood at the red carpet premiere of The November Man. When asked for her thoughts, Kurylenko said:

“If I could have been [Wonder Woman]? Well, because, everyone was saying that it was a possibility. It did cross my mind. But it’s fine, you know. There are many other roles. I am very happy for the girl that’s got the part. I am looking forward to seeing it.”

A pretty gracious response for someone who lost an iconic role to someone with considerably less exeprience. Not only does Kurylenko have more films on her resume, where she often plays a love interest and femme fatale, but she’s worked with Ben Affleck before too, in the 2013 film To The Wonder. Alas, Gadot snatched the role from under her, and will have to prove to audiences worldwide that she’s worthy of it.

What do you think of Kurylenko’s comment? Do you think she would have been a good Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments below…

Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016. The cast includes returning Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Diane Lane (Martha Kent) and Laurence Fishburne (Perry White) alongside Ben Affleck (Argo) as Batman, Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jesse Eisenberg (Now You See Me) as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons (The Borgias) as Alfred Pennyworth and Holly Hunter (The Piano), Callan Mulvey (300: Rise of an Empire), Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine) and Scoot McNairy (Argo) in as-yet-unrevealed roles.

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  • gaytrekkie

    I wouldn’t call it a gracious comment when she couldn’t even refer to Gal by name instead calling her “the girl”. Olga is gorgeous and in some ways looks more the part, but she’s also a bit too old to build a new franchise around. By the time they do a solo Wonder Woman movie, she’ll be almost 40.

    • pumpernickel

      Wow almost 40! That’s super old for a woman I suppose to do anything anymore. While Robert Downey Jr was 43 when he started the Iron Man franchise.

  • Jay Kelley

    I would have loved Olga as WW. She fits what the director was looking for in a tall, exoctic and athletic WW which is exactly what the new 52 WW is. Gal and Olga have battled for roles in the past as Olga was selected to be a Bond girl edging out Gal. But I dont think Gal would trade in WW to be a Bond girl and Im sure Olga would have preferred to be WW, At the end of the day I think Gal was a good choice especially with her willing to do her own stunts. She is a beauty queen Tom Boy to the max.

  • Fantasia D Lipz

    Gal is more prettier than this woman. But she has nice blue/green eyes unlike Gal

  • Bratzilla

    Judging from this, poor Wonder Woman was doomed from the start for her onscreen incarnation. So one skinny model took the role from another skinny model. Meanwhile, WWBs (women with bodies) who can actually carry this kind of role believably were never even seriously in contention. Yep… sounds about right.

    For those who are going to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, check out the lead female protagonist in that film. Let’s see… dark hair, blue eyes, kicked serious ass, shapely yet strong, and could hold her own even in stunts.

    Sickening that JJ Abrams and company could find a better Wonder Woman type than Warner Brothers et al could do for a film where WW actually appears.