Jason David Frank returns as the Green Ranger for Power Rangers 20th anniversary

This is probably going to make you feel really old, but this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise and as part of the celebrations many of the past characters from the live-action TV series are returning for guest appearances in the show’s latest season Power Rangers Megaforce, including the legendary Green Ranger!

Original star Jason David Frank is set to reprise his role as Tommy from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the actor has posted a couple of behind-the-scenes images to Facebook, including a still of him and Hector David Jr.’s Green Samurai Ranger, and a group shot which also features Brittany Pirtle (Yellow Samurai Ranger), Patricia Ja Lee (Pink Space Ranger), Selwyn Ward (Blue Space Ranger) and Danny Slavin (Galaxy Red):

Power Rangers Megaforce is currently airing on Nickelodeon in the States.

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  • WoWed

    what else do any of these people have to do? might as well do what gave them a little fame in the first place.

    • okocha

      Actually this guy is a successful MMA fighter…

      • WoWed

        touche. I stand corrected.

      • Eric Dodson

        I wouldn’t say a 5-0 (4 as an ammature and 1 as pro, and last fight in 2010) as successful, but he is actually a pretty chill guy who has used his status as a power ranger to do a lot of good work for childrens chariaties and such

        • mro1337

          he’s also an accomplished martial artist.

          • Eric Dodson

            i’m not sayin he isn’t, just that he’s not really a sccessful MMA fighter

          • Eric Dodson

            the OP made it sound like he was 20-2 and in line for a title shot, Amature MMA is just that people learning the craft and if they are good enough they go pro, going 5-0 is nothing to scoff about but in the over all scheme of MMA it’s not that big of an accoplishment really

          • B S

            well, he’s transitioned a career wearing brightly colored spandex for longer than some transvestites are capable of to a 20 year spiral into a dead-eyed, tattoo covered ‘roid-a-saurus who beats the shit out of other testosterone junkies for jesus if his product line is to be believed… so that’s either some sort of accomplishment or pure, sweet, crystallized, unfiltered bug-fuck crazy. …possibly both?

    • Steve Freeman

      And the original pink (I think) ranger was on Flashpoint for several years. Which is an excellent show, if you haven’t seen it.

      • WoWed

        i have seen it. didn’t really care for it. seems like it is a big show in canada, though.

  • NoCab

    why choose the green ranger? I know he is the legend but what of the White Tiger ranger?

    • yup

      The green ranger has always been seen as the classic and better ranger and pretty sure is stronger in the power rangers universe.

    • natedorn

      cause white tiger isn’t 20 years old. green ranger is

      • Glich

        Tommy holds the record for ranger costumes and colors. Green White red and black.

        • KAOS

          Even though the costume was black he was referred as the Gold Ranger

          • Glich

            no he was the black dinothunder ranger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJNOnwnowOQ . Gold rangers were Jason/Trey from Zeo, Gem from RPM, and Antonio from Samurai.
            You may be confused since Tommy’s real name is Jason but the character of Jason who’s real name was Austin was a gold ranger.

          • KAOS

            Oh dang my bad man! I stopped watching after Turbo I think…

          • steve

            i think turbo was the worst season in the saban, aka zordon era, and then disney took the franchise and took a steaming dump all over it….

          • John Barry

            Disney makes a habit of doing that with almost everything it acquires

          • Wayde

            The Marvel Cinematic Universe would like a word with you.

          • John Barry

            well i did say ALMOST, lol, i direct you to the summer special of Phineas and Ferb featuring The Avengers……………

  • ShawnS

    Or he could have returned a lot time ago… as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-VjGJuWJPE

    • ShawnS

      A LONG* not a lot, cause that doesn’t make sense.

  • someone

    I thought he lost the green ranger power after the candle melted away that is why he became the white ranger..

    • Kevin

      Well when you’re Tommy you can refind the Green Ranger.. Maybe that’s part of the storyline? ;P

  • John Connor

    When are they going to end the fucking series? I like my stories to be finite. I’d like to be able to decide to view the whole series without using up my one life to watch it all. It’s becoming the next Doctor Who; a neverending soap opera.

    • proemer

      Don’t get me wrong… I love the Power Rangers. But comparing it to the high caliber of Doctor Who is like saying a steak dinner is the same thing as Skittles.

      • John Connor

        I’m only comparing the length of the series.

        I’d have to actually watch either series to make my decision on how great they are. And that’s nearly impossible as both series are long and never-ending.

        • Rob Macdonald

          but you could always just watch the “new” dr. who episodes. it’s only 7 seasons – easy to catch up on and simple enough to understand how everything works in the whoverse

          • John Connor

            No way. I experience a story’s universe from the beginning.

    • Hendo

      it’s a show for little kids. They’ll never end it because their target audience turns over so fast that they don’t have to worry about the plot. It’s the same with pokemon

      • John Connor

        That’s what I don’t understand. Why make more when they can just rerun the series? It has a shit ton of seasons. Nobody will have seen them all except old men because it would take you your whole life to watch it all.

        • Hendo

          ehh I guess it’s probably because sadly enough, there are still enough adults who watch it too lol

    • John Askins

      This show is based off a japanese tv show Super Sentai series of shows. That show in Japan is at like 33 or so seasons, and this show could continue for just as long if companies think they can make money off it that long.

  • Jason Luthor

    Dear gods I’m a grown man who hasn’t watched this show since middle school and I got excited about this.

    • asianrage

      Yeah, I thought the show’s been over for years now. Now, I’m just curious about how advanced the robot animation has evolved.

      • Random

        Probably hasn’t evolved at all. It’s cheaper to keep using the cardboard buildings and rubber as fuck robots with boxy arms

  • Joel Gomez Gonzalez

    Joel Gomez Gonzalez – Midland Texas fan . Wow..

  • OKAY WAIT!! How is this possible. He was last seen as the Black ranger on Dino Thunder, and before that his last appearance he returned as the Red Zeo Ranger. Back to Green? The power for the Green Ranger is gone and whtie too ( my two favorite roles for him).

    • steve

      its tv, and yeah i totally understand where you’re coming from…
      but like another person mentioned, the viewership turns over so fast and they dont really need to explain these things that finitely….