Willa Holland says Arrow “had big plans for Harley Quinn, but we’ll never see it”

suicide-squad-harley-maybe2Harley Quinn looks set to take a starring role in next year’s supervillain ensemble Suicide Squad, but prior to Margot Robbie’s casting we did get a tease of Harley being part of Task Force X with a brief cameo appearance in The CW’s hit DC show Arrow.

As it happened, this cameo in the second season proved to be Harley’s sole appearance in the show and it seems that her inclusion in the Suicide Squad movie has prevented the Arrow producers from exploring their own plans for Miss Quinzel, with Willa Holland (Thea Queen) stating at MCM London:

“We had big plans for Harley. But, I guess something came down from DC execs that told us to shut it down. I mean we had that tease with the pigtails and the ARGUS outfit but, we’ll never see it. We would love to Harley in Arrow but it will never happen.”

Are you disappointed that we won’t be seeing any more of Harley Quinn in Arrow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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