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Commenting on the Critics with Simon Columb

Ain’t it Cool News reported another “development” on the Star Wars front…

Drew Karpyshyn – the man that created the scenario and much of the dialogue in the STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC … Well he left BIOWARE back in February of last year to work on “screenwriting” and it seems that BIOWARE is a hot bed of rumor regarding the notion that Drew Karpyshyn is working up a screenplay for a film version of Knights of the Old Republic.

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The story was quickly debunked by Karpyshyn on Twitter, as reported by Flickering Myth yesterday. But for arguments sake, lets imagine a new Star Wars story set 4000 years before the George Lucas canon – it does sound like an interesting concept. We would still have light sabres and Sith Lords, but none of the baggage associated with the stories released between 1977 and 2005. We know not to expect cameos from our favourite villains and heroes – except token gestures to their outfits. It could be 15-rated film that exploits the violence that those light-sabres are truly capable of – and F-bombs that we know some Jedi’s use. “Take your hands off my mother-f***in Jedi-cape!” … it’s what we all want, no?
Considering it was a false story, we question who spread the rumour first. Could Disney themselves be attempting to create discussion and conversation regarding the over-exploited Star Wars universe? We know that Star Wars: Episode VII is in development; that we can be sure of. Anything else, I believe, is simply a means to generate ‘buzz’. FM writer Anghus Houvouras agrees, but specifies how Disney will “probe the depth of this franchise with the delicacy of a proctologist with a hook for a hand”. Maybe by putting this type of conversation out, Disney and Lucasfilm can read the posts and comments and ‘feel’ the fans opinion. If everyone balks at the idea, they pull the plug – no one knows any different. If everyone is unanimously supporting the idea then boom! Green light.
In the 2013 arena, we are told about how Mark Millar is overseeing the comic-book development at 20th Century Fox – and toying with imaginative ways that the X-Men universe can grow further. Kevin Feige hints at Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Marvel series. Even Sony, with their handful of Spider-Man characters, can play with the possibility of a stand-alone Venom film to weave between stories in the Peter-Parker universe. Sony also own Ghost Rider. In that regard, if Disney and Lucasfilm want to join the big boys, it makes sense that Star Wars creates multiple stories that all merge together into a two-film-a-year routine, akin to Marvel. But they need to know what we want first…

Knights of the Old Republic or Star Wars Origins: Yoda (I’m guessing…) are all possible options. All of which have been discussed across the internet already. Personally, it has been discussed too much. I’m looking forward to a new Star Wars – but I will not be so keen on the day of its release if I know two more films are due out within a year. Heaven forbid that Star Wars: Episode VII becomes a primary marketing -tool for the different films in production – a la Iron Man 2. Luke and Han reading a book on the ‘Old Republic’, or Leia asking Han about specific stories (that we’ve never known of) that are merely ways to expand his history. Maybe the film will end as Harrison Ford, looks to camera telling us: “This was great, but it doesn’t compare to my crazy youth…” [credits; Star Wars theme kicks in].
Or maybe I’m ignoring the obvious folks who benefit the most from a new Star Wars story: The ‘Film News’ sites themselves. The coverage of the same story on /Film openly admits that we should “think again” if a single-week passes without Star Wars news. Ain’t it Cool seems to constantly cover themselves by stating “it’s only a rumour but…”. It is also important to note that Ain’t it Cool also holds this particular story as the ‘Top talkback’ post. If I was at Ain’t it Cool, I’d consider creating a list of ‘rumours’ to release weekly. “It’s only a rumour but… Darth Vader may return…” or “It’s merely hearsay, but Ewan Mcgregor may be in talks to create a film that takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope”.
Ironically, it is worth considering that these sites may be slowly reducing our interest in the series. We’re not asking for the news – but like an advert-heavy “free” paper (Metro, etc.), if the news is there, foolishly we see no harm in keeping “up-to-date”. But it is taking away my interest and, inevitably, if something comes out that really perks my interest I’ll surely be disappointed if the film doesn’t reach the high expectations this weekly coverage has trained me to have. As I personally write a Star Wars article, I finish by highlighting how overkill and over-saturation is a dangerous game to play…

Simon Columb

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